New 22 yr old bull...

So. How to do this... I have a habit of repressing most of my emotions. The one thing I try to hold back less with is my sexuality. I'm a naturally horny dude, my cock gets hard for the randomest reasons and I can't help it. I have a vivid imagination, I'm always looking to learn more in bed (part of why I love older women so much) and I'm damn near insatiable. I'll blow a load and roll over next to you, 5 minutes later I'm back up and ready to fuck like we hadn't yet. All of this just to say that I've recently been introduced to this lifestyle and I love it. I don't want to be hesitant and get one of two of my toes wet though, I want to dive right in. Get a couple steady married wives going, make nice with their cucks/husbands, live out all my sexual fantasies. (Of which there are too many) if anyone has any tips on how to submersed myself in all of this as quickly as possible, show me the way. Thanks guys. Gonna go back to searching now ;) Also I live in Connecticut atm! (Will keep changing as I move around)
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