My Wifes First BBC

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    I am not much of a writer and this happened a few years back; however, I thought it would be fun to share the story here. We have been in the swinging lifestyle since about 1999 and really enjoy the sex and fun we have had along the way. Initially we were more soft swap but fairly soon we were comfortable with full swap and enjoying the lifestyle and all it had to offer. Eventually we became comfortable enough to try out playing with singles in a mfm and fmf scenerio. Of course there are a ton of single guys looking to score with the wife; however, we are picky and took time to find a respectful down to earth individual to play with. It was an amazing time and we decided to add mfm to the spice rack.

    Moving forward, I started to notice a lot of couples with sexy wives posting pictures with black guys in the chat room of a swing site we visit often. Thus the idea was planted in my mind that it might be kind of hot to see my wife with a black guy. Taboo, color contrast, size, etc..... Anyway, I began to chat with a few guys on that site and with my wife about trying it. Initially she was against it, but eventually she opened a little and was curious more or less from a standpoint of turning me on by trying it. She agreed to meet a guy for "drinks only" and I thought at least that is a starting point. I picked out a guy that I had been chatting with and who seemed down to earth and he agreed to meet us. We went to a national chain restaurant and sat at the bar and had a few drinks. Conversation was normal and we all seemed to hit it off. After a few drinks my wife asked "so, should we get a hotel room?" I was like wow....really? She said sure! Check please!!!

    Next thing I know we are in the hotel room and things are moving quickly. I started kissing and fondling her and clothes are starting to come off. Our new friend was standing and had taken off his pants down to his underwear when my wife got up and then got down on her knees in front of him and pulled his underwear down to reveal his hard black cock at full attention. She wasted no time and began sucking him with full passion. I was amazed at her and couldn't believe how fucking hot she looked sucking that bbc.

    Within a couple of minute of her expert sucking skills he motioned her to the bed where she laid back and he spread her legs and dove between them and starting tasting and eating her sweet pussy. She started sucking my cock while he continued to go down on her. After a couple of minutes she could not take it anymore and was begging him to fuck her. Watching him enter her was so fucking hot, but even more hot was her reaction to the situation. He fucked her for only a couple of minutes before they both were cumming. He came inside her (condom on.....sorry sex), and then excused himself to clean up. He was quickly ready for round 2; however, I think the drinks and hot sex and exhausted my sweet wife and she was done for the evening.

    I think I was rock hard for two weeks solid after that night and we fucked liked rabbits the whole time. She was a little sore from his size but played along like a trooper. We eventually played again with him and had a blast. To date we have not played with another black guy. Had a few meetings set up but they fell through for one reason or another. We still play with couples and enjoy full swap play very much. We are not into the cuck thing or any of that degrading humiliation stuff that seems to be prevalent here. And, to be honest bbc isn't her first choice for play....she prefers couples, especially since she enjoys seeing me with other women as I do watching her play. Vicious cycle of having fun and watching each other have fun. Anyway, that is the story of our first bbc play. Hope you guys enjoyed the story.
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    wow,very interesting...