whats the best way for a white guy to help the black community?

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Hi All
I'm russ also known as shrimpie ( for obvious reasons). Married white guy, 47, 6ft 3 inch tall, normal weight etc. For a long time I've been increasingly aware that my ancestors stirred up a lot of trouble for folks. And white male priviledge is still up to its dirty tricks.

I'm hoping just to chat with black, non white folks, as well as whites who have seen the light of black empowerment. i'm hoping to learn, more than anything, and take a few steps towards the New World Order.

I'm keen to make reparations, mostly with my time as i don't have much money but the odd small help with finances might be possible. That's why I'm really keen to meet people from the UK, and the East Midlands in particular. I'm big and strong and a hard worker. reliable, obedient and keep to please.

I enjoy talking about black supremacy, white male extinction and IR cuckoldry, but guys, my wife isn't into that, so sorry can't help there. Pity :(

Anyway do my a favour and strike up some chat, esp if you're in the UK, thanks for reading this.