Nicole & Ashley need a Black Master to Dominate & turn us into his white sluts!

Hello to everyone here in the BLACKTOWHITE.NET community! We are Ashley & Nicole

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We are so happy to finally join a site that we really like and seems to be a good friendly community. It seems like the worst problem you guys have is "Fakers" in to which i can assure you that we are not. Take that for what it is and i think we can have a great time together!!

So in a SUPER DUPER compressed summery of us and. Who we are Where we are from What we Want .

2 TWO White Females (bisexual as in we fool around a lil) Ashley is 19 almost 20 and Nicole is just turned 20. We both live in Louisville Kentucky. Ashley was cheated on by a RACIST piece of shit. So we (especially her) made a plan to 1 st get a lil educated in IR sex and stuff to have a black guy fuck her once just to get back at rex well that all changed hella muther fuckin fast!

{~*~*~>Stay tuned in to this blog we have alot more info to add about ourselves alone but more to tell ya'll about out IR knowledge & experience.Or update you on occurance THANK YOU ALL!!! <~*~*~ }

Hello Black-to-White !!! My name is Ashley I am 19 years old, I live in Louisvillie KY, and I decided to come to becuase I really want to dip my toes into the interacial scene that seems like to be greatly on the rise...
Obviously I will get into more detail about all that later in this IR experiance. LONG story SHORT, I was dating a boy (yes a white boy) for about 3.5 years! Well he decided to be a typical worthless white boy and he cheated
on me and fucked this chick he always, and i mean always would say.... "Her ? NO? itd never happen we have just been friemds for to long". However we were living together at the time he decided to betray me. So it worked out that i
basically caught them in the act becuase otherwise I had no idea anything was going on. Now why Blacks2White....? Because my ex-boy friend was just such a redicouloiusly over the top racsisit! Please excuse my french but he would
Always be BITCHING! about what he refered to as black men!! Now I dont think that the inner details of the rest of that are important... I had a cheating X and of course I really want him to hurt! Now I never really realized why
Rex was so over the top Racist... He would always make up the typical Bull shit and say they were lazy, crooks, theives, ya know normal shit to bitch about from a useless ignorant SHORT DICKED WHITE BOY
I did not take me even like I dont know 15 mins after I caught him that it hit me like a ton of bricks. All the other stuff he would bitch about, it was a cover to hide what he really felt about those AFRICAN BOYS... HE was totally t
hreatined by the superior in almost every noticable way now-a-days... Lets name a Few things that Black men seem to naturally be better at and why that could totally threatin, intimidate and nutralize any chance the WB had to court
any would be ladies. So after looking around and researching the internet and sites like this that there is only really one of two choices I can select.......
~~< #1 >~~ It seems that in order for me to find the perfect sex life i need to suck my pride in and just submit to the black man's and all of this strengths, and other pyhsical advantages. white girls are getting roughed up and bred now that the white man got beatin down


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She has felt the power of a BBC now she is addicted to big black man cock and being dominated by a large tall muscular BLACK BULL GOWD!
HI my name is Nicole. I am really here to help guide Ash on her road to THE DARK SIDE!. I am 20 and I live in Louisville KY. I have actually slept with... I mean Blacked already. My story is i was a bar...( maybe some people have fake i'd) with this guy (WB) i was talking to (as in 2nd date) Well we have this event in Louisvillie on the 21 of april call the thunder over Louisville BIG FIRE WORKS!! Well my date was in fact a cocky asshole and though he was the ultimate bad ass cause he lifted weights. See it turns out that not only was he all talk, he was also an utter pussy. We walked by a group of black men and they started talking shit to my date. Yeah they were super rude and mean. I could not help but be oddly attracted to his confident booming shit talking mouth. My man backed down OF COURSE! He black guy then shouted. " Damn bring her back here bitch im due to fuck a white ho, Ill make her so no white boy be able to feel her pussy walls after that my black dick tear through her and i make her my Slut. I guess i may have instigated a we bit but a quick fight broke out. My date got his fucking ASS handed to him, Thats when i realized that black man runs the streets and as the alpha male deserves sexual privileged and if he wants to fuck ya, breed ya, Own ya he is your master for good now ( i haven't personally experienced any of that last part though )
{~*~*~>Stay tuned in to this blog we have alot more info to add about ourselves alone but more to tell ya'll about out IR knowledge & experience.Or update you on occurance THANK YOU ALL!!! <~*~*~ }


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Damn ladies welcome to the community and the world of BBC. I guess the better question is who wants to go first ;) You ladies both having amazing bodies, beautiful eyes and are very beautiful. By way Nicole nice ass ;)