Question, for those with kids do you want your children partaking in these activities? In other words would you feel proud of them doing these things? I personally am not into the whole Cuckold thing or master or slave stuff to be honest.
I don't think I was clear. There's certainly nothing wrong with interracial dating, but would you want your daughters doing what you and your husband are doing?


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well i would not turn them away from it. but thats a choice they must make on the own. Nor would i discourage them from it. I really enjoy the lifestyle.


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Mr Biggs, it's hard getting sincere answers, isn't it? You can kinda tell who "really" has kids and who don't.

In the eyes of parents, their children never really grow up ... they always see their children as innocent kids that need protecting & provided for, even as they start growing into adults, making their own decisions. So, no ... I would not want to know my kids, at any age, were being treated as "slaves", being sexually abused, or taking any high risk sexual activities of any kind. Hopefully we, as parents, are currently raising our 2 to be responsible & smart adults in society. I figure my 2 teens will continue being my kids 'till they reach age 30-something ... :)


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Our kids are all late teens/early 20s and generally they want to know nothing about their parent's sexual exploits. When we were big into the group sex scene we always had them stay over with friends/family so they have no idea. In kind we generally wish to know the least about our kid's sexuality and their escapades, we raised them to be caring, decent people...
they do see me as an old rake though :frantic: