Over the Edge

“I can’t believe the night I just had.” Was the only thought I could collect as I got back in my car behind the closed Wal-Mart. Don’t get me wrong, I’d had sex with three men in one night before, hell I’d had sex with three men at once before, just never quite so improvised. I had made plans to go to a boyfriend’s house after I’d gotten off work, it’d been a long time since I’d gotten out to get a real cock, almost 3 months of my husbands little 6 incher had left me feeling very empty, so I was more than wet just thinking about it when the clock finally switched over to 5. I had about 30 minutes to get ready after work before I could meet Jon at his place. I decided to take some time and do a little shopping.

I wandered over to the high-end mall across from my office, they have a Frederick’s store and even if my bra and panties were cute they were a bit too old and I didn’t feel as sexy as I wanted to. Once in the store it didn’t take the sales girl to latch on to me, probably hoping for a big commission but these 20 something girls always seemed to flirt to make a sale. I wasn’t sure if they were hitting on me genuinely or just trying to make a buck. My clerk, a little brunette with a Stacy nametag kept saying, “That’s cute, it’s really get your husband going” or “that will really accentuate your breasts” as she looked at my wedding ring. After three or four comments about my husband I snapped a little, “Not my husband, well not at first, these are for my boyfriend’s eyes at least for now.”

The look in her eyes was precious, she looked confused and excited at the same time and just stammered, “Uh, well, okay let’s find you something really hot then.” The onslaught of questions was cute but a little annoying as she asked if my husband knew, if he was okay with it, was he a bad lover, it went on and on. I just told her it’s a fun game we play, there’s nothing wrong with him I just needed more as I got older. For 40 I’m doing damn good, most men place my age in the early 30’s and amazingly six years after giving birth my body got better than it was before. To be honest, Stacy was turning me on. Cute but not too ‘little girl’ for me to like, her firm breasts kind of popped out of her shirt at me. I thought to myself, “I bet this is the kind of woman my husband wants to have an affair with.” She was a little bubbly for my taste but my husband seems to like that in younger women, in women his age he wants experience, knowledge, and confidence, he likes to train younger women to become the older women he likes. I thought about trying to get her number for some fun later, I did get more wet as she handed me bra after bra, each one a bit sluttier than the one before. Nope, that’s my husbands job if he wants an affair, I’ll save bringing home a girl for after I’ve caught him and got him locked in his chastity cage. She finally handed me a blue bra and panty set with red accents and sheer lace down the middle, hiding almost nothing. Stacy had found the matching lingerie that I would not be wearing for very long at all this afternoon.

I paid her and as I did I asked if I could go back to the changing room and put them on, I wanted to change somewhere other than the bathroom. She unlocked the room I’d used earlier and let me change. As I shut the door I gave her a wink. I think she almost tripped over her own feet. I began the transformation from career woman to cuckoldress slut. I had brought a form fitting, almost too tight, dress that my husband had purchased for me on a weekender to Miami, fishnet stockings, garter, and a pair of heel boots that show I mean business. I loved wearing clothes for my men that I rarely wore for my husband, even better if he got them for me. As I put on my makeup I wondered how many hotwives or cuckoldresses did what I was doing in this store. I’m sure there hand to be quite a few, for the bad rap that central Florida gets, we moved here for the kinky sex and hadn’t failed in our mission. The last step was putting on my tattoo and anklet, it turns the guys on so much when they look at my cleavage and see the Queen of Spades tattoo on top of my breast and my husband almost cums on himself when he sees the anklet being worn. On the way out Stacy looked back at me and her jaw almost hit the floor. I just threw a smile her way thinking, “I’ll be back and I have a feeling that I want to play with her in the near future.” I don’t normally like to sexualize other women but when I’m already horny some women just get to me.

The long walk back to the car wasn’t without it’s glares and stares. I’m sure that some men got smacked by their wives as they craned their heads to look at the tiny bit of ass check that is showing under my skirt. I almost remember being self-conscious when I did this. I leaned against my new car and took a selfie to send to both my husband and Jon. “Sorry Honey, I have to work late tonight lots of issues with my software isn’t getting the needed data.” With the pic attached. Less than 30 second and he replies with a shocked emoji and “DAMN! I’ll be waiting for the download when you get home.” Yes, he’s been wanting to bury his tongue in my used pussy for a while.

“Hey Jon, I’m on my way to you sweetie. Hope you’re almost home.” This one was going to take a while, I’m not sure what it is about younger men but they just don’t communicate as rapidly as I’d like them to. About 10 minutes up the road he replied, “Yeah, I’m running a little late but only about 5 minutes.” I reply, “Ok, see you then.”

