Journey into Cuckoldry


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Journey into Cuckoldry

We had been looking forward to the concert for months - Elton John in a live open air concert in the amazing grounds of Calke Abbey, a stately home in the English countryside. The tickets had cost a small fortune and Alice had spent many days researching how best to buy them to make sure we had good seats before getting up at 4am to book them online. But at last she had succeeded and there we were on our way to the big event.

There were four of us: my wife Alice, our married friends Carmen and Steve and me. We had decided to make a full day of it and our two kids had been sent to their Grandparents for the weekend so we could stay out as late as we wanted. Carmen and Steve didn't have kids which on occasions made Alice and me envious -- but only sometimes.

The concert was to be held about three hours' drive from the town in which we live but would be well worth the long journey. And anyway, it gave me a chance to give our brand new seven seat MPV a good run -- in fact, with the back bench seat pushed as far back as it would go, there was almost enough room from us to have our picnic inside if the weather turned against us.

The girls had given Steve and me permission to wear shorts with our T shirts and they themselves were dressed for the sun, Carmen in a short light summer dress, Alice in a short skirt and sleeveless top, both girls showing off their slim bodies and gorgeous legs -- but in an acceptably British manner of course.

We had arrived mid afternoon after a boisterous but otherwise uneventful drive and, after parking up, had had a grand picnic spread out on a rug under a large shady tree. There had been champagne and smoked salmon and chilled white wine and coronation chicken and party cakes and... you get the idea.
Sadly, I had to watch my drinking because I had to drive us all home later but the others saw no reason to keep me company in my sobriety and were enjoying the day to the full.
My strikingly pretty, blonde, slim wife Alice in particular was getting quite tipsy and our friends, Carmen and Steve, were not feeling much pain either. Both shorter and darker than us, they had a cheeky, mischievous air to them which was infectious. An unconventional but attractive couple, Carmen as her name suggests, had the dark fiery eyes and full body of a gypsy;her husband Steve was thick-set and powerfully built. There was plenty of laughter and more than a little horse-play as we became kids again for the day and when the time came to go across the fields to take our seats for the concert, we were all a little drunk and giggling, even me!
Despite all that happened later that day, the concert itself must go down as one of the best I've ever seen. From the moment he stepped on the stage, all thoughts of sitting down were forgotten and when his hands hit the piano keys for the opening bars of 'Saturday Night...' the dancing began and continued unbroken for well over an hour.

We were all very thirsty at the interval but the only stall not mobbed out by the crowds only sold cold beer. I bought four and brought them back to our seats where they disappeared within seconds. The girls in particular had been letting themselves go and were hot and sweaty with their exertions.

The second half of the concert was even better than the first, with more and more energetic dancing in the aisles so that when, over an hour later and after many encores the concert finally ended, we left the field with 'I'm still standing' ringing in our ears and on a real high.

When we got back to the van Steve found nearly full bottle of champagne left which the three of them soon finished. I stuck to Diet Coke -- I wasn't sure I would pass a breath-test even without another drink -- and we piled drunk and giggling, our ears ringing, into the van for the long journey home.

Perhaps the most sober of the three, Carmen had decided that she would keep me company in the frontand had told Alice to join Steve in the back seat. I wasn't exactly pleased with the arrangement -- I always prefer to travel with Alice next to me and would have liked her to snuggle against me on the front bench.
Anyway, our little group was still quite boisterous as we started out and Steve kept it that way by providing even more drinks in the car as we drove home, taunting me that I wasn't allowed any.

For the first hour or so Carmen talked incessantly, slurring her words quite a bit and using her hands to speak in true Latin style. I barely noticed that while she was talking she had gradually slid across the front bench to sit closer to me. By the time we were travelling at speed on the motorway she had draped one rather inebriated arm over my shoulder with the other patting me on the arm and leg as she chatted away..
I looked in the rear view mirror. It was dark outside but by the light of the motorway streetlamps I could see that Steve had moved similarly close to Alice and had an arm around her shoulder too.
A short while later I realized that Carmen's hand had not moved for a while and was resting on my thigh where she was lightly stroking my leg. Amused, I didn't object, even when her hand gradually slid a little higher to my upper thigh and kept on stroking.I turned to her with what I thought was a puzzled expressionbut she simply looked straight back at me and smiled as her hand moved slowly but deliberately to my cock where she continued to massage me. It of course, responded to her manipulations by swelling and beginning to hurt within my rather tight shorts.
Feeling a little guilty but not quite able to put a stop to things, I glanced guiltily in the mirror to see what was happening in the back seatand whether Alice had noticed what was going on. I could see very little so casually adjusted mirror to give me a better view, fully expecting to see them both fast asleep. What I did see was Steve holding my tired and tipsy wife closely, his hand straying to her thigh as Carmen's had strayed to mine. As I watched, Alice pushed his straying hand away with a giggle,but Steve was persistent and it soon found its way back to her thigh.She pushed it away a second timebut within seconds it was back once more, this time sliding up slightly towards her crotch.
The two of them were giggling, and as Carmen was still massaging my cock through my shorts it seemed ridiculous for me to object to what was probably just a bit of harmless fun. I turned back to the road and tried to concentrate on my driving for a while but this was difficult with a tightly constrained erection as well as uncertain activities behind me. After a few minutes I looked back in the mirror to see Steve turning my wife's face towards him and kissing her on the lips. Beside me, Carmen cannot possibly have been unaware of what was happening behind her, but when I looked at her she just grinned back and began to stroke my erection more firmly through my shorts.
To my shame, I actually felt relieved that Alice couldn't see what Carmen was doing to keeping me in my highly aroused state. I glanced guiltily in the mirror again and was concerned to see that Steve had pulled Alice against him once more, and was again trying to kiss my inebriated wife. Alice's was now apparently offering only token resistance and Steve's lips were on hers. I started to protest but to my astonishment, Carmen immediately silenced me by pulling my head towards hers and giving me a firm, passionate kiss on the lips while still stroking my cock.
A car horn blared and I swerved back into the left hand lane. Jesus! That was close! I had better pay more attention to the road.
Carmen reached over and deliberately flicked open the waistband of my shorts and slowly pulled down the zipper. She plunged her hand into my open shorts and grabbed my cock, quickly freeing it from its painful constraints and letting it rise to its full erect height.
Leaning close she whispered in my ear
"Ignore them! They're just having a little fun."
I tried hard to drive as she slowly but firmly stroked me until I was so hard it almost hurt. I fidgeted in the driving seat in an attempt to free my cock properly. Carmen slipped her hands either side of my shorts and, as I raised myself a little in the driving seat, she slid them down and under my buttocks to mid thigh, leaving me fully naked to her amazing touchwhich she now applied with a vengeance, stroking all down my shaft and toying with my tip.
There was a low muffled sound from the back seat. I looked into the mirror again to see my wife with her skirt and slip now pushed right up to the point where I could see her lacy white panties. Her hands were on Steve's wrist, apparently offering some resistance to his progress, but she was very definitely not resisting when before my eyes he kissed her again, holding her mouth against his for a long time.

Very much aware of my own increasing pleasure at Carmen's hands, I wondered how far my very aroused wife would let Steve go before calling a halt.
But things in the front took a turn which diverted my attention away from Alice as, close by my side; Carmen brazenly raised the hem of her dress and, taking my free hand, placed it on her bare thighs just as her husband Steve had done to my wife. With my wrist in her hand, she spread her legs wider and eased my willing hand deep between her thighs till my delving fingers encountered the wet crotch of her panties.

