My Wife's Live In Lover


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After the kids went off to college, my wife Kathy and I found ourselves caught with a bit of the old empty nest syndrome. We had a lot of disposable income, no kids left to spend it on, and more time on our hands than we knew what to do with. Stage three of our marriage had begun, and we decided that the first order of business would be to invite a man to come over and have sex with my wife while I watched.
We're both really shy people and we knew we'd never be able to approach anyone at a bar. So we decided to place an online personal ad. We made it pretty clear what kind of people we are and what kind of fellow we were looking for. The ad read, "Couple in our 50's looking for Someone to be the Life Of our Party." We thought that was pretty clever. In the ad we made it clear that we were looking for an intelligent, gentle young man who would be considerate to both my wife and myself. Well the ad hadn't even been up for five minutes before a young fellow named Rodrigo emailed us a photograph of his erect penis.
We wrote back, asking him to tell us a little more about himself. He replied with several more pictures of his penis from different camera angles, and one picture of Olivia, his most recent ex-girlfriend. He seemed eager enough, so we invited him to come over and let us check him out in the flesh.
Rodrigo turned out to be a beautiful young kid from Venezuela who'd recently had his heart broken by this Olivia girl.
"She was all that I wanted in the world, but I couldn't hold onto her," he said. "Is Kathy that for you? Is she all that you ever wanted?"
"You betcha," I said.
"Then why am I here?" Rodrigo asked.
I explained to him that we were sophisticated folk who thought we could use a little help keeping the fire burning.
"I will help you," Rodrigo said. "If it means you will never lose her, that you will never have to endure this horrible pain that I must endure, I will do whatever you ask of me. No one should ever feel what I feel."
"Are you sure you're up to this?" I asked him.
Then Kathy came over and hugged the both of us. Then Rodrigo and Kathy started to kiss, and I pulled away and sat down in the recliner.
I was thrown by the sight of my wife's 56 year old naked body held tight up against Rodrigo's perfect 21-year old frame and huge cock. But if Rodrigo had any hesitation he didn't show it. He kissed her like a lover would. Her skin under his fingertips was the smoothest ivory. He was going to make her young again.
When they were ready, I helped Rodrigo move the coffee table into the foyer, and when we returned to the living room we saw my wife lying naked on the floor, waiting for him.
He had her there on my living room carpet. I stood above them, watching them grab at each other. I watched them and I let myself get lost in Rodrigo's body. I was that young man making a young man's love to that beautiful girl I was so wise to marry. Through Rodrigo, I remembered what I had taken for granted over the years. I remembered all that was beautiful about her, all that made me turn furious for her and take her the way Rodrigo was taking her at my feet. And I saw the heat in her eyes, the clenched rush of passion in her face. She was 56 years old and as lustful as our first night together. The Venezuelan boy we'd invited over was rolling back the clock a few more years with every thrust of his hips, every curl of his lips. And when it was over, no one in that living room was left wanting.
We made up our spare room for Rodrigo and he stayed the week, and he and Kathy fucked several more times while I watched. Finally he said he had to leave to find his own love.
I only hope that girl came to her senses and realized what a gem she'd cast aside. And take it from me, if you're thinking of inviting a strange man to have sex with your wife while you watch, a good idea is a good idea is a good idea. Period.