I decide to have a little fun with the time and pull over to put gas in the car. I decide to make a show of it and go prepay instead of hiding behind the pump. Every head at the gas station turns as I walk by. I’m used to occasionally getting looks in normal life but these occasional adventures are such a boost to my confidence. I play ‘eyes’ with every man who ogles me, might as well let them have their fun; it’s all they’re getting. Two cars honk as they pass me slightly leaning over to pump the gas. I wiggle my butt a little in response. Ok enough teasing, it’s been too long.

I pull into his neighborhood, the sun is just starting to set but there’s more than enough light for everyone to see me. Sometimes I wonder what his neighbors think, it’d be entertaining to know the myriad of possibilities they could assume. When he answered the door I’m almost afraid he heard the air sucking as I gasped at the sight. He answered the door in a pair of workout shorts that just barely hold in his 11” cock and no shirt, his little curly chest glistening with sweat. I’m not sure but I might have started drooling with my mouth open looking at his muscled chest with the skin-tone of chocolate milk. I wanted to drink him up on the spot.

He took a step back as he looked down my body, “Oh shit, I didn’t expect you so soon I was about to grab a shower.”

“Don’t!” was all I could utter as I threw myself as him locking my mouth to his as I kicked the door shut. Overcome I worshipped his glistening body but had to have his cock in my mouth. I pulled down his tight shorts and opened my mouth as wide as I could to fit his massive head without it hitting my teeth. I remember when I used to gag on my husbands cock, now days he has room to spare in my throat most the time. Jon put his hands on my head as I try and slide my tongue around his cock. He gave a little push and I tried my best to accommodate, the head just slightly goes into my throat but I’m not able to deep throat a coke can much less a cock fatter than a coke can. I licked the frenum of his beautiful cock as he tries to push into my throat with a gentle firmness. I pull back and take a deep breath before diving down again. I used to not like doing this with anyone, now I practically cum with a fat cock in my mouth. After a few minutes he starts to thicken, I squeezed the base of his cock as tight as I can, like I do when I deny my husband an orgasm except this one takes a lot more strength to stop. “No, no, no. Not yet, I want you in me for that!”

I stand up and start to wiggle out of my little dress, exposing my new pantie set for Jon. I grabbed his cock and kissed him again, he swelled a bit more in my hand as I do. He’s never one to be overly gentle with me, as I kissed him he grabbed me and picked me up so I wrapped my legs around his muscled frame and let him carry me to the bedroom. Hew throw me down on the bed and started to lick my pussy through my new sheer panties then almost immediately pulling them to the side before burying his tongue in my sopping pussy. Getting frustrated he grabs the garters and rips them off my stockings, I almost protested but it’s such a turn on to have such an aggressive man. He yanked my new panties down and stated deeply lapping my swollen lips and sucking on my stiffening clit. A little orgasm rips through me as he does and I think about his cock entering me soon. It’s been two months and I’ve barely even played with any toys, I’m going to be so tight this time.

He comes up for air and slides up my body, I felt the head of his cock as it started to enter me and took a deep breath right as the tip slid in. Oh my god, it feels like I’m a virgin again, it almost hurts. Then suddenly I feel completely full, my abdomen fills with warmth as a bigger orgasm begins creeping through my body. I had no idea where he was going to end as he kept pushing in. I felt the “pop” as he slid the last inch in and his balls rest on my ass. Convulsion tore through me as my orgasm increased. He lifted one of my legs up and started to pull his length out almost halfway I think before pushing back in. Each thrust just increased my orgasm. He started to tense up like he was going to cum but buried himself all the way in me and let it subside. As he did my orgasm peaked, tearing through my body, all my muscles tensing and releasing. I couldn’t stop shaking for what felt like minutes.

Once I stopped shaking, Jon pulled out and flipped me over onto my belly. He spread my legs and rapidly slid his full length in me from behind, I bit into his pillow trying to stifle a scream as he did. I don’t think it worked, I’m pretty sure the whole neighborhood heard me. I came up for air, “Oh fuck yes, fuck me hard, fill my pussy with your cum, you’re so much bigger than my husband!”

As I said this he fucked me harder, each time he hit bottom I shrieked in a combination of pain and intense pleasure. “You needed a good fuckin’ from a real man, didn’t you?!?”

“Oh fuck yes. Tell me it’s your pussy.”

“Oh you know I own this pussy, you’re man doesn’t give you what you need!”

“No, I need your fat cock to make me cum. He gets to clean up to make me happy.”

“Yeah, make him clean your pussy since you can’t feel him any more, can you?”

“No, not hardly at all. Fuck, cum in me, I need you to cum deep in me!”

“Oh fuc….”

