My frist craigslsit hookup

entry 1

SO I made my sis drive me to the rental car place to get a whip. and took a trip to lay this hot piece some of my dick. a 5 hour drive had me nervous as fuck my dick was limp as fuck. 30 min prior to meeting her I popped a viagra and went to her pad. my nerves got the best of me causing me to immediately take a shit. we were both nervous so put of my fuck tape and started to do my stripper dances she danced with me as well for a bit. then we immediately got undressed and I started to kiss her neck the put her on the bed to suck my dick. as soon as she got on top she came on my stomach

we fucked in many different positions and she was a screamer and creamer we did missionary, doggy style and she rode my dick 3 different ways. the first hour my dick kept going limp but after the viagra kicked in & I popped some amino's I was dicking her down good for another hour the only thing is I still wasnt able to cum we kinda quit cuz we got sore the fucked up part is she came like 10 times and I didn't cum at all.
we did multiple positions but my doggy style got her man I kept switching from standing to keeping my knees on the bed lol. we also did a dp with me doing a dggy style in her pussy and a toy in her ass. we tried anal but she didn't like it. I got 3'' in and she pushed me away so I put it back in her pussy.

I hit her cervix on accident in this position

she had a tight ass pussy even after having a baby so i guess kegals work if u try hard enough

the only disappointing part was I wasn't able to cum (thank you viagra) she told me thats never happened before & I was her first blk man

all the while we were doing this her babby daddy was in the other room watching her daughter some crazy shit

the most funny part about it was I made an album to listen to while we were fucking and as I was stroking her I started singing the songs to her if u guys want to know what songs they were let me know

we talked in my rental car for an half-hour and I told her that I would like to be her permanent fuck buddy she was all like I should jack a nut out but I didn't fucking her kinda turned me off of beating my meat but overall Im glad I went out there

It was good I was all high on pussy and I got some taco johns I had to eat it in the wrapper because I finger her pussy and she cam on my fingers and I didn't want to eat her pussy juice on my food lol. I'm driving down the freeway at 2am going 100mph in the snow and shooting my gun out of the window I almost rear ended a car and almost got a speeding ticket but I was able to avert disaster what a helluva day and its spring break no school for at least a week

Im considering going back out there next week maybe but I promised a bbw I may go see her but she is further away and I have class the following morning what should I do?
Ya livin' a wild life playa. Slow down a bit before it catches up with you. Not being able to cum after popping a Viagra? Wow, thanks for sharing didn't know that. I wouldn't be able to fuck a chick if her guy was just watching while he was taking care of their kid. That's just wrong. Weird vibes all around. Next time, just meet up with a single chick. Or try your luck here. Ya never know.
Nah He was in the other room watching their kid and I was in the other room fucking his baby momma. It was weird and It was a lot of first for me the 1st I fucked a female raw, 1st a fucked a female who had a kid, 1st I took a viagra, 1st I didnt cum & the 1st I put my dick in a bitch ass

I was nervous as fuck and my dick was like 4 inches limp so I took one and she had to quit after 2 hours she acting different now so I don't think i will ever fuck her again but u right I do need 2 slow it down. I did it last week because I was on spring break from school and once school starts back I ain't gonna have any time anymore I might get some tomorrow but I plan on hitting a casino and gambling for a few hours
That's still weird. A kid shouldn't be there PERIOD. As for the Viagara, well now you know the side effects. Maybe try something else.
Bareback is best man. Love it. Though, make sure the chick your with is clean. Even if you're gonna do it in her ass, too. You're still young so don't worry about it so much. You're gonna have a lot of time to get things right.
thanks man I'm a use a rubber next time for sure I could be trippin but I don't if there will be a next time u know when u have that many first with a woman she will always have a spot in your heart and I started catching feelings a little but I snapped out of it I think her rag is next week Im a send her a text to make sure she caught it and I will be coo and from there we'll see but my schedule is gonna be pretty fucked up so she has to give me a week in advance so I can plan accordingly if not the it aint happening I just pray she don't get pregnant from precum

(might be getting some pussy tonight and tomorrow wish me luck man then I can be coo for a few months)
Thats if it even goes down Im different from most dudes I DON'T need pussy everyday I just need a bit from time to time but thanks for the luck. Im not trippin either way about the tomorrow one I plan on hitting a casino and I can fuck another female but it requires me to drive 8 hours back n forth and I don't feel like it + I got school tomorrow I would have more fun blowing $ in a casino for a few going to class hung over r some shit ya know
I do but this give me other options sometimes cock blocking & other bullshit gets i the way so cl is convenient for me & it gives me the opportunity to fuck and go if need be + I mostly use women to get other things than sex at school like hw, notes, tutoring etc

Speaking of, It looks like Im about to get some more pussy she dont good at all but its a one night stand so I don't care I'm a hit it doggystyle for an hour or two drive back home and finish my hw and if the sunday hook acts up then I'm hitting a casino to have some fun
Why can't you meet girls at school?
bout to get some more tonight she look like butt but fuck it Im a pop a viagra in case my dick doesn't want to cooperate and go over there in an hour its just a hit and run Im a do her, get a nut and bounce. 1 position the whole time and come home take a shower do some more hw go to sleep and hit a casino tomorrow