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My wife and bbc adventure

my wife is now 43 and I am 46 this happened 6 years ago. She is 5' 5" and on the heavy or curvy side a little bit. She has belly weight mostly and a big firm ass not soft. She has 40 d tits with large aerolas and thick nipples and one tight pussy that is always trimmed.

Now we meet this guy at a club called Fifth seasons in Greensboro NC and we sat and talked with him for a little bit there and got to know each other. Then we got into his car and drove around with me in the back and her in the front with him. This was the first night and then she and him texted over the next few days.

Then she called me and said she was going to the gym club where he is at and was going to get a tour around the place. I asked if anything was going to happen and she said no not there it was just more of getting together and tease and talk . Then when I hung up the phone he called me and said she was coming to his job to take a tour and asked me if it was ok to try to get her naked or see her tits at least. I told him ok what ever as long as he tells me all the details. He agreed to do that so we ended the talk there.

It was a while later and he called me an said she just left there and he said that he took her around then took her in to a room the do body measurements. they talked in there and kissed some and he then asked her to take off her clothes and she said no could get caught. he said it is closing time and everyone leaving. then he asked again and she said no could get caught. He then asked her to show him her sexy ass and she said no but with a smile this time. She turned around and raised her dress up and flashed him her ass and turn back around. He said now what did you call that he asked her to do it slower and that way he could get a good look at it. She then turned around and he saw it and pulled her closer to him and then felt her ass and kissed her cheek .

Then she dropped the dress back down and they kissed and he said now the ice has been broken how about taking the dress off so I can see that sexy ass and the whole sexy package tits and body. She then started the no can get caught again. Then he kissed her and said see what you have done to me and his cock was hard and he put her hand on it. She then began to feel and rub his stiffing hard cock. then they kissed and he asked her to take off the dress and she stepped back and she took it off and she had on a black bra and g string. He then got out of the chair and walked over to her and kissed her and while kissing took off her bra and threw it to the side. He then began to suck her tits and nipples and kissed and sucked on her ear lubes and neck. He said then she was getting hot and he started to remove he g string and finger her.

Then he said she started to undo his pants and pulled out his cock and started to stroke it and massage it with her hands then she got down and started sucking his cock and she was looking up at him while she was sucking it. He said that went on for a little bit then he helped her up and stripped out of his close and had her lay on the table and eat her and fingered her until she had cum and was soaking wet and he said what do you want to do now. She said I want the big hard cock in me wet white pussy and you to give me all that you can.
He then started to fuck her slowly and would work it so that she would be driven crazy. He said that she was getting so wet she was slick and easy for his big thick cock to go into her. He said he fucked her and then he did it harder and she was loving it.

He said that her tits were bouncing and swing to his hard fucking and it was lovely watching them do that and that he watched as her nipples were hard and erect and he then said it was going to come and asked her how she wanted it on her tit face ass belly and she said cum in me I want to feel you to fill me up and come together and he then pushed deeply into her and he said he came like he never did before and then stayed in her until his cock went soft and slid out of her and he said she was filled.

They fucked for awhile and then they got dressed and she left to come home and he went to go do what he had to to close up. I hope that you have enjoyed the story. The second time that I know of he fucked her in front of me.

Would love to hear back if there are any one else out there that has seen her or fucked her hoseman27262@yahoo.com