He tensed up and his cock swelled up and I suddenly I was so hot inside as he pulsed over and over again in me, each time I felt a squirt hit the back of my pussy. I almost never feel my husband cum, at least not like this. Jon grunted with each thrust before collapsing on my back. It felt so good as little drops of cum started to drip down over my clit. This position is one of my favorites. His cock started to soften in me, even soft he still filled me up and could gently thrust in an out. He didn’t fall out like my hubby. I stayed there for a good 20 minutes feeling Jon slowly push is soft, meaty cock in me while his cum pooled inside me. I looked at the clock, it’s almost 9, had we really been fucking for an hour and 15 minutes. It wasn’t long after 7 that I got here; I think I might have fallen asleep with Jon’s cock still in me for at least a while. I can’t believe it’s been 2 months. Still too early to go home though, the husband would just be getting our daughter down to bed. He needs time to get ready after she goes to sleep.

I asked Jon to get a video of him pulling out for my husband, so he grabbed my phone and took a short vid. As his cock came out I gave a little push so a little cum would drip out for the video. As we cleaned up. “I’ve missed you, where you been lately?”

A little embarrassed, “It’s been a rough few months, lots going on at home and not a lot of time to play. Things have lightened up though and I need to catch up on the time we’ve missed.” His cum was running down my leg as I rubbed his chest and told him this.

I got my panties and cleaned up a bit, I use an intimate wipe to clean the outside of my pussy for the drive home. I examined my garter, it’s basically ruined as are the stockings, but I think they will stay up enough to drive my husband nuts when I get home. I put on my dress and straighten my hair as best I can. I’m looking forward to the slow drive home as I feel Jon’s cum slowly getting my panties too wet to wear.

After a short conversation and some more kissing and touching, I get back in my car to head home. I won’t be there until about 10 that should give hubby enough time to get ready. I push the start button on the car, once it’s on the text message alert pops up. Ooops, I had left my phone on mute.

Two messages:

Jon: “Can we hook up again next week?”

I replied, “Absolutely!”

He told me he’d been having a dry spell and hadn’t seen anyone since he last saw me, I kind of like him being exclusive to me for now.

Second Message from an hour ago:

Mike: “Hey Sexy, It’s been a long time. Wanna meet up? I’m free tonight.”

I think about it, even getting home at 10, if the husband fell asleep cuddling the baby to bed he might just be shaking off sleep when I get home. Sure, he’s on the way home, why not. It takes a lot to wear me out these days. Not like my 20’s when I was done after 15 minutes and 30 was tedious.

I replied, “Sure, just got done hanging out with the girls after work. Their dirty talk has me all wet.”

I can be so evil when I’m in the mood. A short 10 minute drive a little less than half way home and I pulled into Mike’s apartment complex. I started to walk up the three flights of out door stairs, three younger guys are outside on the stoop talking. They make eyes at me as I said, “Excuse me gentlemen” trying to pass. One of the younger guys said, “Damn girl! You fuckin’ hot! Want some of this?” His slightly older friend gave him a swift but playful kick, “Damn dog, you don’t talk to women like that. You been taught, anythin’? Damn, black man just enjoy the view!”

I giggled, “It’s okay, I’m just coming to say hi to one of your neighbors. He’s kinda cute anyway, a bit too young for me though.” I gave a playful grin as I took the other two flights. Cum was dripping down my leg again, sheer crotch panties catch nothing, so I quickly wiped it up and wiped my hand on the inside of my dress before Mike answered the door.

“Damn, where’d you have drinks with the girls?” as soon as he opened the door wearing a pair of sweats and a tee-shirt, the sweats already showing his bulge.

“It’s been a good night so far.” I pushed him into the apartment and practically fell to my knees pulling down his sweats on the way. His cock, while not as long as Jon’s was even thicker, pushing almost the size of a 1 liter soda bottle maybe a bit more. I couldn’t ever fit him in my mouth but I loved trying and stroking his almost 10 inches while I did. His cock was so much fun to play with, I nibbled on the head and licked the length, pulling out all the stops I’d learned doing tease and denial on my husband. I wanted him right on the edge. It didn’t take long, he must have been waiting a while too. I squeezed the base of his thickness, “Not yet.” With a wink.

He picked me up and bent me over his couch and pulling my panties down not even letting me step out of them. He thrust into me stretching me even more than Jon did. I just let out a scream, there was no holding back. He fucked me fast and hard. Not much more than 10 or so minutes of constant orgasm before he swelled up and tried to hold back his load, but without success. He pulled all but the head out and shot right in my entrance, two or three good jets of cum. He pulled out and as he did I felt another splatter hit the crack of my ass. I turned around and started sucking his head hard. His knees started to shake and he mumbled, “Fuck, stop, damn, shi…”

I pushed him down on the couch and teased him a bit more. He is so much fun to torment after he’s done, a lot like hubby except much bigger. He squirmed as I nibbled on his head and licked his, Jon’s and my cum off his cock. It practically made me cum again the way he wiggled. I stood up and pulled my panties up and my dress down. Mike was motionless with his sweats around his ankles and his softening cock glistening with cum. I bent over and gave him a kiss. “I better go feed the hubby, I need a soft tongue on my sore pussy now.”