Oh my God! What was going on?

There were more soft sounds coming from the back seat suggesting things were moving forward there too. My hand still on Carmen's damp crotch, I glanced in the mirror to see that Steve had now unbuttoned Alice's thin blouse and was in the process of pushing up her bra, exposing her breasts. My wife didn't seem to be putting up any real resistance at all as he caressed her exposed nipples which rapidly stiffened and her chest rose and fell deeply.
As I watched, desperately trying to keep one eye on the road,her flushed face lifted and her eyes met mine in the mirror.For a second we just stared at each other; then she lowered her head and leaned back against the seat. I looked across at Carmen,whose knowing smile told me she was very much aware of what was going on behind us. Lifting her hips slightly, she slid her panties down to her thighs, exposing her naked vulva then spread her legs more and pulled my hand firmly up against wet slit. I moved my fingers over her wetness, caressing her hairy lips then sliding my middle finger into her vagina. Carmen moaned softly as with her hand she continued working on the shaft of my cock.

A minute later, a glance in the mirror showed that things in the back had moved to a new level. Alice's legs were now stretched out along the bench seat, her thighs still exposed right up to her panties,and Steve was perched alongside her, his mouth on her erect nipples. She was still ostensibly resisting his advances, but was obviously becoming more and more aroused as his mouth and tongue did their job. I could hear her moaning softly, as if trying to keep the sound of her arousal from my ears, but she was clearly no longer in full control of her responses.
Carmen continued her amazing ministrations on my cock, carefully keeping me just below the threshold of climax. I had now slipped two fingers deep into her wet pussy and was moving them around inside her. She moaned softly when I finally found her tiny clitoris and stroked the stiff bud with my thumb.
Deep down I knew I should pull over and stop the car, then stop both Carmen and protect my wife's fidelity from Steve's determined assault. But there was no rest stop and no other place to pull off and even deep down I knew I had to see how far things would go so I tried to concentrate as best I could.Steve's hand was now caressing the crotch of Alice's panties as he continued to kiss her lips and work on her firm breasts. A strange feeling came over me and I quietly flicked a switch on the dashboard, turning on the reading lights in the back. My wife's soaking panties were suddenly clearly visible, as was the pink flush in her cheeks.Steve smiled an almost triumphal smile and, as if sensing that Alice's resistance was weakening, and thinking the timing was right, he gripped the waist-band of her panties.
I heard him whisper "Lift up!"
Alice did as she was told and as she raised her hips, Steve deftly pulled her panties from under her, sliding them down her thighs. Steve simply pulled them firmly down her legs over her feet and off, leaving my flushed and aroused wife naked to her waist behind me.

I saw a broad and definitely victorious smile cross Steve's face as he tossed her panties into the front of the car where they landed in Carmen's lap.

She giggled as she glanced at them as if proud of the progress that Steve was making with my wife then, to my astonishment she took the lacy panties, wrapped them around my cock, and continued her stroking, seemingly untroubled at her husband's attempt to seduce my trembling wife.
At the moment he appeared to be succeeding.Steve, obviously believing she was helpless and his for the taking, slid his trousers and shorts down below his knees, exposing, a very large, very thick and hard cock.

He moved towards her, his cock in his hand.

"No! No more! I can't do this!" She pressed her long and beautiful legs tightly together.

It was now almost impossible to drive safely, my eyes constantly gazing into the rear view mirror to see what they were doing in the back seat and with Carmen controlling my cock while I still had two fingers deep in her.

Steve continued his assault on my wife's exposed body, kissing her lips and nipples, stroking her breasts and thighs, and Alice was beginning to respond to his caresses clearly weakened by her obvious sexual arousal, and the alcohol she had consumed.
I heard a long low familiar groan from my wife and guessed his fingers had straightaway found her sex. Carmen must have heard this too because she glanced into the back seat and, seeing what was taking place, smiled to herself.

When I heard Alice gasp aloud in surprise I stared hard in the mirror. Alice's eyes met mine again, her chest flushed pink with arousal and a look almost of fear on her face as if imploring me.
Did she want me to intervene? Was she helpless? Had she completely lost control?
Alice dropped her gaze from mine, her eyes glazed as she gave herself over to the illicit moment. Steve was now completely in control of my wife and she was perilously close to submitting totally to him.

I suppose I could have stopped them there and then. Truly I can't explain why I didn't. All I know is that I drove and watched, my cock in another woman's hands, my fingers in another woman's pussy, as Steve began inexorably to take my wife's fidelity away.
Steve gripped Alice's knees firmly and pulled her till she was lying prone on the rear seat. He pressed her legs wide open with his hands then moved up, mounting her, directing his swollen cock against the wet lips of her pussy. As I watched dumbstruck, she gasped as she felt his huge cock moving between the lips of her pussy, moistening the head.
Alice looked me straight in the eye as she felt the pressure of his cock against her entrance. Her face was soft and her eyes dreamy with her arousal.

I was immobilized, unable to utter a sound as Steve pressed forward and into her yielding flesh.
Alice groaned, giving a hoarse cry as Steve's cock entered her body, her inner lips parted and stretched as he thrust his mighty rigid cock into the depths of my wife's vagina, her resistance to his invasion now completely vanquished. Alice groaned again as he filled her, her knees raised and her legs spread as wide as the van seats would allow, crying out in sheer lust as she was fully impaled.

A pain flashed through my chest and my blood ran cold. It was done. All semblance of fidelity had gone. I was watching another man fuck my wife!
My eyes barely focusing on the road, I watched as Steve began to fuck her properly, thrusting into her with slow deep strokes, his barely visible cock shiny with her juices in the car's light.I was mesmerized, almost faint with excitement, seeing my pretty, innocent wife with her legs spread wide and another man's bare buttocks rising and falling between them.
Carmen had turned her head to watch too, her face also flushed with arousal as her husband worked away between my wife's legs, fucking her mercilessly.

Alice's eyes met mine as she was pounded, moaning almost continuously and getting louder all the time, gasping when he thrust deeply into her, fucking my wife in front of his own.
Carmen was clearly enjoying the scene on the back seat because she momentarily stopped her activity on my throbbing cock to watch her husband's conquest, her eyes shining with excitement as his cock plunged deep into my trembling wife. Steve increased his thrusting and I knew he was going to cum soon. Despite my dazed condition, the thought of Alice getting pregnant flashed momentarily through my mind. She was not on the pill,but once again I was paralyzed, unable to do anything but watch.
From the pace of his thrusting Steve had no intentions on pulling out and would ejaculate deep into the depths of my wife's pussy as if his conquest would only be complete if he could fill her with his semen with me watching as she willingly received his seed.
Alice had lost all control. She had surrendered completely to him, all her senses focused on the throbbing, pounding cock which was driving her to a shattering climax.Another man was about to inseminate my wife and yet I was unable to register even the slightest protest.
Both of them were rapidly approaching orgasm. Steve's thrusts grew faster and faster until at last he let out a raw animal groan as he pushed himself one last powerful time fully into her, driving Alice's her head hard against the inside of the rear door as he began to cum inside her. Beneath him, Alice cried out as his semen flowed into her body. Her legs gripped his thighs and her hands grasped his hips as her body stiffened in climax then shuddered as she was overwhelmed with her own orgasm.
Carmen's face took on a strange, satisfied look and, turning back to my painfully hard cock, she increased the pace of her stroking faster and faster until with an intensity I cannot ever remember experiencing before or since, she brought me to a massive, messy climax, covering Alice's already damp panties with semen and making me shake my own orgasm. The van swerved left then right and very nearly ran off the road as I ejaculated, making both Steve and Alice squeal and giggle behind me.

Once the vehicle was under control, we drove for a while in awkward silence. I could hear noises coming from the back seat. I hardly dare look in the mirror but felt compelled to see it all through to the end. I was just in time to see Steve finally removing his shrinking cock from my wife.Her cunt was open and wet with their juices. He perched on the edge of the seat while Alice, stunned and dizzy, lay where he had left her with her legs spread and moisture seeping onto the seat from her gaping pussy.

I could hear her whimpering softly, her eyes wide with shock as if she had just realized the full extent of her surrender; she had been seduced, stripped, thoroughly fucked, and with her husband watching. She began to sob and real tears appeared.
After a while they began to get dressed clumsily.

In the front, Carmen wiped spattered semen from my legs and shirt with Alice's panties. She leaned over and whispering in my ear.
"I think you've just discovered something about yourself you didn't know, haven't you?" I didn't reply. She went on as she wriggled my shorts back under my buttocks and tucked my flaccid cock back into them.
"You were really turned on watching Steve fucking Alice, and cumming in her weren't you?"Again I didn't respond, my head still swimming with images of my lovely, unfaithful wife.
"You know there are some men who enjoy watching their wives being fucked by another man." She went on.

"They're called cuckolds."
I tried not to listen to her words, obviously true though they were. Her voice was hard, almost cruel and with an air of triumph."You do realize that Steve stuck it to you as well as sticking it to your pretty, goody-goody wife. How does it feel to be cuckolded? To know your own wife has another man's sperm swimming about inside her? And that she loved having his great big cock in her? How does that make you feel, Cuckold?"To my amazement and shame, far from making me jealous and angry, I found Carmen's words even more arousing.
"It's going to be a long time before she forgets what it was like to be thoroughly fucked by a real man."

With that, Carmen wiped her own pussy clean with a tissue and pulled her panties back on, then wriggled her dress back down under her bottom. She stared out of the window with a contented look on her face.
The rest of the journey passed in awkward silence, the van full of the scent of recent sex.
Finally we arrived at Steve and Carmen's home and parted from our smiling partners. They both suggested that we should get together again soon but I didn't think that was likely considering what had just happened.

Just before we drove away, Carmen handed Alice's semen-soaked panties back to her, saying with a knowing smile that she was sorry about their condition but that I was responsible for their sticky contents.
We drove home in silence, then went into the house and for a while tried to behave as if nothing had happened -- but that was of course impossible. If nothing else we both needed showers to remove the evidence of our sins. We unpacked the day's baggage, still in almost complete silence, the feelings of guilt weighing heavily on both our shoulders, unable to look each other in the eye.
Alice had sobered up by the time she had showered and changed for bed. We had undressed separately and got into bed, lying stiffly as far apart as the mattress would allow. I turned out the light and lay eyes wide open in the darkness listening to my wife's slow breathing.

Eventually I heard what sounded like soft sobs coming from her side of the bed.
"Are you ok?" I whispered.
"I... I... I'm so, so sorry..." She croaked.

I reached across for her hand and squeezed it.

"It was my fault too... "I said softly. "I should have... done something... I don't understand why I didn't..."
"I don't know why I let him do it..." She said, her voice a little stronger. "I know I was drunk but... "
"But you wanted it too..."
I finished her sentence for her.
And then it was as if a dam had burst, and we both began talking at once in the darkness.
"At first I thought we were just fooling around, sort of a kissing and petting party. I never thought it would go that far... And then it was too late, and I was too wet and too turned on to stop him from fucking me."Something had changed. My pretty, innocent wife would never have used the 'f' word before tonight. I looked across at her beautiful face. Her eyes were wide, excited and surprisingly defiant for a woman who had cuckolded her husband as he watched. I felt an unfamiliar excitement within me too. Alice was clearly aroused again and, though feeling guilty, was not prepared to take all the blame.

"And what about you? Cumming in my panties?" She continued. "I suppose Carmen was jerking you off as Steve was screwing me. I guess you were pretty excited watching him fucking me and cumming in me."

She had put extra hard stress on the words 'fucking' and 'cumming'. She appeared to think for a second then said. "My God, he came a lot, he really filled me! "It's still leaking out of my pussy now!"
The thought of my wife's pussy still leaking another man's semen was more erotic than I could comfortably imagine. But with Alice having got it all off her chest I felt able to respond.
"Baby, I was as helpless as you were! I never believed he would end up fucking you. I thought you would stop him yourself, but when he actually managed to get your panties off you I guess lust took over."
"I guess I was caught up in the whole erotic show. Watching Steve fucking you and with Carmen stroking me at the same time I just lost it! And when he started cumming inside you - it was just... just... like nothing on this earth."
There was a moment's silence before Alice continued.
"By the time I realized he wasn't going to pull out it was too late! And the thought that he might make me pregnant made it so much more erotic - even more so knowing you and Carmen were watching me being fucked." She was clearly getting excited again as the fresh memories filled her mind."God! It was as if my whole body was centered on his huge cock. When I felt him swelling and spurting into me it was overwhelming. I just came and came!
"So do you forgive me?" She asked, calmer now. "I've cheated on you! I've never done that before."
"Of course!" I immediately replied. "I'm at least partly to blame. I should have stopped things when I had the chance. Do you forgive me?"
She burst into tears and rolled into my arms. Before either of us knew what was happening we had torn off our night clothes and were making love more passionately than we had for many years, Alice coming quickly and noisily.

We slept soundly in each other's arms.
The following day Alice went to the pharmacy (in a town about forty miles from where we live to avoid being recognized) and bought the 'morning after' pill. Although the risk of pregnancy had greatly increased both of our passions we did not want another baby -- and certainly not one whose fatherhood was in any way in doubt.

About a week later Alice told me she had bumped into Carmen at the grocery store and that they had gone for a coffee together. I said that it must have been awkward for them but Alice said that Carmen had been all smiles and had asked if Alice had recovered from 'her little adventure' as Carmen put it.
When Alice didn't say anything, Carmen had boasted that Alice was by no means the first wife that Steve had fucked. She wasn't even the first wife he had fucked in front of her own husband, and Carmen had often helped in the seduction as she had with Alice and me.
It seems that Carmen is pleased and proud that her husband is attractive enough and masculine enough to take the ultimate prize from other men's wives in front of their eyes. The more he does it, the more Carmen is attracted to him. Of course she would never let another man cum in her though -- they were looking for victory not fair exchange!
Getting a reluctant wife to fuck you willingly is a Good Victory. Inseminating her is a Great Victory. Inseminating her in front of her husband is Total Conquest, and Alice and I had been truly conquered.
Carmen had asked if we wanted to get together again for a repeat performance.

We both re-lived that experience in our minds many times, and the memory did add a level of excitement to our coupling, but we didn't do that scene again.

