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A white boi up in Sweden was the one who wanted me to post this article.
Know Your Bull/Master

Know your Bull, ladies and gents, white hubbies, slut wives, GFs and BFs. Take it as if it were a commandment from me. You may not like it when I say this, or think of it as a waste of time, but from my experience, fucking goes better once you know that all other options have been taken care of. Think of it like you’re a stunt man driving a fast car down a lone highway. You want to march your foot down on that pedal and burn rubber like you want the bitch to race off into the moon, the last thing you want is to see some porthole along the way that might make you veer off course. Thus is the reason for this article.

I have always stressed for couples to always start with one black bull and move forward from there. It’s surprising to see a lot of couples here and there making postings in various cuckold and interracial sites seeking for different men to come cool down the wife’s fire. Sometimes it’s hard to know if the individual making so-and-so post is anything but real. Doesn’t it really piss you off when you read such a post only to realise it’s a fucking dead end? I know a lot of bothers out there aren’t happy about such, and I’m one of them. Prior to when I recently made my trip down to the U.S., I hooked up with this hubby who presented me with loads of pics of his naked wife. Talked about wanting her to get her first taste of black pussy, and I was just game for it, only to arrive on U.S., soil and realise the fool was presenting a mirage all the time. But fuck the fool; this post isn’t for the likes of that wimp but for the realest ones in here.

Most Bulls wouldn’t be much concerned about a white hubby wishing for the Bull to come bang the wife, and sometimes I can understand that. Except I’m not like one of such. Being a Bull with a swinging dick between his legs is more like hiring a gunslinger back in the wild West. But having a Master around, that takes a lot more tact and sensitivity than most would think to have. I vision a Master as one would a shepherd guiding his flock along the grazing verdant. The flock, in this case, the Black-Owned couple, look up to him for direction and they know no matter what hole they fall into or what boulder of rock they encounter, the Black Master is there to act as guiding light to where they ought to be and how submissive they should towards him.

Thus it’s only natural every white couple get to know their Master/Bull just as much as he too needs to be familiar with every facet of their life.

Never Rush

For the couples contemplating about getting involved further into this lifestyle, the first law is never be in a rush to get involved in it. As in never be too quick to cross the street not when you haven’t checked either lane to make sure no speedy vehicle comes barrelling into you. This lifestyle isn’t meant for everybody. Not every white husband deserved being turned into a cuckold hubby just as not every wife too would appreciate her husband suggesting to her of how much he’d love to his next-door neighbour fuck the shit out of her. That could just about be the end of a good marriage and I’m not here to break up anyone’s homes, so don’t go saying I forced you into this when you know I didn’t.

I know a lot of hubbies out there visit porn sites, most especially interracial ones, and they love watching those white pussies getting fucked by thick black dicks. Same group of hubbies you’ll likely find populating cuckold and hot-wife forums, hiding under unassuming user-names, making up phony posts and asking this and that from whomever. The temptation always gets strong over time for most of these hubbies who begin to imagine their wives getting involved in such. I’ve gotten a couple of mails from them wanting me to show them how to turn the wife’s head around, like I’m some head-shrinking psychiatrist or something. For some, the thought of getting involved in this is a fantasy thing. If you’re one of such hubbies, then I’d advise you keep it that way, only until you’ve ascertained that you want to get into this with the wife tagging along. If the wife says no, and her no remains that way long after you’ve tried suggesting stuff to her, then you’d better desist from it and don’t try to push her buttons. But circumstances differ for all of us. Whatever way that works for you, let it work for you and her … but heed my warning when I say that don’t rush into things. Take your time. The journey is what matters and not the destination. At least that’s what the Chinese say.

Interracial Sites/Cuckold Forums

There’s plenty of such to choose from these days. Gone is the time when you’d need to really comb through the net hard enough for you to find such. Those days are long gone. Sex is the new money and everybody who’s not getting some of it is either living in the past, or spending too much time glued to the TV, wondering if the Republicans are going to win the next American election. Find yourself an interracial site that speaks more to your personality and has all the stuff you’d always want to know more about it. If you’re into cuckolding, the same too goes.

There’s multiple cuckold forums, both ones that charge a little Dollar and others that’s free. Sign up with them and start mingling with others who’re already there. Keep your postings straight and most especially, try and be honest about what you’re into and don’t try putting stuff out that you’re not sure about. Don’t be like Steve Carrey’s naive character in “The 40-year Virgin” and be mouthing off like you’re the man when you’re not. If you’re a cuckold wannabe, say so and let it known others know of whatever hip-cups you’re having. If you’re there looking for a special brother to own the wife, admit it and post some pics of her white ass so others can admire.

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