Nearly been caught?

Have you ever nearly been found out. A long time ago at university I had a white boyfriend and black lover. I had a house share and we hid a key in case it was lost. Everyone was out one Sunday morning and I was being fucked by my black stud. I came out of my bedroom and my parents were in the living room. They must have heard us. They thought it was Terry, my boyfriend, and kept asking where he was. I had to say he was asleep but it was really awkward that he didn't come an say hello. Fortunately they were only passing and called in for a coffee. Also fortunately they didn't bring it up next time they saw Terry
Last month I had a guy over one at about 10:00 pm. My kids where all asleep so I thought I would be alright to have my lover over. We started fucking on my dining room table. A few minutes later two of my kids came downstairs to see this huge back man fucking me from behind with me bent of the table. When I saw them I told them to get back in bed. We moved to my bedroom and picked where we left off. The conversation I had with them the next was very awkward.

Had to have been an interesting convo for sure.
image.png My girlfriends son was helping me with my phone one day,he went to my pictures,an there was his mother with s big black cock deep inside her,he got pissed off,needless to say,he doesn't help with my phone anymore,this is what he seem.