Journey into Cuckoldry - Twice Shy

So one morning as I sipped my coffee and ate a sandwich in the large Coffee Shop in the town centre, I saw the door open and Carmen enter on her own. I tried to make myself invisible but she had already spotted me and,once she had collected her hot drink, made her way over to my quiet corner table.
"Hi!" She said, leaning over. We kissed awkwardly but politely on the cheek. "Mind if I join you?"
She put down her handbag and sat in the comfortable chair alongside mine. For a few minutes we went through the usual routine. How was Steve? How was Alice? How were our kids? How was your holiday?
"I think you two have been avoiding us, haven't you?" She said softly, leaning towards me with her eyes full of mischief. "There's no need, you know. We're very discreet – your secret's safe with us!"

"It's not that..." I stammered. "We've just been busy..." It sounded weak, even to me.
"Of course you have..." She said, unconvinced. "You've hardly had a chance to think about that night, have you?"
She laughed. I blushed scarlet.
"Steve and I talk about it quite often." She went on. "It was such a good evening and especially after the concert." Her eyes were fixed on mine. I tried to return her gaze but it was difficult.

"We've often thought we should go to another... concert ... with you two."
"I think we've had enough concerts for a while." I said, pretending to make a joke of it. But Carmen could see right through me."You two were quite a surprise. Steve nor I expected the pair of you to go anywhere near as far as you did!" I looked at her quizzically, encouraging her to carry on.
"Steve thought that strong, macho you would step in and stop him as soon as he got his hands on little Alice's knickers. I had an idea about you, even then. Alice turned out to be a bit of a pushover, didn't she?"
Her words brought a flush of anger to my cheeks. Carmen must have seen it because she immediately put her hand on mine. "I'm sorry to upset you, but she certainly didn't put up much of a fight, you have to admit that."
Indeed I had admitted it to myself, but was not prepared to say it out loud and effectively call the woman I loved a slut.
"And as for you... Well, you have been born to be a cuckold. You didn't lift a finger to protect your wife's honour even though you could clearly see what was going on. Not one finger."
My anger increased, this time with myself. Carmen was telling the truth and I didn't like it one bit. She continued the verbal torture.
"Not even when it was obvious he was going to cum in her right in front of you!" She laughed hollowly.

"And you didn't even try and even things up by screwing me yourself, did you?"

She sat back, her little lecture over for the moment.
"Would you have let me screw you?" I asked in a feeble attempt to defend myself. Carmen smiled.
"As it happens, no I wouldn't. " She said very quietly after making sure no-one was nearby. "Steve and I aren't swingers. I'm a one-cock girl – especially if the cock in question has just cum in another man's wife right in front of him."
"It's the biggest turn-on I can imagine. I couldn't wait for us to get back home!"

My mind reeled at the thought of Carmen and Steve having triumphant sex in their bed after we had taken them home that night, pleased with their unexpectedly successful conquest.

"What was your sex life like straight after it all happened?" She asked, taking a line I had not expected.
"Well actually it was good. No, to be honest it was great. Really great!" I confessed.
"But it's cooled off again now, right?" She stated. I didn't answer. She was right of course; it had been a cause of a little friction between Alice and me recently.
"I think you'd rather like to do it all over again." She whispered. "Cuckold!"
"That was a one-off. A mistake!"
"Really? You'd like to see Alice and Steve together again, right?" She said for a second time.
I lowered my eyes and nodded.

"Let's get another coffee and talk. I have an idea..." She said.

A few days later, Carmen and I were sitting in different cafe. Our table was perfectly placed for us both to see clearly whatever was going on across the road.On the roadside terrace of our favorite Italian restaurant opposite, my lovely wife sat waiting patiently for me to arrive. Every few minutes she looked at her watch and gazed down the road. The wine glass in front of her was already two-thirds empty and as she looked at the menu for the fifth time, she took another sip.

Across the road, the attentive waiter approached Alice, pointing to her empty glass. I picked up my mobile phone and dialed. Across the road, Alice answered.
"Hi Darling!" She said. "Where are you? It's getting late." I could see the concern on her face.
"I'm so sorry Sweetheart..." I replied, trying to sound convincing. "I can't see any way I'm going to get out of here for the next hour. I'm really sorry – you'll just have to eat lunch without me..."
"But it was supposed to a special occasion... I've dressed up and everything..."
"I know. I'm so sorry... Another time? Please?"
She wasn't happy of course, but after a minute's chat and a brief 'I love you', we hung up.

From my vantage point across the road I could see her body language change from sexy and happy to badly disappointed. She put the phone down and was toying with her near-empty glass when the waiter reappeared with two small plates of food, presumably the nibbles she had ordered for the two of us. Alice looked at them then distractedly began to eat.
After less than a minute, a familiar handsome figure walked confidently around the corner and made directly for the restaurant terrace. It was Steve. Helooked across the busy tables and smiled, then walked straight over to where my wife Alice was sitting.
Steve put his hand on her shoulder;she turned, immediately recognizing him; her face registered surprise then unease. He spoke, smiling; they kissed hello on the cheek. There was more talk; Alice looked frustrated; Steve looked at his watch and spoke again; Alice broke into a laugh; Steve laughed too; Alice nodded and he sat down at her table.Summoning the waiter, Steve placed some kind of order and within minutes two more large glasses of wine appeared. They sipped and chatted and Alice was gradually becoming more relaxed with him, laughing frequently at his words .
He began to touch her hand a little as they talked. At first Alice moved it away automatically but as the conversation went on she smiled and laughed more and more and by the time they had finished eating Steve's hand had been resting on my wife's for a good twenty minutes.

Eventually he looked one last time at his watch and, pulling a face, called for the bill. After a short debate, apparently about who should pay, Steve got out his wallet while Alice rummaged in her handbag for something. Eventually she took out her pocket diary. They debated a little longer then Alice wrote something in the book before putting it away.
They stood up together –Alice looked a little unsteady on her feet – then kissed goodbye before going their separate ways.This time the kiss, though still very short, was definitely on the lips.
In the cafe opposite, Carmen and I leaned back in our seats.
"Well?" She said, and I realized that her hand had been pressed firmly against my groin under the table throughout the floor show. "It looks like we've started something, doesn't it?"
I arrived home well after six o'clock, apologizing half-heartedly for missing our date. Alice seemed a lot less unhappy than she should. I asked what she had done at the restaurant. She replied that she had simply finished her drink and nibbles, had a coffee and gone shopping in town.
"So you've had a pretty solitary day then?" I ventured. Alice nodded. I smiled inwardly. She was keeping secrets!
When the kids were in bed, Alice went upstairs for a bath, leaving me alone in the kitchen. I quickly opened her handbag, found her diary, turned to today's date and worked forwards in time until I saw the entry I was looking for. It wasn't far in the future.

Thursday 1pm – lunch – S
Alice and Steve had arranged to meet for lunch in three days' time and she wasn't going to tell me about it.

It was Wednesday morning before Carmen called.
"It's the Grange..." She told me, meaning a Garden Centre about twenty miles away. "It's perfect for you. There's a cafe close to the restaurant where you can sit and watch. You'd be hidden by the display but you'd see them really well."
I knew it and it was perfect. Carmen and Steve must have chosen it especially because of the opportunity to watch that it afforded. It was also far enough away from our home for there to be little chance of meeting any friends there.

I arrived half an hour early on Thursday and, after ordering tea and a sandwich, took out my newspaper and waited for Alice and Steve to arrive.
Five minutes before the hour, my wife entered the restaurant and was shown to a table not far from the full length glass partition that separated the restaurant from the cafe in which I sat. She had clearly gone to a lot of trouble to look her best for this lunch date.
At exactly one o'clock, Steve arrived. A tight white T shirt and slim-cut jeans showed off his gym-toned body.