On the way home there was no stopping the cum from getting all over my legs and the car seat. The naughty drive home was almost as hot as getting fucked back to back. A few miles from the house I stopped at the Circle K to grab an ice tea, all the cock tonight and my throat had gotten a bit dry. On the way back to the car a large van with tinted windows pulled up next to my car. A middle aged man, very dark, long dreads down his back, and a ripped body got out. I had to stop and talk him in for a second. I tried to be discreet but he caught me and started laughing, “Damn woman, ain’t you had enough black man tonight? You look worn out! Yeah, I know what’s up with that spade tattoo.”

I blushed and quickly got in the car to head home. It was almost 11 and I better get home before my husband passes out or jacks off, I told him he wouldn’t be caged until I catch him with another woman. Dread man walked into the store and as he did I noticed how incredibly tight his ass was, I had to have my hands on his ass.

I sat in the car while he went straight to the register and got his purchase. When he came out I noticed the length of his cock in his tight jeans, no I hadn’t had enough, not now. I rolled down the window, “No!”

He looked down in the car, “No what, woman?”

“No, I haven’t had enough dick tonight. You know where the closed Wal-Mart is?”


“Meet me there in 5 minutes, if not you’re missing out.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

I parked behind the old Wal-Mart, an internet famous Jade-Helm site where nothing happened. Dread was behind me the entire way there. He pulled in behind me and turned off his lights like I did. I got out and walked towards his van, as I did he got out and he said, “Umm listen, I was mostly joking. I don’t wanna…”

“You were right, I’m a slut and I want fat cock, you want to come all over my tits or not?”

He stammered as I started to undo his pants, “Ye…yes….”

I pushed him back towards the van and furiously sucked his cock into my mouth, not as thick as either Jon or Mike but still nicely generous. I nibbled, bit, sucked, licked, and squeezed his cock with my hands as hard as I could. Cum continued to practically flow around my new panties. It didn’t take long before he was about to erupt. I pulled back and stretched the neck of my dress, “Cum on my tits!”

He furiously stroked the last few pumps before blasting 5 generous blasts all over my tits, neck, chin and lips. I wiped my face and licked my lips as he kept squeezing his cock. I stood up and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. “It doesn’t always work, but you caught me in a mood tonight.” I took his phone out of his pocket and put my number in it, “Get tested and maybe I’ll let you fuck me too.” I walked away leaving him there still gripping his cock.

When I got home, it was quiet sleep suburbia as usual. Almost 11:30 and the house was quiet. I checked on our daughter and mussed her hair a bit before going to our bedroom and checking on my husband. I walked in and found him sweating profusely in a pair of grey panties I’d bought him, and his aneros in his ass. He apparently took some of the ecstasy he had left over from his festival gig last month. As a road manager and sound engineer he ususally has to find some E for the bands he’s working for. It’s about as new in our life as cuckolding but it’s made it fun for sure, especially when it allowed me to edge him endlessly because he can’t cum.

I pulled the shoulder straps off my dress and exposed my sticky, cum covered breasts and climbed on top of him. Simultaneously I smothered his face with my breasts and slid my dripping panties along his panty covered little cock. He moaned as I did.

“Tonight I’m taking you over the edge and keeping you there. I’ve decided now that Jon has told me that my pussy is his, you’re not allowed to cum in me anymore, at all. I know we stopped having sex when I haven’t been fucked, but now you’re going to only cum in my hand, lubricated by my boyfriends’ cum.

If you can find a women who will have your little 6” cock, you can cum in her as long as you don’t get her pregnant…….. until I catch you. Then I’m putting you in your cage, eating her little pussy right in front of you and then I’m taking her to one of the bare back mandingo parties.”

I slid my sopping panties up to his face, “Open up and stick out your tongue!” I commanded.

His goatee already glistening with Dread-guy’s cum, “Yes, mistress.”

“Good boy.” I gave a squeeze as I lowered my new panties down onto his tongue and felt a glob of cum press against the cloth.

“I got very filled with cum tonight and I think you’re going to be cuckolded for a long time so I hope you can actually find a cute little girl like you like to take your cock, otherwise nothing but handjobs and creampie dinners for you.”

He moaned as I slid the cloth up and down his tongue along my slit. “Now that I’ve made that decision, do you want me to tell you what I was up to tonight?”

His tongue stiffened and he used pulled my panties aside, plunging his tongue in me with his mouth sucking on my whole pussy.

I gasped and grabbed his cock it barely filled my hand but was still rock hard, “I guess you do.” As I gave a good strong yank on his cock.
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