Master Shango's Secretary


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Dear Great Master Shango,

Here is another story for Your criticism, or approval and use. Thank you very much for allowing me to submit it to You. It is a privilege to serve You.

--bitch bobbi

Master Shango's Secretary

"I hope you enjoy your job here at the firm. The employees here are very friendly and cooperative," said the HR director to Shango as they walked together down the hall.

"Yes, so far so good," agreed Master Shango. It was his first day on the job, and after completing what seemed like a ton of paperwork, the HR director was now giving Shango a tour and introducing Him to many of His new colleagues. Shango was mature African Man, with a dark complexion and no grey hair yet. He was no longer the lean man of His youth, but a huskier man whose movements expressed his experience, confidence and authority. He worked out several times a week, so He was still strong as ever. The muscles of His thighs and arms filled His clothes out well, as did His firm, worked out ass. And for those who cared, including all the women of the office as well as the odd bitch boi and cuckold husband, eleven inches of manhood could be seen pressing against His pant leg. And He wasn't even hard. Put simply, Shango was built for fucking women, and it was a skill He had developed well during His career.

Even now as they walked He was sizing up Lisa, the HR director. Blond, thin with large breasts, and a pretty face, friendly, and a little older. A true MILF. Maybe those tits were artificial? She might make a fine addition to His stable, He thought. But first He would have to see what else was available. Only the finest women would do for Master Shango. Just then, Lisa stopped outside His new office where they would be finishing the tour.

"Now let me introduce you to Janice, your secretary," Lisa said. Janice stood up behind her desk to shake Master Shango's hand. Talk about fine women. She was a petite white girl, at about 5 foot 5, with voluptuous curves all over and a cute brunette bob that framed a beautiful round face. She was young at only 20 years old, like a ripe, juicy piece of fruit waiting for a true man like Master Shango to pluck and enjoy.

"Nice to meet you," said Janice, smiling nervously. She had expected an old white man, not this virile Black god who stood before her, taking her breath away!

"The pleasure is all mine," replied Shango, grasping her hand firmly. He could feel her hand begin to perspire within His. An excellent sign.

"Well here is where I get off," joked Lisa. "If there's anything else, you know my extension." Master Shango thanked her and she departed. He turned back to Janice.

"Let me get settled into my office and then I will call you in to meet and discuss matters."

"Yes, of course," said Janice."

He went into His office, closing the door behind Him. Janice sighed with relief as she sat down in her chair. It was hard enough meeting the new boss, but this Man made her weak at the knees. However her relief was short lived as just moments later, her phone rang. It was Shango's extension! She quickly answered it, as a good secretary would.

"Yes, Sir?" she greeted Him subserviently.

"Come into my office now," He commanded. "I would like to have that meeting."

"Of course, Sir," Janice answered. She quickly scurried around her desk and through His office door.

"Close the door," He ordered from behind His desk as she entered. She did so and looked across the room at Him. Master Shango was sitting in His high back chair, reclined slightly, arms crossed. She walked towards Him, drawn to His masculinity like a magnet. On her side of the desk she noticed there was no chair for her to sit in. She would have to stand. Suddenly she felt slightly exposed, like she was on display for Him. This was exactly as He had planned it when He moved the chairs away a little while ago. The mood was set, so He proceeded.

"I must say I was very pleased to meet you. Such a beautiful office requires a very beautiful assistant for Me. Don't you think?"

Janice blushed and bowed her head. She was flattered, but too embarrassed to even look at Him.

"That's good," continued Master Shango, his volume lowered as the moment suddenly became much more intimate. "I like an employee to show the necessary humility. Keep your head lowered like that." He then stood up and walked around the desk. Janice was frozen like a deer in the headlights. She couldn't have moved if she wanted to. But there was no place she would rather be than in this place, with this Man. He walked behind her and placed His hands on her shoulders and massaged her lightly, comforting her. Her head leaned back as her muscles relaxed.

"Good girl," Master Shango cooed in her ear. He then reached around her with one hand and cupped one of her ample C-cup breasts with it. Janice gasped softly. "Shhhh. Your performance is excellent so far," He whispered. He squeezed her breast through her clothes and could already feel her nipple hardening. He pinched the now firm nipple gently between His thumb and fore finger. Janice delighted in this, but Master Shango was soon ready to move on in His journey of exploration. "Let's see what other assets you have to offer your new boss," He said softly too her. With that said He lifted her skirt and squeezed her pantied ass cheek. Her breathing deepened as He firmly massaged her butt. Master Shango next removed the final barrier to Janice's womanhood by pulling down her panties. Now He had full access to His latest conquest.

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