They kissed hello full on the lips, then sat talked, Steve's hand on hers from the beginning. As the lunch progressed, his hand found its way to her bare knee where, after a short period of stroking, it progressed up her thigh until it reached the hem of her dress.

Alice laughingly tapped him on the cheek and moved his fingers away – but only as far as her knee. My wife was being systematically fondled in public and apparently enjoying every minute of it.
When it was time to depart, they were both obviously reluctant and waited until they had reached the far corner of the car park before kissing goodbye. This time the kiss was longer and on the lips. Steve's hands fell to Alice's buttocks and squeezed them. She didn't resist.

Alice was rather impatient with me over the weekend. Our lovemaking was unsatisfactory too, which is what I had intended.
Alice didn't mention her lunch with Steve when I asked her about her day that evening over supper. Instead she wanted to discuss the arrangements for our visit to my parents the coming Friday when we were due to drive north and stay over the weekend. The kids were looking forward to it.


It was Wednesday afternoon when I noticed the call on my mobile phone from Carmen. "It's Friday! Steve's taking her out to dinner and then dancing. He thinks he can fuck her in your house afterwards. I think he's right – she's ready for it!"
"But we're going to my parents on Friday..." I protested.
"She's going to make an excuse. Trust me, she's ready for it. Now you and I need to talk..."

On Friday morning I was at work as usual. Alice was to collect the kids after school and get everything packed for the weekend so I could come home and whisk us all immediately away. All seemed to be going to this original plan so I was surprised when my mobile rang just before lunch.
"Hi Darling." It was Alice. "I'm afraid there's a problem!" My heart leapt. The little minx was deliberately leaving her excuses late so I would have no time to think of a way around them. I asked what the problem was.
"It's Mum. She's had a bit of a turn at home. They want me to go and stay with her tonight."
"But we're due to be at my parents..." I protested weakly.
"I know! I'm really sorry. You'll just have to go without me. I'll try and get away on Sunday but it all depends... I'll be here when you get home tonight but will have to go straight afterwards."
I agreed, apparently reluctantly and wished her mother well.
Then I called my parents and asked them to meet me half way to their house so I could hand over the kids and get back 'to help Alice with her Mum'.
The plan was definitely on!


It was early evening when I parked outside Carmen and Steve's house, well away from anywhere Alice was likely to see it. Despite my excitement, I had remained calm and, I hope natural when I had picked the kids up from home.

An hour later, Carmen and I were sitting in a romantic, half hidden booth in the back of the smart, expensive restaurant Steve had chosen for his date with my wife. Our table was round and the bench seat curved around half of its circumference so she and I were pressed close together in the recess. I could feel the warmth of her full figured body against mine which was immediately arousing.
A short while later, Steve arrived looking handsome in an expensively cut dark suit and open neck shirt.
"She's in for a treat tonight, Cuckold."
And then Alice entered the restaurant. Alice was dressed in a tight fitting, very short silver dress I had never seen before and which showed her figure off to perfection. Shimmering silk covered her long legs down to the silver high heels which again were new to me. Her hair was full and cascaded around her face in long, sexy waves.

For the next ninety minutes Carmen and I sat absently eating our meal while we watched the beautiful couple enjoy their evening. They laughed and ate, sitting side by side. Steve's expert hands at work first on the table, then underneath it as his fingers casually travelled from Alice's hands to her arms then stroked her neck before taking a bolder position on her silk-covered thigh.
She made no protest as his fingers reached her knee and made only token objections as they patiently but persistently rose up her leg until they reached the hem of her dress.
Their conversation stopped. My wife's eyes close for a few seconds and she seemed to breathe out heavily. Below the table it was hard to tell what was going on but I could see the muscles on Steve's forearm and wrist moving rhythmically.
"He's fingering her..." Carmen whispered in a sing-song voice. "At the table! How do you like that?"
Alice's head was leaning slightly backward and her knees were parting in illicit pleasure. A waiter arrived with their coffee. Steve's hand returned reluctantly to the table and Alice tried to recover her composure, pretending that nothing had happened.

They looked into each other's eyes. Alice whispered something to Steve and the pair of the stood up. She took his hand and led him to the dance floor where they began to gyrate together along with the many other couples enjoying the evening.
"Time for us to go..." Carmen said, releasing my groin from her grip. "While they can't see us. We've got things to do, Cuckold."

Ten minutes later Carmen and I entered our house quietly having parked her car several streets away, out of sight. Alice had deliberately left the lights on low, giving the room a soft, romantic feeling and there was definitely a smell of perfume or incense in the air. She was clearly hoping for a romantic encounter when she returned home.
I opened the right hand side of the double doors that led from the lounge into the dining room and, turning on the light, went inside. With Carmen's help, I lifted the large picture mirror from its wall mounting and moved it a few feet along to stand upright on the sideboard, closer to the lounge. I retreated back into the dining room and sat on the small two-seat sofa which stood against the wall opposite the mirror and looked at the reflection presented. Perfect! The whole of the centre of the lounge, including all the sofa and surroundings, were in full clear view.

In a few moments she joined me on the dining room sofa, turning off all the lights except for those Alice had deliberately left on, and sitting close by me in the darkness.
"Ironic, isn't it?" She said quietly.

"What?" I asked, my tummy fluttering almost unbearably with anticipation.
"I mean you watched her get fucked in a mirror the first time and you're going to see her get fucked in a mirror now – if it all goes to plan!" She chuckled. "At least you don't have a car to crash this time!"
There was a rattling of keys in the door, and a mumbling of voices in the hallway. I heard the front door close with a click followed by muffled giggling, footsteps on the hard wooden floor then, as the hopefully adulterous couple entered the lounge, I heard their conversation clearly even though they were out of my field of view.
"Thank you for a wonderful evening..." Alice was saying. "I haven't had so much fun in a long time. And I'm worn out with all that dancing."
"I hope you're not completely spent, Ali..." Steve replied in a meaningful voice.
"Would you like some coffee?"
"That would be a good start." Steve laughed.
"I'll go and make..." But her words were cut off short.

Unable to see, my mind raced. Were they kissing? After a while my wife spoke, slightly breathless.

"Wow! Steve... I haven't kissed like that for a long time, I..." Her words were cut off again. This time I could hear the soft wet sounds of two mouths deeply and passionately together, heavy breathing and the sound of clothing being ruffled.

After what seemed an age, Alice slipped her mouth away from his and leaned back, gulping in fresh air.
"Mmm Steve... we shouldn't...we..." She weakly protested.
Again he silenced her with a kiss, he deftly slipped the narrow straps of her silver dress off her shoulders letting them fall loose down her slender arms.
The top of her dress fell away revealing a small white satin strapless bra underneath. He cupped her near-naked breasts. She moaned.
"Steve, please..."
But there was no conviction in her voice, indeed she slipped her arms through the fallen straps and the whole upper half of the dress fell to her waist.His arms enfolded her again and behind her back his nimble fingers released the clasp of her bra. It dropped unnoticed to the floor leaving her bare-chested in his arms.
"Beautiful..." He murmured and gently but firmly turned her until her back rested against his chest, her head against his shoulder. His muscular arms encircled her body again, big, strong hands cupping her newly exposed breasts as she stood facing directly towards the mirror. Alice's eyes closed and her head fell back against Steve's chest as he kneaded her boobs, his fingers toying first with the soft pale globes, then the dark pointed nipples, rolling them then squeezing them.
Alice began to moan and grind her bottom backwards against his groin, her arms reaching back to grab his firm buttocks. His mouth fell to her neck where his kissed her and nibbled her flesh under her long hair.

