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Looking for first and need help


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Talk to her, ask what turns her on. If she is a little tipsy she may be more likely to confide a kinky fantasy. If you are out for the evening what kind of guys does she notice? If you are clubbing and a black man asks her to dance what is her reaction? If she won't dance with a black man she is unlikely to want to fuck one.
So my first goal would be to see if she would dance with a black man? Do you think setting something up where I have a black man meet us at the club without her knowing and having him come up and starr talking to her and hitting on her would work? I know once she danced with him and felt his throbbing thing rubbing against her she wouldn't be able to resist!


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Why not go "pot luck" here, sexyred4 ... get her into a conversation about sexual fantasies; who knows what she'll say. At any rate, by opening up the discussion about fantasies, it gives you a chance to open up about your fantasy .... to see her get the royal fucking of her life by a big cock black man. If she goes first and says she'd like to try a black man, then you go crazy with excitement and tell her that was exactly the same thing you had in mind.

Now, how to find a black man ... why not go clubbing, let her dress up very sexy, and let her wear some BBC jewelry ... or maybe even one of the temperary tattoos. That'll send the signal out to the black guys around, (black men are NOT bashful at hitting on white women these days, as they think its their RIGHT to have any white woman they see). I bet before the 3rd song she'll be asked to dance by a black stud. You just got to remember to stay out of the way once everything starts coming down. :)

PS, some nice BBC jewelry for her to wear ... I personally like the spade earrings ... very visable, classy, and gets the message out very CLEAR! Just hope you know what you're asking for ... this is sort of like Pandora's box. Lots of women don't even know what they're missing until they get their pussy pounded by a thick 8-9"er.


Wow MacnFries! Thanks for the help and the tip on jewlery! She is a pretty closed minded person so I dont even know if she has every thought of a black man like that! But I guess the only way to find out is ask! We are going out for drinks and dancing tonight, so maybe tonight when were back home and a little tipsy I will bring up the subject and see what happens! If theres anything else you have to offer or to help please post!


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This one is one of my favorite for subtle hints of black cock desire ...

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That's the legendary Leigh from Redclouds. Her husband shared her on a regular basis with other men, including gangbangs and she took them bareback. I don't think I ever saw her with a black man. She is very beautiful with gorgeous green eyes. She no longer posts, I've heard her and her husband split up and she has gone on with her life. I suspect his giving her body over to strangers was his kink and she got sick of it.