My girlfriend fucked someone for the first time last night :)

This is my first time posting in any kind of cuckold forum, but I'm so excited about my first cuckolding experience I just had to share it somewhere :)

Unfortunately, it wasn't with a big black cock -- it was with a white guy :( -- but it was a good introduction to what the experience is like, and it's made her much more confident to move on to bigger and darker cocks :)

My girlfriend and I have incorporated fantasies of her fucking another man into our bedroom play for awhile now, probably about a year. Over the last six months or so, I started leaning the fantasies toward interracial encounters. With her permission, I started hypnotizing her to crave black cock.

The first couple times I hypnotized her, there wasn't much of an effect. But after the third or fourth time, she told me she started checking out black men wherever we went. She started thinking about them all day. We bought her a huge, 10-inch, black dildo for her to practice on. And while we always talked about finding a guy and getting her black bred, she was a little hesitant about it. She wasn't sure she really wanted to go through with it.

Finally, I told her to post an ad on Craigslist and just see what kinds of responses she got. When she saw the black cocks that started rolling in to her inbox, her jaw dropped more than once. She started talking to a couple of the guys.

Unfortunately the guy she liked the most turned out to be a flake. In fact, it was him that she was supposed to fuck last night -- but we've determined he was probably fake, and was only collecting pics. He was probably a small-dicked white boi getting off just as much as me by the thought of my girlfriend getting stuffed with black cock down to the balls.

She was disappointed, but not deterred.

"We're going out tonight," she told me. "And we're not leaving until I at least get a phone number -- or a cock in my mouth."

We went to a club in a nearby city and looked out for black guys. We had gone there once before and she had danced with a couple black men, but it was before she was comfortable actually fucking one. And with our luck, it being a gay bar, all the black guys there that night were gay.

There was a little taco stand outside the bar, and we were hungry, so we went out to buy some food. In line, my girlfriend started talking to this well-built white guy. At 5'10, my girlfriend is about two inches taller than me. This guy was at least six feet tall. He had broad shoulders -- his physique kind of reminded me of Channing Tatum. He couldn't hold a candle to a well-built black man, but among a bunch of pansy-ass white bois, he would have been the Alpha male.

In hindsight, it's probably good that she popped her hotwife (hotgirlfriend? We're getting married, so it should be a moot point soon enough) cherry on a white guy -- a black man would have fucking OBLITERATED HER, and I'm not sure she was quite ready for that. I'm the only man she's ever ben with in bed.

It was a good transition from my kind of weak, small-dicked white boi physique, to a large white man, to the insanely powerful black men she'll soon be fucking regularly.

So anyway, this guy was just charming the hell out of her and I could tell she was into him. And she was shamelessly flirting with him, confident from the few drinks she'd had inside and the encouragement I'd been giving her over the past year.

We went inside, and the guy bought her some more drinks. I basically just stood there as they talked. He tried to talk to me a few times, engage me in conversation, but I always just kidn of blew him off. I didn't want to be part of the conversation. I wanted the two of them to connect.

Pretty soon, he took her to a back smoking area. I just stood in the club, watching their drinks. Finally, I brought their drinks out to them.

While they weren't making out when I find them, my girlfriend later told me that he'd kissed her almost as soon as they'd sat down. She really liked the way he kissed her neck, although she thought he was a little too agressive with his tongue for such an early kiss. They'd stopped to talk, and that's when I came in.

I sat down next to him, separating me from my girlfriend. As they drank, he leaned over a couple times to kiss her, right in front of me. I was so jealous, but more turned on that I'd ever been in my fucking life. I snuck a few peeks, but mostly I turned my head away to give them their privacy.

(I should mention that he knew we were together; all she said to him was, "It's complicated. We are together, but he likes it if I have a little fun.")

As we got close to closing time, he started telling her about his car and asked if she wanted to come see it. She turned to me and said, "I'm going to go see his car ... do you want to wait outside the bar for me, or wait in the car [meaning our car]?"

"I'll wait in the car," I said, sounding way too eager.

They left, and I waited a minute, then followed them out, trailing far enough behind that they wouldn't notice me.

I watched them get into his car, parked in a parking lot a couple blocks away. A group was hanging out in the parking lot for some reason, and while I was too far away to hear what was going on inside, these people all of a sudden started whooping and hollering, and I heard them say things like, "Yeah man, you got finish her!" They were obviously fucking, and I got so hard.

All of a sudden, the car pulled out and drove off!

"What the fuck?!" I thought. I suddenly got very concerned, and the worst thoughts went through my head, thinking that this guy was abducting her. To make it all worse, my girlfriend had forgotten her cell phone so I had no way of contacting her.

I walked back to our car and sat and waited. A half-hour went by, then an hour, and I started to get nervous. What if she HAD been abducted, and there was nothing I could do? I resolved that if two hours went by, I was going to call the police. Even so, I imagined they had just gone somewhere more private, and the thought of what they were doing made me writhe in the seat of my car.

One-hour and fifty minutes later, I got a call on my phone from a strange number. I answered it and it was my girlfriend, telling me she was on the way back.

When she jumped into the car, her hair and makeup were a mess and I realized with a bit of surrealness that I was now officially a cuckold. My girlfriend and this random dude at the bar had totally and utterly cuckolded me. The fantasy was a reality. And while I hadn't gotten to witness her first time fucking another man, it was still almost as satisfying -- maybe moreso in a way. It was more humiliating not to get to watch.

She told me all about it while licking the head of my cock while I pumped the shaft up and down.

"First we were just making out in his car," she said. "Then he started kissing my neck and I started getting so wet. But there were a bunch of people in the parking lot" -- a fact I already knew -- and he said we had to go somewhere more private, so we left and parked in some residential neighborhood side-street."

I suppose I should mention here, also, that was wearing a dress with no panties.

"He lifted up my dress and started fingering me. His fingers were so thick and strong. And then he was sliding his long, hard cock into me."

She admitted that his cock wasn't massive -- what more can you expect for a white guy? She even said she thought he had some ball shrinkage from steroids, which explains why he was so buff for a white guy -- but it was bigger than mine, and it hit spots I've never hit before, she said (Just wait til she has a big black cock!)

He had her in more positions than we've tried in our whole relationship, and this was in the backseat of a car! He got on his back and she straddled him, he fucked her from behind, grabbing her hips and pulling her into him. When he stopped, she said she fucked back.

She told him to cum in her pussy. Unfortunately, he was having some issues cumming because he'd had a little too much to drink, so she sucked him off and he came in her mouth instead.

She didn't cum -- it was a little too uncomfortable in the car, she said -- but as the next time will be in a bed, this shouldn't be a problem.

All in all, it was a great night, and while we made a few mistakes, it was a learning experience. And now that the seal has been broken, so to speak, my girlfriend's concerns are all but gone and she's already looking forward to fucking this guy, and black men, much more in the future. I just hope I get to watch some of the future fuck sessions :)