My wife and her black boyfriend


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Despite I'm in this site since some time ago, I guess it's a good way to introduce myself for new members.
Several people ask me about my afroamerican men/cuckold fetish. They came to me both at the same time, due my beautiful caucasian wife Susanna and her incredible ex black boyfriend Axel, a guy from Cape Verde, 8 years old older than her.
I've not had another choice than accept to be a cuckold!

I've told in hundreds of my post; I knew my current wife, when she was still having a relationship with a black guy called Axel. We worked in the same enterprise, into the same building, so I used to have some conversations with him too.
Their relationship was not good and Susie decided break up with him. During a long period of approximately 6 or 7 months, they used separate and come back again. I was in the middle of their relationship. I wished to be with Susie, but I didn't wish start a serious relation with her, until she brook up definitely with him.
She loved Axel, but he had problems into his family and couldn't give Susie the attention that she was looking for.
She even refused to have sex with him again, until he showed her a real change in his mind. But it was a real mistake.
During 5 months Susie didn't allow him to make the love. She didn't allow him even touch her. Axel was really crazy. Every monday, when we met at work, I used to ask her, if she had made the love with him. She ever answered me, that she hadn't allowed him to fuck her.
One Monday she told me that they had gone at park to get a sunbath, the last weekend. Axel was desperated to have sex, so he begged her to fuck. Even he tryed to go over her, while she was lying on a deck chair having a sunbath! Despite there were not so many people near them, Axel didn't care they were in a public area. Susie had rejected him one more time.
Now, thinking about this, I guess she must allow Axel fuck her in the park, because it would have relieved them a lot.
But the next weekend, they were at his home and Susana was lying on his single bed watching tv. He went beside her and started to caress her boobies through the t-shirt. It was all that Susana could resist.
She asked him to suck and kiss her nipples (Susie uses to ask for it when she wishes to have sex) and Axel did it. She massaged his cock just for few seconds and it turned as hard as a rock. Finally Susie begged him to go over her.
They fucked in missionary two times. She wrapped her legs around his waist, while he continued sucking, kissing and biting her nipples even during the fucks.
Susie told me that they really needed it. I asked if she had enjoyed fucking with him after 5 months without sex, and she answered me that she had enjoyed it a lot.
In that moment, it was the first time that I felt excited, with the idea of Susie fucking with another man, in front of me.
The next days, I didn't do anything more than ask Susie about her sex experiences with Axel.
She told me a lot of sex stories about them, because we had great confidence. I confirmed my own suspicions, about black men, when I knew he had great virility and potential.
Despite their great sex, she finally brook up her relation ship, due sex was not enought to keep a serious relation between them.
I had my chance to begin a new relationship with her and we did it.
But the first time we have sex, I couldn't stop to think in Susie and her ex black boyfriend having sex. When I finally penetrated Susie, I told her that put my cock in the same place that Axel had put his beautiful black and great cock before, was a big pleasure an honour for me, particulary due I knew he had made her enjoy like crazy. Susie smiled.
I had some problems at first, to make Susie cum. She surely was accustomed at Axel's way to have sex. I used to make her cum, but it was a great effort to me.
One night she told me that she really didn't know why she needed several minutes to reach an orgasm with me. With Axel she used to cum in just one or two minutes, not more.
Any man could find a point to break after that kind of words. But I felt even more excited knowing the excellent lover Axel was.
Of course I found the way to make my wife enjoy the sex with me. But the cuckold idea was installed in my mind. I wished Susie to call Axel and have sex together, or even better, watch them fuck in front of me.
It was the way I knew I had a cuckold feeling.
I had to wait for 10 years to finally to come my fantasy true.
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