Question for everyone on "Branding"

Has anyone ever heard of "Branding"? We recently went to a rather large hotel take over lifestyles party I/R themed of course and they had a few people selling items, queen of spades t-shirts, under wear, jewelry all stuff themed at the I/R life style. But they also had a Tattoo artist selling QOS real and temp tattoos it was interesting cause a few of the ladies actually had perm ones done. He was reasonable in price but we were curious about the "Branding" he listed, we never heard of that term before and we have been in the lifestyle for a few years, so we asked and he explained, thats where a women who is into the lifestyle, very committed and her Man/Bull has his name tattooed on her as a sign he owns her, WOW ya know, we asked has anyone done this? He takes out a book showing pictures of his work, Holy shit there were a lot, but has anyone heard of this?
Yes my wife has slave tattooed on her ass and would love to have her bull name above slave or on her pussy. She went with bull to get QOS tattoo but she wanted on her chest and big I told her she needs to be able to hide it around family so we passed on it that night.