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Naples cuck wannab

Hi! I'm Tom from Naples Fl. Have had fantasies about my wife for 26 years, we've been married 25. The very first time we made love, she told me her ex 'Jeff" was BIGGER. I told her about my thoughts and desires about 5 or 6 years ago, she flipped out, said I disgust her and I broke her heart. Weird thing is she got soooooo wet (soaking wet) never ever been that wet not even close! She got horny and gave me 2 blowjobs (something she had only done once when we dated). 2 weeks later she tells me a cuck joke and tells me she thinks a guy is cute. But she insists it still disgusting and I am sick. Now she tells me she thinks guys are sexy, handsome, goodlooking, she said maybe she needs a "chocolate lover" and last time we made love she said " I wish I was making love to Hugo, he is so sexy" (Hugo is the realtor we just rented our house through. I would love to take her to Jamacai in April,is there a place that's nice and that there will be plenty of bold bulls to approach her. When she drinks she tends to loosen up