Love at First Sight?

I answered a question online . . .
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"OK, so maybe not fully developed love, but a quick passionate response is possible. Your brain can release love-related chemicals in a split second after you spy someone you love. A 2010 study also showed that new love really is like a drug. It sparks the same euphoric feeling as cocaine -- in the same part of the brain."

I have been there. And there is nothing like that feeling. The first time I experienced it, the electricity was so strong it took another person stepping between us to break the connection we felt. And that feeling is addictive.

I believe that when you meet a person who gives you that kind of experience you may even leave who you are with to be with them, if the new person wanted you to. I'd like to think that if me or my husband found that person, or person's that we would live polyamorous.

Have you ever experienced that feeling?