LADIES: WHAT IS THE BEST WAY???????????????????


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Long list but what lights the fire is the way they grab my hair and control me while I suck them. Drops me right into sub space and I am putty after that. I am never putty for my husband lol.
Ladies when you and your bull are having sex , what is it that just takes you over the edge that normally you dont do with your hubby or boyfriend......
It was Edwin's staying power! I bet I had at least six orgasms for every one he had! Poor Hubby can't last more than three strokes and he's history. It generally takes him up to 1/2 hour to get semi-hard again! That ain't any fun for me! With Edwin, honestly, he stayed hard all night and never once went soft, even after each of his numerous orgasms!! The fact that his was almost twice as big Hubby's, and black, made me orgasm just thinking about it! Truly, and without any exaggeration whatsoever, I had my first orgasm with Edwin the first time I realized how well endowed he was! That was when we had our first dance and he pressed that thing against me as we danced a very slow number. This was at a club that Edwin, Hubby and I went to as described elsewhere in a posting we did on this site! Also, because Edwin's manhood was so much longer than Hubby's, he was able to touch places that Hubby could never reach! Then whenever Edwin orgasmed in me, which was very often, it felt so much hotter and delicious than anything I had ever experienced before! Naturally, taking him bareback also made it so much better!

Sorry ... I've said too much! :wub::blackheart::rolleyes: