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I love this site, but I think the layout needs to be updated, so that people can view profiles in the same way that you can view them on other social networking sites. It sucks that you have to look at someone's "Recent Activity" or "Postings" in order to click on a link to see photos instead of just going to the user's photo section.

I know, I's free. I'm just throwing a suggestion out there. I'd be glad to pay for an updated version of this site. It has a lot of potential to draw more users in.


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It is possible to post pictures to the information section of your profile and, if people are interested in hooking up live, placing a link to your ad in the "Dating" section on your profile will direct interested parties right there.
NowADaze, I'm not sure how many of these sites you've been on, but the layout is far more user friendly than this one.

willsrvu, it is NOT possible to post photos in the information section and your response defeats the purpose of making this site more modern and user friendly. If you're stuck in the mindset that this site is on par with the likes of other sites of its kind, that's fine. I'm just making a suggestion, since I have been a member of dozens of sites like this and find this one to be behind the curve.


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It is possible as I have seen pictures posted in members profiles on the information page.

Incidentally, this is not a dating or social networking site. It's a discussion forum that happens to include a small dating section for those who may be interested in trying to hook up real time. If everyone on here wanted everyone else to know what they had for breakfast or when they last took a crap, we would be on Facebook.

I am not stuck in any mindset, simply noting what members can do within the current format, which if you would like to see changed, make the site owners a viable financial offer and I'm sure they will consider accommodating you.

However, as such things cost money and they are trying to keep this website free, unless and until the members want to pay an access fee or some good fairy drops a bundle of cash into the website upgrade kitty, I suggest you learn to deal with it as is and enjoy it the best you can.
Of course, you could always pop for starting your own website and invite everyone over to enjoy a more ahead of the curve format for free.
You know, the most useful piece of information that you offered in your response was that this is a forum. I totally forgot that this was merely a forum. The rest of the emotional ranting (suggesting I learn to deal with it) was not useful at all. I apologize if I stepped on your toes. I was making a simple observation (not trying to be rude). I sincerely forgot that this is just a forum. I know now. My apologies.

As you were!
as long it's accessable and functional I think the forum does good job. attract people with a certain interest. To spread the word to more "mainstream viewers" the whole topic needs to be advertised on other sites anyway.

This forum looks like made for "hardcore users". Let's stick with it?