Questions For The QOS


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So I have a questions for the QOS or women in general that are into black first question is based of an event that happen to me yesterday I'm at work and I see this fine white lady so I do my job speak and a few minutes later she's at her car looks at me and bends over in front of me to were I can see everything now im my thought process I automatically wanted to pull her panties to the side and do my thing but I wanted to keep as gentleman as possible so basically what I'm asking is this a way that QOS or women into black men show interest?? And is it okay to just go ahead to move towards the next step by asking if we can fuck ??


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I have exposed myself to black men, not a lot but just a few, and at the time I wanted him. The first time I ended up in the back of Footlocker bent over the desk. Another time out in my suv at the mall with a security guard. A third was at a car show...he came to our hotel room after the car show.

If she gives you a show, I would think she wants you. Next time, just tell her 'very sexy, can I see more?' worked with me.