My first BBC

It started when I began working out at a gym and one of the trainers started flirting with me. His name was Jake and he introduced me to BBC. He was pretty sneaky about it too. Started helping me work out for a few weeks, then asked me to have a post work out bite to eat. Soon we were pretty regular about it, working out together and then getting a meal. It was fun. I thought of him as just a good friend. Then one morning after our workout he asked me if I had ever gotten into the steam sauna and I said no. He asked me to join him and since there was no one there I said sure. He went inside and I followed him. As soon as the door shut Jake started to pull off his towel and let it fall to the ground. As I stared at his firm ass and muscular back he turned around and his big cock was dangling between his legs. I tried not to look embarrassed and Jake just laughed and asked if I'd ever seen a black man's dick before. I said no and he sat down and told me to relax. I felt ok and decided since he was naked I'd go ahead and let my towel down too. As I let it drop Jake's eyes widened and he grinned a big smile. I noticed his cock began to stir and soon it was big and hard! He leaned back and seemed pretty proud of his cock which was now as long as my forearm and pointing right at me. He asked if I wanted to touch it and although I was shy about it I reached over and grabbed it. I couldn't believe how hard it was! It felt like a steel bar wrapped in black velvet. I giggled and gasped as he lifted his hips and pushed his cock toward me nearly reaching my breasts. I stared at it not knowing what the hell to do and that's when he said I could kiss it if I wanted to. I guess I must have looked pretty shocked because he told me not to worry because it wouldn't bite! I laughed and lowered my head and began to kiss the purple head all over and soon was kissing and licking the shaft too. Soon it struck me that I might be getting myself in a bit too deep and I backed off and smiled. I still held his throbbing cock in my hand when Jake frowned and stood up and said that I couldn't possibly leave him in this state without some relief and he asked if I wanted him to have blue balls the rest of the day. I said no but that he could just jerk himself off and be done with it, and I guess he didn't like that answer so he moved even closer and I was staring straight at his washboard stomach and the tip of his cock was about an inch from my mouth. That's when he reached out with his huge hand and grabbed the top of my head. Then he said look Jennifer I've been working out with you for weeks now and never once have you refused to do any of the things I've asked you to do and you ain't gonna start now! So I want you to open wide and take my big black cock into your mouth, ok Jennifer? I smiled and nodded and with that he lunged forward and forced the cock head into my open mouth and said there you go now suck that big black cock into your throat and when I come I want you to swallow every drop, ok baby? I mumbled a yes and started licking and sucking the big dick as he gently thrust his hips and started fucking my face. Jake grunted and groaned as he fucked my mouth and told me not to forget to lick and suck his balls too, so I grabbed his nuts and licked and sucked them into my mouth. His sweaty nuts tasted really good and then he straddled my chest and flopped the monster cock between my tits and spit on my chest then started to tit fuck me. Sweat dripped from his forehead and chin and I tasted it as it splattered on my nose and lips. The steam sauna was really hot and soon his cock was drenched in sweat and slid between my tits with ease. Then Jake said he was going to come and again shoved the cock into my mouth and grabbed my head with both hands. I felt like I couldn't breathe as he began to come and I felt the warm jets of sperm fill my mouth..I choked a little and he said not to gag but to go ahead and swallow it. I did as I was told and kept the cock in my mouth as I swallowed the load down my throat. He kept on coming and soon I had another full mouth of his semen. I swallowed it too as his cock began to soften and the final squirts of come were dripping onto my tongue. I licked his cock clean and then my lips too as I savored the last globs of sperm and sweat. Jake smiled and told me what a great workout we had and we laughed together. Then he said all that protein I just swallowed was really good for me after our workout and if I wanted to he could give me some each time we worked out! Needless to say I took him up on his offer!