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    One evening I was at the house by my self when the door bell rang, I was in my boxers and t shirt , so I wnt to get the door. When I opened it , Shayne was standng there w/ one of his black friends " decorrie" well I invited them in and told Shayne that my wife was not home. He told me she called him earlier and told him that, I was a little confused why he was here, but since he was w one of his friends' I began to think that he just needed something. Shayne told me he wanted something to drink, so I went and poured him a glass of tea, when I returned to the room, Shayne thanked me for the tea. Then Decorrie told me to go get him so, so I did and returned w him a glass. After they were done, Shayne told me that my wife would be here in the hr and I need to go put the glasses up, so I did, but when I returned, both young men were totally naked, and I was lost. Cause w decorries big dark cock soft, he made Shayne look not near as big. Mr. Decorrie wasn't to much longer, but he was so thick, maybe around 12 or 13 inches long. I froze seeing these two big cocks, not even hard, and Shayne told me to show Mr.Decorrie my small useless 5" cock. I undressed and they both saw my hard 5" cock and laughed, both knowing I was hard and wanting to suck their cocks. I wasn't even asked and knelt at their feet and took turns sucking both cocks, secretely I loved my black cock the most, but it took all I had to suck this truely dominant bbc.
    As I was still sucking this big cock, I was glad Shayne left from my mouth where I could truely enjoy this cock. I felt Shayne oiling up my ass as he told me that he will losen me up for Decorries bbc. I begged Shayne to prepair me for my first bbc, I was so excited. Finially Shayne filled me w his cum, after I began to tear up again, but I wanted it. Mr Decorrie moved around behind me and he made me beg him to fuck me, and so I started begging, but only to get the head of his cock rubbing my hole. "Please put it in me" yet still nothing, " please anything but fuck me" finally he thrusted allmost all the way in me, pinning me down, holding me tight as I yell in pain. For 6 minutes he fucked me and I cried w each thrust as he tore my ass, and yet I was telling him how much I loved it, and I did, I cum 3 times while he was fucking me. When he finally cum in me, pulling his 20 yr old cock out, I looked over and saw my wife in her own world fucking shayne. I laid there hurting, yet I couldn't help but watch as Mr.Decorri went over and pulled Shaynes cock out of my wife and began sliding his in. My wife began to cum in seconds and bragging about how thick his cock was, telling him that his black cock was the best her pussy has ever had. He spoke to her" bitch ride me" and she did just that, and as she was Shayne slide is cock inside her ass ? And she cum until she passed out
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    That sounds really hot, you lucky couple!
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    Sooo Very Hotttttttt.... I Would Have been Begging Both of Them Also .... I just Cant seem to Get Enough Awesome Tasty Big Fat Heavy Blk Cock....