One of my favorite things...

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    One of my favorite things happened about two months ago.

    I was out at a fancy hotel bar on Sunset with some know, just the guys having a few drinks on a Friday night in a civilized place. Out of the group, I was the only black one...and we all had pretty different styles, so throughout the night, different groups of women would strike up conversation for different reasons. My favorite group were these married women from Texas. Having their annual girls trip to go somewhere fun, get drunk and party while their families and real lives were at home. A nice enough group of women, aged 30-45, all in very good shape considering and all already buzzed from day-drinking.

    During the conversation, I remember noticing how two of them would drunkenly stumble just enough so that i would reach an arm out to steady them, or leave it resting on the small of the back, just to be prepared. We as guys were outnumbered with us being 3 and them being 6 and they were eager to continue the night of celebrating. Which was fine by me, I didn't want to stick around with them too long as I am trying to keep more reign over my sexual impulses...trying to get my zen on i guess. One of my friends however decides to go out with them further, now he isn't one for the game...he's new to it so to speak, so him being taken was kind of like watching a lamb taken by wolves...or I guess cougars would be more appropriate. As we say our farewells and hugging goodbye, one of them reminds me of where they are going in case I wanted to stop by for one more drink.

    Well of course I want one more drink so I show up to the new bar about 25 minutes later and walk in to see how my friend is faring. He is apparently doing just fine as I saw him with one of the women on his lap having what seemed to be a very nice conversation. I head for the bar to order my drink when I see the woman who "reminded me". There was already some man's hand around her waist as I walked up, a white guy, but when I leaned on the other side of her at the bar, she brightened up and said, "I'm glad you stopped by, let me get you your drink." And she begins to lean over the bar to get the bartender's attention. While she does this, I take a step back to look at her ass in the skirt she was wearing, and her additional leaning was showing off the top of the thigh, right underneath where you know her cheeks are waiting. The white guy was either oblivious or didn't care because he didn't say anything to me, just kept his hand on her back and looked forward.

    I step back to the bar beside her and gently rest my hand on her thigh. I tell her, "I didn't get a chance to tell you that this skirt looks great on you...makes your ass look plump but firm. But I don't believe everything I see." With that she turns towards me with a look that says, prove me wrong. I waste no time as I slide my hand slowly up, cupping a cheek. She smiles with an "I told you so" and begins talking to the bartender; my hand never leaves her ass as I begin to squeeze and slide my fingers lower. It was when I lightly pinched her lips together through her panties, that I felt her hips shake a bit as her pussy started to get wet. As we cheered our drinks and began talking, I continued to rub and squeeze her pussy, occasionally letting a finger dip into the deepening wetness that we had created. I looked her in the eyes and smiled as i plunged my finger as deep as it could go. I then pulled it out slowly, never breaking eye contact, rubbed and spanked her ass once, firmly and I stood upright. I moved my body closer so that she could feel my hardness pressing outspokenly against her thigh; I leaned in to say "thank you for the drink and the proof." I felt her hand drop down and graze against where my dick was pushing. I made him swell one time as I wished her a goodnight and a great trip. As I walked away, I swear I could hear her pussy dripping, as she was forced to go back to a boring conversation with a guy she wasn't into anymore. I'm sure they still fucked, but I know she was thinking of me while they did.

    And that is one of my favorite things.

    (all real, why waste time with bull shit...I'll let you know when it's a story)
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    The other guy owes you at least a thank you! ;-)
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    That's how I feel about it too...but you know what? Seeing the look on her face when I briefly let my fingers explore her pussy was all the thanks I needed. :)
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    How nice that would be if we've already met ;) I know that I could use a thrill like that right now..I don't know why i've been so horny lately. Oh well, c'est la vie