New First- Sex on the pontoon boat


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Just when you think you've tried everything, you have the most wonderful "first". Today we invited someone we met from this site to our place on the lake. He came over and I showed him around while she was getting ready, he is such a handsome guy and a great conversationalist. As we walked out on the dock I asked him if he had ever had sex out on the lake in a boat, he had not.
When Jen came out we sat and chatted for a while then I said let's take the boat out for a sunset cruise. It was a beautiful night that featured an awesome sunset and a very bright full moon, a rare exciting sight.

We shoved off and they sat snuggled up on port side couch, she looked so lovely leaning up against his body, head on his shoulder. I throttled it back to a slow smooth cruising speed and just enjoyed the show. It was so exciting to see them interact, smiling, kissing and touching each other it was clear that they were having a wonderful time. I usually enjoy hearing the interaction between Jen and her bulls, but tonight it didn't seem to matter. The visual sensory was fantastic and extremely erotic. Shortly after moon rise I saw her stand up and start to help him remove his pants, I have seen this take-charge approach several times before but this time the setting added to the intoxicating effects on my mind.

She carefully spread the blanket on the couch and had him stretch out granting her full access to his rapidly swelling cock. I became so hard and excited watching her kneel between his legs and start to work her mouth over his cock and balls. She stroked, licked and sucked deeply for a long while. I knew she was making herself soaking wet serving him like that, the signs were clear. The twitching of her ass is the biggest give away, I knew it would not be long before she would have him totally inside her, and I was right, it didn't take but a few more minutes.

She removed her shorts and climbed aboard like a very needy woman. It was clear that she had no problem getting his large cock fully inside her. She bucked and rode while moaning incessantly. I know she had three very deep orgasms (later he told me she squirted all over him) before she begged for him to fill her with his seed. Needless to say he obliged, he exploded deeply into her throbbing box. It took everything I had to not cum instantly, the sights and sounds of their combined pleasure was so thrilling. She called out for me to stop the boat immediately and come to clean her up. Wow, I was thinking it would be later, I was very surprised and pleased at her command. As I proceeded to be sure that not a drop was lost, she said for me to be sure it was well prepared for him to have again when we got home.

When when got back to house the two of them went into the house while I secured the craft and got it on the lift. What happened next was the beginning of another "first" for us that I will have to share at another time. But I will give you a hint, it started with me preparing him a steak dinner!