my 2nd pwned couple

Today even tho they dont know it im going to brag on my 2nd couple that i met in this lifestyle like most bbcs we have found some great local couples that make special time for play. Well the hubby talked to me for months and i thought he was bs when he bragged on his wifes bbc hunger .. Finally we met and i was so sure that i was going to hear that i was to big , but this woman was different so hungry for cock she was so horny she had squirted all over me before i even got inside her ..she drained my cock in a hour as a young man i was in shock i was 28 and never had my world rocked and soaked before .. Well i apologised to the hubby many times for not being able to go longer ,this is what got me to today , he looked at me and said i knew she was gna do that to you ..shes never had one that big and you lasted longer than other guys and she actually cummed .. so since then he would rent a room or invite me over and have his wife work me out after years of abuse and punishment of her wet gripping love box , she has trained my cock on her pussy now i can last longer than her .. the hubby watches and cleans her up and gets him some of the leftovers everytime .. i can never thank them enough ..they have taken my stamina to new heights and my respect for couples and this lifestyle going to see them tonite