I felt a hand at my waist, efficiently unfastening my belt, flicking open my trouser clasp and lowering my zipper.
I felt her move in front of me in the darkness and there was a tug on my pants. Unable to take my eyes off the mirror, I simply lifted my bottom slightly and felt my trousers and pants being pulled down to my knees. My erect cock sprang free as I perched on the edge of the seat, my thighs wide apart.
She must have slipped off her dress in the darkness because I could feel soft, warm skin pressed firmly against mine. I felt a firm hand on my cock and with long, slow strokes she began her expert task.
Steve's fingers worked their way down her silk covered, then boldly slipped under the dress, raising it and exposing the tops of her thighs and new silk thong panties. She moaned and writhed as his fingertip found her slit and traced its outline through the silk.
"Oh.. Oh Steve..." She moaned. "Please... We mustn't... Not again... perhaps if... if I... do this for you..."

Alice stood a little unsteadily and turned to face Steve again, she grasped the hem of her rumpled dress and peeled it upwards over her naked boobs, over her head and off, laying it down on the sofa next to her. Then she knelt in front of him and began to unfasten the belt around his waist. Steve's fingers lightly stroked her hair as the belt came apart, she pried open the button beneath and, lowering his zipper, eased his trousers over his hips and all the way down to rest around his ankles.

Alice tentatively slipped her fingers into the elastic of his waistband and, easing them carefully down over their swelling contents, slowly freed Steve's erection from its captivity. His shorts joined his trousers around his ankles.

"Oh my God! It's so big! Much bigger than I remember!" She exclaimed in astonishment.
"Bigger than your husband's?" Steve's voice was low but clearly audible.
"Christ yes!" She immediately replied.
"It will get even bigger soon." His voice went very quiet.

Her hand could barely close around its girth and it was at least twice as long as her fist as she slowly and sexily pumped.
Steve's fingers entwined in Alice's hair as she stroked him, his hands gently but firmly drawing her face closer and closer towards his cock until its head lightly touched her chinand my wife simply opened her lips and took the end of his cock straight into her mouth. Alice slowly and tentatively began to lick and suck his monstrous pole.
In all our marriage, I doubt if Alice had given me more than half a dozen blow jobs. And yet there she was, kneeling before Steve, naked from the waist up with her firm breasts bared, nipples obviously erect, taking his full erection into her mouth.

Carmen whispered very softly in my ear, my cock in her hand looking tiny in comparison. "It's not surprising she prefers that amazing erection to... to this!"
She flicked the top of my cock with her index finger. I winced at the sharp pain. I had to admit that Steve's cock simply dwarfed my own mediocre effort.
Carmen whispered and began to stroke me harder and faster with the steady expert technique I knew only too well she possessed.
Alice body rocked back and forth, taking Steve in and out of her mouth, somehow she managed to take almost all of his length, then lick and pump the huge shaft as it slipped back between her teeth.
She began to pump faster and faster, as if to bring Steve to a climax in her mouth and her right hand slip away from his tight scrotum and dive between her own thighs where she began to stroke her slit as she licked and sucked his cock.
Carmen hands kept me just the right side of ejaculation – close enough to feel its presence but never reaching the critical level of arousal.


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Alice sat back on her heels, her mouth wet and sticky, her lipstick all but gone and looked adoringly into her lover's eyes.
"It's time Ali." He said. He slipped of his trousers, shoes and socks as he spoke.
"Steve... you know I want it but... but..."
My wife closed her eyes and her head fell back against the sofa cushion.

"Fuck me like before Steve, only better... longer... harder... make me cum... cum hard... again!"
"Lift up, Ali..." He whispered. My wife did as she was told and within seconds her panties were gone, and fully exposed. Steve maneuvered himself into position, his cock at the entrance to my wife's waiting vagina.
"Steve... Wait a second..."

"Promise me... you'll pull out before... before you cum... I'm not... mmmm... not on the pill and... Oh God, that feels good...! We were... lucky last time and I... I can't... take the risk..."
But her attempt at protest was cut short as Steve's slim buttocks tightened, his hips thrust forward, and the head of his cock was forced past her inner lips, straight into my wife's moist vagina.
Alice squealed in shock and delight as his huge cock broke through all remaining resistance and slipped half its length into her.
"Yes!" Carmen hissed into my ear in triumph. Her fingers gripped my rigid cock tightly until it actually hurt as her hand rose and fell in my naked lap. "Enjoy it, Cuckold. Enjoy watching my husband fucking your sweet innocent wife's brains out!"
He drew himself slowly back, until his head was just inside her body, then his buttocks clenched hard and he drove himself back into her with an animal grunt.
"Oh God! Oh Jesus!"
And then he proceeded to thoroughly fuck my helpless, totally compliant wife, first in long, slow thrusts, as his body slammed against hers, then as his speed increased, with shorter, faster strokes.

Beneath him, Alice seemed to be climbing a wall of pleasure, her voice growing louder, higher pitched and less coherent as Steve's pace quickened. Like a machine, he tirelessly thrust himself in and out of her vagina, bringing my wife to highs of pleasure, backing off, then back closer and closer to what would soon be a shattering orgasm. Her body shook, trembling beyond control in a way that had never come close to happening when in bed with me, her eyes widened until they looked like they would pop out of her head, her tongue bulging from her lips, he fingers digging deeply into Steve's biceps as she came wildly.
Alice's head was off the bed now, her eyes wide and staring, her neck stiff, her face directly below Steve's as his body slammed repeatedly into hers.
"Please...! Cum now! I can't... take... any... more..." She pleaded. "Please... cum... in... me... cum... in... me... NOW!"
Carmen gripped my left hand tightly in hers, forcing my fingers against her own crotch as her right hand pumped my erect cock wildly, her eyes like mine glued to the scene on the bed.
"What you get... get pregnant...?" Steve croaked but it was obvious he had no intention of pulling out.
"I... dontcare I... dontcare I... dontcare" Alice gasped.
There was a grunt, a rapid quickening of his thrusts, another animal cry from Steve, one massive powerful final surge of his body followed by a scream from Alice...
And then he began to cum. Steve's back hunched, his head was thrown back and his buttocks tightened again as he began to ejaculate in my wife's body. As the semen spurted into her unprotected vagina he let out a cry of ecstasy and triumph as his body went into spasm, ramming the last few millimetres of his cock into her and filling her with every last drop of his seed.
Carmen's eyes almost glowed as she watched her husband's climax, her nipples hard and erect, her hand a blur on my cock, pumping it wildlyuntil my own cloudy semen spurted from its near-purple head and sprayed over the front of my shirt only seconds after her husband's cock had emptied its own cargo onto my wife's unprotected cervix.

There was a moment of stillness, the silence broken only by the sound of heavy breathing. Carmen's hand released my battered, softening cock and I fell back on the sofa, trying to take stock of all that had just happened.
"You can come in now..." It was Alice's voice, still hoarse and dreamy. What? I froze, listening carefully.
"I... I need you here with me now..."I looked at Carmen whose face was one huge smile of triumph."Go to your wife." She said, her voice no longer a whisper. "She needs you after a fucking like that..."
My head span with confusion as I rose to my feet and walked to the open door, my short messy, cock hanging uselessly between my naked legs, my shirt spattered with semen. I peered through into the lounge.
There, lying back on the sofa was my wife, her stocking-clad legs still splayed apart, her red swollen vulva presented towards me, her face and chest flushed bright pink. She looked exhausted but gestured for me to come closer.
Steve, sitting naked next to her, his arm around her shoulders. His eyes were closed but I could tell he was well aware of my presence.
I slowly approached my wife's naked,sticky body and looked down on the woman I had been married to for so long. Her left arm was loose on the cushion, her right resting on Steve's left thigh, her long hair spread out over the sofa back like a halo. She was breathing heavily as her body slowly cooled and calmed down. Her eyes were closed.
My eyes were drawn to her groin where her pubic hair was matted with a mixture of semen and her own juices. Her outer lips were puffy and swollen, her inner lips dark red and protruding.
"Did you enjoy it?" She asked, without opening her eyes, as if she knew I had been there all along.
"I've never been so aroused in my life!"
She chuckled, opening her eyes. They sparkled as she smiled at me. "I don't think I have either."

Steve moved silently, removing his arm from around her before standing up quietly and unobtrusively behind the sofa. He turned and smiled at me, then shrugged his shoulders.
"Better leave you two together." He said. "Carmen will want me now." He stood up and crossed to the doorway. "If it's ok with you, we'll go to the spare room."
And with that, he left, closing the door behind him.
I knelt on the floor in front of my wife's spent body, my fingers lightly running up and down her flat, sticky tummy and inner thighs, toying with the fluids that now congregated around her groin.
"You're not... angry, are you?" She asked.
"Angry? No darling. I'm sorry it took us so long to find out how much we enjoyed this."

She smiled contentedly. "I hoped you wouldn't be. I mean if you'd wanted us to stop, we would have." I frowned, a little puzzled but she didn't notice, carrying on.

"But you didn't stop us and... Oh my God, it was sooo good! Thank you sooo much. I love you!"
"You mean you knew all the time that I was in the dark, watching you?"
"Yes. I didn't want to deceive you but I didn't think you'd agree to see Carmen and Steve again unless, well, you were introduced to the idea gradually and thought it was all your idea."

She chuckled.
"It was quite fun really. All those meetings with Steve, knowing you were watching us flirting and fondling. But you were wonderful! You let us go all the way, right up to tonight and..."

She threw herself back on the bed, arms open wide. "...and the best sex of my whole life..."
All the time I thought Carmen had been helping me persuade Alice to have sex with Steve, in fact she had been helping Alice persuade me to let her do exactly the same thing.

Suddenly I became aware of a rhythmic, knock, knock, knocking on the ceiling which had to be coming from the spare bedroom above.
I felt a stirring in my groin. Clearly it had been long enough since my ejaculation at Carmen's hands and my cock was firming again. Silently I knelt up between my wife's still-spread thighs and, with a hand on each of her knees, parted her legs wide. She resisted slightly then relaxed as I moved closer to her vulva as if knowing instinctively what I intended to do.
"Be gentle..." She asked softly. "I'm so sore!"
I lowered my head to her breasts and kissed them gently, then between her boobs then laid a trail of tiny kisses in a straight line down the centre of her belly over her tummy button and towards the dark triangle below.
As my face came closer to her vulva, the smell of recent sex grew stronger and stronger until I could taste on my lips the potent mix of semen and juices which lay spattered over her groin. Realizing Alice was watching me, I looked into her eyes then rose to my feet and leaned forward over her, taking my weight on my left hand, my right guiding the end of my rapidly-hardening cock towards her gaping, messy entrance.
"Sloppy Seconds for the Cuckold!"
I began to thrust noisily and violently in and out of Alice's well-used vagina, the wet slapping sound getting louder and louder as I increased my pace in time with the increasingly frantic thumping on the ceiling as, above us, Steve was obviously fucking Carmen harder and harder.

I hammered into her messy passage faster and faster until with a toe-curling, back wrenching climax, I cried out aloud and added my own semen to the pool within her belly.

She hadn't come anywhere near to climax but this time, I didn't care.
My own climax over, I softened very quickly and my cock slipped readily from my wife's stretched passage accompanied by a small stream of milky white fluid which puddled on the cushion beneath her buttocks. I carefully lifted myself off her limp body, kissed her on the forehead and knelt in front of her again, the room silent.
"Are you and Steve going to... make this a regular thing then?" I asked eventually.
"That's down to whether and when he wants me." She replied dreamily. "I'm not really in a position to refuse now..."

I stroked her sticky belly, imagining all the sperm swimming round inside her and wondering whether we would be lucky in avoiding pregnancy for a second time.

As if Alice could read my mind, she said
"I suppose I'd better go back on the pill too..." Her voice was tired and a little woozy.

"Is he really that much bigger than me... and better than me?" I asked without malice.
"Oh God! Yes!" She sighed, then seeing my face laughed hollowly.

"I'm sorry, but he is. When you and I make love it's warm and tender... "She continued. "But when Steve fucks me it's... it's... well, you've seen what it does to me. It's like entering another world."

I slipped one arm under her shoulders and the other under her knees, then lifted her slight body from the sofa and, carefully carried her upstairs to our bedroom.
Journey into Cuckoldry - Third Time

I woke suddenly the next morning as bright sunlight found a gap in the bedroom curtains and fell across my face. It was early. I blinked in the semi-darkness as my mind began to assemble all the thoughts, images and emotions that swam around, eventually merging them into something resembling a coherent picture.

I looked closely at the lovely women I had been married to for so many years and with whom I had sired two equally lovely children. Seen like this it was almost impossible to believe that merely hours ago she had allowed - no, begged another man to fuck her, bringing her to the kind of orgasm I thought only existed in pornography and finally inseminate her unprotected body, all in the knowledge that I, her husband, was watching every step of the way.
I closed my eyes and pondered the momentous change in our lives that had taken place. I was a Cuckold. There was no point pretending any longer. A willing, happy Cuckold.

I slipped carefully out from under the duvet leaving Alice fast asleep slipped on my bathrobe. I went to the kitchen and started to make tea.

A few moments later I felt a movement behind me and turned to see my wife, also in a white bathrobe, standing watching me. I could tell immediately that there was something different about her. She had removed the last traces of smudged make-up from her slightly puffy face and run a brush through her still-tousled blonde hair but seemed somehow taller, stronger, more confident than before.
"Darling!" I smiled, turning towards her.
"Good morning to you too." She smiled back at me as she crossed to the breakfast bar.

We kissed gently on the lips; her mouth soft and warm. "Are you ok today?" She asked me, her question seeming genuine. "Still happy with... with everything that happened?"
"I still can't quite believe it happened but yes, I'm very happy." I said, placing a large mug of tea in her hands.

"I'm soooo sooore... But last night was sooo good. Just amazing... Thank you sooo much, my sweet, sweet Cuckold!" She kissed me on the lips again.
I glowed with pleasure at the sound of my new title and the love in her voice as she used it; a title most men would find deeply insulting but to me felt... just right. Taking the mug in both hands, she took a long sip of tea and a serene expression came over her face.
"I'm pleased you enjoyed it... Ali..." I said, using the pet name I had heard Steve use.

