Other cucks or wannabees, what humiliating or hot things has your wife said about you in front of others?


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I have a ritual that I do on first meetings. With hubby naked on his knees, I tell the guy I am going to fuck, that hubby begs me to have sex with other men because he needs cock.

I do not know if it is humiliating, but I have told most friends that I can have sex with anyone I want, any time I want.
My wife told one friend that I love her fucking black men and when she told me I was incredibly turned on. She’s pretty private tho and prefers not to have people judge her/us.

However a very close friend is coming to visit in a few weeks and I’ve been slowly and gently hinting around that maybe her friend would enjoy hearing about it. Hoping that their talks head that way and she tells her all the naughty details.


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My ex-wife drunk at a home sex toy/ lingerie party at our place showed 15 or so women (all friends or wives of friends) what my extra small condoms looked like, plus took some out and showed them all to what I imagine was endless laughter from 15 drunk, horny women.

Another time, I lost a bet with my ex-fiance, so had to go to the supermarket with her standing 10 feet away, buy only a large cucumber, a packet of Magnum condoms and a tube of KY jelly, then find the cutest checkout chic and purchase those three items and only those three.


I've put on twenty pounds over the Christmas holidays and haven't been able to work it off yet. Apparently it all went to my ass and wife's bull said it's more spankable then my wife's atm. So been getting random ass slaps from my wife and her bull. My wife has slapped my ass a few couple times in front of her gf's and tells them, 'it also jiggles more when she spanks me'.
Interesting the same goes for my hubby time to time. He tends to put on soft weight in the ass. Does the bull make any verbal comments about the weight gain or just the occasional slaps?