Let us begin, an interracial challenge of the shaping of a newer status, interracial conforming

Currently we live in a place where we have according to a racial term , black or white people, now I strongly feel that that black to white.net, is actually just a beginning of a future people's not black, or white, but people, and if you really follow through on our concept, we hope come much closer as people and also take with us, the best for our future, I hope I could help usher in a new status in people who realize that we must come closer to a middle, blk to white, creates a two color merge, that will create beauty, strength, and not to mention race issues anymore, I am inviting all the participants blk white, and other, because all are already here to stay, I am opening the floor, and give us your feed back, and support for our cause, in every single state, and city please don't hesitate to share on this, hopefully we can come together,