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The house party was so so. That night it was a group of people at Jill’s friend's house. Most of the people knew each other. And the atmosphere was pretty laid back.
Jill and Joy were good friends and Jill was happy about chilling out for the evening. She had recently changed jobs which had been stressful and really felt like getting into some excitement.
Since Jill knew many of the men at the party, she had no particular desire or attraction to them. They either went to high school with her years ago or were friends from the neighborhood. Again, not what she was interested in.
She fixed herself a nice glass of rum & coke. She was having a really good time laughing and reminiscing with people at the party. In the next moment, she heard an unfamiliar voice come from behind “I think you need to get that drink taken care of”.
Jill turned around and saw something she hadn’t seen before. The first words that came to mind were “damn”. But something else came out.
“Well thank you so much for helping me take care of that”.
As he walked away, she found herself staring at him. She knew he was well built. He had on a short sleeve polo and his well toned muscles were hugging parts of it. She could tell he took care of himself. From head to toe he was well put together. Since she had never met him before, she was intrigued. And he was black!
His name was Marcus. She found this out after he had brought her another drink. He never told her what the drink was. It was something he put together to in his words “get to know her”. And for the next hour he did.
Jill and Marcus spent a lot of time just talking about themselves and how they knew the different people in the room. Although they ran in the same circle, they had never met before. After awhile, Marcus got pulled away from their conversation. Jill didn’t mind. She figured it would pick up later. But after twenty minutes or so, she decided not to waste her time waiting on the conversation to come back. So she continued to enjoy the party and sat beside me. I asked her if she was interested in the black stud I had been watching her chat up. She just smiled and said she was always interested in black studs.
Soon the party was winding down. Jill saw Marcus at points throughout the rest of the evening but decided that if he wanted her number he would have to ask. But in the back of her mind, she wasn’t too worried about. She just wanted to have fun.
Jill decided before she left, she would say goodbye to everyone and help Joy clean up some of the mess that was made. As she was taking glasses into the kitchen, she felt someone come behind her and take her left hand. As she turned around, she saw it was Marcus. As he took her hand, he motioned with his head to “come on”. He also mouthed the words. Jill didn’t say no. Again, she was still curious.
Most of the party was in the basement of the house so not many were upstairs to witness their departure. Making eye contact with me and getting my nod, Jill followed Marcus up the stairs quietly not knowing where they were going, but quite sure of what they were ready to do. And she was ready. She wanted and needed it.
Marcus led her to the upstairs guest bathroom. He brought her in and slowly kissed her neck. As he was kissing her neck, Jill rubbed her hands slowly up and down his arms and upper body. He felt and smelled so good.
“I want see what you feel like. Turn around and bend over”.
Jill was already pulling up the skirt she was wearing and found herself bending over the sink. The next thing she heard was a slow moan. But that was overshadowed by what she felt.
Marcus' big dick slowly entered her wet vagina from the back. He had to go slow. Because every time he went in further she knew his dick was bigger than what she had experienced before. Jill wanted to moan louder, but Marcus would slowly touch her lips and whisper “shhhh”.
Slowly he went in and out her wet pussy. Jill enjoyed every moment. She knew it felt good. She knew it was what she wanted and needed. She also knew that she wouldn’t experience it again any time soon.
Marcus fucked her harder and faster like Jill wanted it. The sensation was exhilarating. When he was ready to come, he pulled out and came all over her ass. It felt good. Jill hadn’t had sex like that in a while. It was her fix.
Both Jill and Marcus got cleaned up and quietly rejoined the party. Jill continued to help clean. Marcus said his goodbyes and began to leave the party. As he walked out the door, he caught Jill’s eye and smiled. Jill smiled back as he walked out the door and then glanced toward me smiling. They never saw or spoke to each other again.
It was Jill’s first party fuck. She felt good. She got exactly what she needed. And I was okay with it.