Married white older man

Hello folks after being here for some time and posting a good bit I am going to introduce myself and give you a little background on me.
I am a older white man who is married to the same woman for 40+ years,I grew up in the days of segradation when those of the Black Race were treated like second class people so I have seen a lot of wrongs and a lot of changes. My wife resists changes and has retained to a big extent her hostility towards Blacks much to my regret,being at times openly racist in her opinions. I have tried to get her to change telling her of the almost gauranteed fact of better sex if she would try a black man.
While I still have hope of her someday coming around it in no way reflects on my opinions and my pursuit of what happiness I can get by viewing as much Interracial sex as possible and in activially doing everything I can possibly do to pursuade other white women to go black. I leave links to sites like this and Dark Secret along with pictures every where i believe white women will find them. I at all times let women know the true superiority of black men and how they would get so much better sex if they went black. Every time I am presented with the opportunity I tell white men the benefits they as well as their wives would receive if they persuade them to go black.
So as one can tell by the above I am very dedicated to the right of black men and women to use whites. While slavery was always wrong and would be now as well I can not endorse this kind of action but I feel that an ever greater number of white men will be giving their wives to black men for sex and participatiing as well cleaning and helping the black men while they fuck the white wives.
As for myself I welcome this time and acknowledge the superiority of the black race and would in other circumstances welcome black men into my bedroom and my wife even to happily accecpting the breeding of my wife if such was possible. My dedication to this is such that while I literally hate gays I do not consider a black man receiving oral sex from a white man as such,rather I see this as a truly superior male using an inferior as his Bitch for his sexual satisfaction as is or in my opinion should be there right. While I would not wish to be a slave to anyone if any black person male or female told me to go down on them then that is there right and I would try and comply. While I have never to this date ever sucked any cock,had anal sex nor even ate a black womans pussy I do not feel I have the right to refuse any member of the black race the right to change this fact at any time they wish I also think this should be the case for every white but I also know we each have our own right to decide this.