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My husband Roger and I have been married about 10 years and he has always had a fantasy of me having sex with a complete stranger, and he wants to watch.

My husband is a photographer, and about three months ago he invited our next door neighbor over to learn some tricks of the trade. Of course, I was going to be their model. I wore a nice skirt and blouse, figuring they weren’t going to do anything more than discuss lighting and white balance and take a few test shots, but as you may have guessed, within half an hour I was down to only a garter belt and stockings, my bra and panties in a pile on the floor with my skirt and blouse. And it only progressed even further from there.

My husband had our neighbor get in the photos with me so that he could understand what it was like being on both sides of the camera, and the last picture my husband took was of the neighbor’s finger in my pussy while his cock dribbled come from the slit. He even had the guy rub some of his come over the tops of my nylon stockings. I couldn’t believe my husband didn’t just ask the guy to fuck me so he could take pictures of that, too.

Then two weeks ago, Roger brought a complete stranger to our house. The man was younger than our neighbor had been, and much more attractive. He definitely appealed to my tastes in men, and I wondered where my husband had found such a fine specimen. Oh, did I say he was black?

Roger sat back and watched through his camera lens while this guy removed my clothes, and he took a long time with my blouse and denim skirt. I was highly aroused, but I was still nervous and a tiny bit apprehensive about what was really going on.

When he had my blouse and skirt off, the stranger’s right hand went down to my crotch. I distinctly remember twisting and squirming, trying to get closer to him and further away at the same time. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted yet. Although I tried to resist his advances, I was turned on nonetheless. When his fingers started to rub my cunt through my panties, it sent chills through me, and instead of pulling away, I pushed myself closer to him. It became such a turn on to be half undressed while a total stranger played with my pussy in front of my husband, who was watching intently and taking photos constantly. When the stranger finally pulled his hand away from my pussy, he put his finger to his nose to sniff it, and I wondered if his cock and his balls smelled sweaty. I soon found out.

This man seemed to enjoy the way I was giving in to him, but not completely, and I started to play roughly with him, begging him to touch me and fuck me while I pretended to fight of his advances. My husband continued to watch, never moving from his place behind the camera.

The stranger and I both enjoyed our erotic little tussle, and when we finally gave up that game, he used his body to pin me down on the sofa. Then his hand went for the waistband of my panties. I tried to twist around to make it easier for him to get inside them. Our movements weren’t very coordinated, though, and my panties soon ripped right off, and so my sexy stranger just tossed them aside.

My eyes opened in surprise when my panties ripped, and in an instant he reached down and penetrated my vagina with a thick finger. Now my eyes grew wider and I gasped loudly, wondering how far my husband would really let this go.

The guy finger fucked me furiously, and when I looked at my husband and saw that he was masturbating as he watched, it turned me on even more.

All of a sudden I became aware of the stranger pushing his pants down, and he quickly brought a very big, erect cock to my mouth. I’d never sucked anyone’s cock except my husband’s, so I was nervous, but I took the guy’s prick in my mouth and started swirling my tongue around it, licking and sucking just like I would if it were Roger’s dick between my lips. The guy seemed to like it, and I thought he might come in my mouth, but just as I felt his balls start to tighten, he pulled out of my mouth. He started to move down my body, and when I realized where he was headed, I begged him to fuck me.

He didn’t disappoint, slamming his hard black cock into me full force. I cried out with excitement as he penetrated me, and then my husband shot a huge load of come across the living room floor. The stranger fucked me hard for several more minutes after that, and then he groaned loudly and shot his sperm deep inside me, causing my one earth shattering climax.

When he was done, he simply climbed off me and hurriedly dressed, gave me and my husband a nod of thanks, and then left.

When I finally sat up on the couch, the stranger’s come started leaking from my swollen vagina.

“He came inside me,” I said quietly.

“I know,” Roger said.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked.

“It was even better,” he assured me.

My pussy still tingled from the strongest climax I’d ever experienced, and just writing to tell you our story has it tingling like that again. I’m so glad my husband convinced me to give his fantasy a try!