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Here's a letter I wrote recently to a white boi who's still sceptic about wanting his wife made into a black cock slut.

New York City.

You may feel intimidated with the thought of you giving your wife to a black man, Yes. And that you should be. Can you imagine how different your wife will be when she has a Black Master lying beside her? When she realize that she's found someone who looks deep into her and wants to mold and shape her into the woman she ought to be?

It's a feeling most white women, especially the married ones, have lost over the years as they've settled into a comfortable marital life where they have nothing much to do except worry about the kids, take care of the house and when they're done, sit and watch a review of Oprah. It pisses me off that in this day and age, a lot of women are always worried about wanting to know more about what men are thinking, when they ought to be more worried about what they're thinking and what they ought to be doing.

The sceptics out there might tell you different: they might try instigating your mind, telling you that you're leading your wife down the path of adultery. They would say stuff that this is all tantamount to her cheating on you, and that whatever's worth, in time you're bound to suffer from the choice you're making. Oh yes, there's that, I'm not going to deny any of it ... although I won't state any of this as adultery, not when you and your woman are going to be involved in it.

I'm a firm believer that old wine get the best taste over time. Have you ever wondered how come a lot of cuckold sites out there usually pay much attention towards married couples than they do with young single sluts? It's not like the young sluts out there don't want black men, or don't want to be given the same treatment married wives are getting, no, that's not so. The truth is there's so many young white women out there running around looking sassy cos they think they can get themselves any man that they deserve. But married women too are just as desireable, and the fact being that they know what they want even before they spot it. They want to know they've still got it, even though its been years since they made Prom Queen. Yes, their hips have gotten wider, and even now I'll bet that your wife is more concerned about her weight and about the knowledge of whether men/or any man out there would still find her desireable aside from you. It's expected any white wife would have that sort of thinking, what with there being kids about, the both of you micro-managing the household to take care of the bills and mortgage, her and you working at keeping a steady job ... a lot of things are bound to take up yours and her time to keep you both away from sex.

Such is where I want to come in, white boi. I want to make it known to her, imperatively known, that she hasn't lost her crown of beauty both in your eyes or to the world. She's more or less like an old Van Gogh panting that's been hiding from the world for decades now and needs to be polished and turned into God's finest creatures.

I want to own your woman as much as I can: I want to fuck her mind, her body and her soul. I want to caress her body deeply, explore it like one would a cave hidden under the world, yearn for it, love it, and mold it and fondle and fuck it and make love to it as much as possible.
But it don't stop there, white boi: you too are going to be a part of it. Where there's a strong woman, there needs to be a sub hubby in the corner. I know you've mentioned to me earlier on about your wanting her to become dominant over you. Well get this, white boi, same goes with me. I too want you in that position where you ought to be: on your knees beside her feet, waiting for her to tag you along. I will enjoy the sight of you kissing her booth heel and telling her how beautiful she is ... knowing she's soon to take some of my seed into her cunt, and you're going to be a good boi and lick it clean. |And when you're done cleaning her cunt, you're going to beg me to allow you clean my cock as well. You don't know how much I'm looking forward to that, and I don't mind hopping into a Greyhound bus right now and riding all the way to Ohio to teach that lesson into you properly.

Let's make this happen, white boi. Let's see about getting your woman that which she deserves!

Master Phil.
Here's a letter I wrote recently to a white boi who's still sceptic about wanting his wife made into a black cock slut.

Let's make this happen, white boi. Let's see about getting your woman that which she deserves!

Master Phil.
See the afraid a physical inferior man feels. I do not like afraid and fear. That's bad, and become us more like animals, when attacks because it feels threatened.

I am a white man that has many black friends in all my life. They always were my friends, and they won't be my enemies.

I do not feel threatened with this. The women would be naturally to calve a baby of a refrigerant 2 Liters size. Nature does all them to follow hidden or no.