my story

So I'll try and keep this short I'm mainly looking for Responses to fantasies of mine and how it started for me. So my BBC cuckold story started when I dated this one girl. But the only times I would think of her being railed by a BBC was when I was stoned occasionally. Then the girl after that we were together 4 years. About halFway through I came clean about my fantasy of seeing her with a BBC. She honored it in the sense of she would sect me scenarios and pretend to tell me stories of her with a BBC but she Told me she didn't want anything to actually do with BBC. We've been broken up for quite a while now and I gotta be honest I think of her with a BBC very often still. The scenarios she would sext me and tell me were very kinky and it only got kinkier. I have an extreme Socks/tights/stockings fetish which played in great with BBC scenarios. It even got to the point of me licking cum off of her pantyhosed feet etc. And one day I asked her to turn things up and not even have a filter just all out freakiness. So in that scenario she had me under her and a black man and then after he finished inside her and pulled out she would grab his dick and put it in my mouth. I never would have thought that would turn me on but boy oh boy did it do exactly that. It even got to the point where right before i came over she would drizzle yogurt (Boston cream pie flavored.. Pun intended) in her pussy as if she just got banged by a black. And I would eat her out. Imve been single since her and I honestly hope my next gf is into this and can make these fantasies come true.

P.s. I am down for meeting up with couples or whoever to engage in play. I feel as if my fetish/desire in getting too intense and that actually trying things and seeing a huge black dick in a white girl would help me see if I really like it or not.
For me its like.. If I feel compassionate about the girl. I want the best for her. I'm good in bed and I'm aware of it... But when it comes down to it I can't compete with a big black dick. So that's most of the attraction. Next is the taboo of it. So let me ask you. Do you think she was honest about not having any interest whatsoever with a BBC? Or do you think that was just a cover. Or is it true that every white girl out there has some sort of attraction to black dick?