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Do you take your BBC bareback?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Sometimes, if trusted

  4. Always, so cuck can clean ;)

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  1. NYC

    NYC New Member

    Quality times (and not quantity) filled with multiple orgasms with select, hot women and couples. Recent drug/disease free knowledge is a MUST!!! I am D/D free and want to stay that way!!!...I enjoy making a mental as well as a physical connection. It is important to me to please as well as be pleased. We can get into the scandalous details later...

    I have a million plus fantasies and I hope to act all of them out. I am a passionate lover with a vivid imagination who is always open to suggestions. Although there probably isn't much that my freaky mind hasn't thought of, haha...Oh yeah, submissive women and dirty talk are HUGE turn-ons! I also find light-moderate dom/sub activities highly erotic.

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