Listen to me be cuckolded by a black man...

My wife's "tell" for when she orgasms is that she always laughs immediately afterward. Therefore its easy to tell when she's cumming.

Playing: 2013-06-04_15-10-32_27.mp3 - picosong
Clip is of missionary - first penetration.
Immediately: "I like that cock... stuff that big black cock in me"
12 seconds: First orgasm
27: "thats what I like. so deep"
39-40 - asking him to go easy
1:05 - "deeper than him"
1:16 - 1:26 - making out
2:10 - second orgasm
2:40 - might be another orgasm
3:40 - water break

Playing: 2013-06-04_15-19-04_138.mp3 - picosong
Short missionary clip
"it's so deep"
"I'm taking it. I'm a good little girl"

Playing: 2013-06-04_15-06-51_890.mp3 - picosong
Taking it easy missionary...
20 seconds - "I shaved my pussy for you"
45 - "fucking deep"
58 - "fuck me fuck me" orgasm
1.13 - "you're fucking deep"

Playing: 2013-06-04_15-14-52_128.mp3 - picosong
He flips her over into doggy
13 seconds - ass smack
1:20 orgasm happens simultaneously with condom breaking... he gets her through the orgasm then pulls out.

It must be noted that this happened in a hotel in Los Angeles with very thin walls... In order to get to our room we had to walk by 10-15 people who all saw the white couple and the black man go into the room then heard this for the next hour.