"And my God! That man knows what to do! I've never felt so incredibly, amazingly..."

I stared open mouthed at the woman I had thought I knew as she sat down on one of the high stools. She even moved more confidently this morning, more sexily, I thought.
"And you played the role of 'Mister Cuckold' so well, Darling." She said, her eyes sparkling despite her tiredness.

· "That's what Carmen calls you, isn't it?" Her voice was warm and good humoured. "I suppose I'd better get used to it, though it sounds a little harsh."
She drew in her breath, then placed her hands on mine and squeezed.

"You're a lovely caring husband and a good father. I really value that but you simply can't give me what I need in bed. You've seen that for yourself now. I never dreamed that such pleasure existed and now I've experienced it, I know it has to be part of my life now. And part of yours too."
"I know you want to see Steve again. You said as much last night and that's alright with me, I told you..."
"I need to keep fucking Steve now, whatever it takes." I sat back, amazed. Alice hardly ever swore. I was surprised but not horrified. "Oh, I know he has Carmen and other girlfriends too; I'm not naive enough to think I'm his one true love so the only way I can have him is when he chooses to have me."
"Golly, Ali..." I began but she cut me short.
"Please don't call me Ali..." She said quietly but firmly. "It's Steve's special name for me."
"Ok Darling. I'm sorry..." I mumbled, although the idea of another man having a special name for my sweet wife to use whenever he wanted her body made me shiver with excitement. "What does this mean for us though? How would things change?"
"I'm not entirely sure, but basically I become Steve's girlfriend as well as your wife and you become, well a full time Cuckold."
"Oh...kay..." I said uncertainly, very interested but a bit bemused.

· "I think, when it comes to sex, you have to accept that I'm going to keep sleeping with Steve and that sex with him will always take priority over sex with you."
"I'm going for a bath now." She laughed hollowly, gesturing to her groin. The idea of my wife still having Steve and my semen on and in her body was very arousing, but suddenly a serious thought struck me.

"Alice?" I asked urgently. She stopped and turned. "What about... I mean you didn't use protection and..."
"That made the whole thing that extra bit more exciting at the time, didn't it? ... The idea that I might actually get pregnant..."

She stroked her tummy. "I suppose it was a bit stupid... I might even be pregnant now, I suppose..." She looked at me as if expecting a reaction.I felt my cock pressing hard against the tight bathrobe as my mind span.I stared back into her face, then at her tummy. Alice giggled mischievously.
"I'll go to the Doctor on Monday and go back on the pill. He knows you've had the snip so he'll wonder why but of course he can't tell anyone, can he?"
And with that, she left the room. A minute later I heard the bath running upstairs.


After a few days, Alice's bite marks and hickeys had faded and no outward physical sign of what had happened remained but something inside had certainly changed. She was definitely more confident, definitely dressed more sexily, and was definitely noticed more by men when we were out. The clothes in her wardrobe began to change too and I noticed she shaved her legs and trimmed her bikini line more often.

We made love twice during the week too; twice more than was usual for weekdays. Both occasions were good for me -- the images of her orgasms with Steve vivid in my mind as I thrust into her, but there was no escaping the fact that Alice came nowhere near orgasm and made no attempt to fake it.

The following Friday, Alice's period began and we knew that for a second time we had been lucky and she was not pregnant. I felt a wave of relief wash over me but within hours this had changed to a strange feeling of disappointment, as if the possibility she was carrying Steve's baby had been exciting me more than I had realised. My head told me clearly that my wife being pregnant by another man would have been a terrible thing to deal with but my loins told a different story.
And so our lives returned to something that looked from the outside as normal, but from the inside we both knew was anything but...!


Ten days later, on a Tuesday morning I was at work when my cellphone beeped. I was at a tricky point in a job so it took me a few minutes to look at the message on the screen. When I did see it, I froze in amazement.
'Hi CB. Carmen called. Steve wants to see me again so I suggested we go out for dinner on Friday. Are you ok with that? HA xx'
Oh my God! It had happened! The first, properly arranged evening with the four of us! And so soon! I could feel my chest tighten with excitement as I replied.
Her reply came almost instantly as if she had been waiting by the phone for my response.
'Really sure CB. Wasn't expecting it so soon but can't pick and choose when he has me and I've just got to feel him inside me again. You saw what he can do to me xx'
Then an important thought occurred to me.
'Will you be safe by then HA? xx'
'Probably not safe but we've been lucky so far and I'm not in a position to say no am I? xx'
At this point it truly dawned on me that someone else really did have first call on my wife's body, ahead of me -- possibly ahead of Alice herself. If he wanted her on Friday, she would give herself to him on Friday and I would help it happen. If she was still at risk of getting pregnant, then she would run that risk and I would help her run it.
Unease and arousal fought within me then my phone beeped one more time.
'Hi CB. Carmen says you can stay in the room if you do as you're told. Does that help you? HA xx'

During the next three days I found it difficult to think of anything other than our impending Friday 'date' and it was clear that Alice was equally distracted.

Alice spoke to her friends and arranged for the kids to be away on sleepovers to give us an empty house and on Thursday evening we went shopping after work to buy her a special outfit for her date with Steve. I found myself especially keen to make sure she looked her best -- which was stunning -- for the man I now confidently hoped and expected to take her to even higher levels of sexual arousal in front of me.

On Friday we were both full of nerves. I made several mistakes at work and had to apologise to clients several times. Alice found it difficult to concentrate too, as our text message exchanges proved.
'Hi CB.. Very excited and very nervous. You still OK about it all? X'
'Of course. Just let it happen and enjoy it. I'll be there to look after you if you need me. Just go with the flow and let him take you as far as you can go... x'
'CB you are amazing. I love you x'
Then a few moments later.'I'm still not really safe you do understand that don't you? X'
I wasn't sure whether to tell her that the possibility of her actually getting pregnant by Steve had been a major part of the excitement for me as I knew it had been for her.
'If it happens it happens. We'll deal with it. CB x'

The house was empty when I arrived home which puzzled me a little. I went into the kitchen and put several more bottles of wine in the fridge, changed into casual clothes then began to tidy the house.

I had just changed the sheets on both our bed and the guest room bed when I heard a car in the driveway and moments later an excited Alice entered the hallway below.
"Hi CB!" she called cheerfully. "I'm back! They're all settled for their sleepover..."
I quickly descended the stairs to greet her.

"Hi Hottie! How was your afternoon off..?. Wow!" I stopped in my tracks a few stairs up and stared. "Your hair looks amazing! You look amazing!"
I smiled broadly as it struck me just how much sexier she had become since her first encounter with Steve, and how that process had gathered momentum since her second thorough fucking only three weeks ago.
There was no denying it, my wife was hot! She seemed a little unsure.

"Is it ok? I took a couple of hours and went to the beautician. What do you think?"
"I had my legs waxed too." She looked a little awkward at this which surprised me. "It's so much smoother than shaving and I did want to be my best." She continued as if trying to persuade me it was money well spent.

I already knew this and kissed her quickly on the lips. "Well it's working on me, big time, Hottie..." To my surprise, she blushed.
Becoming a Cuckold had never been part of my lifeplan, just as being a slut wife hadn't been part of Alice's. But now it had happened, I couldn't remember ever being quite as excited about our sex life since we had first got together.
I slowly climbed the stairs to our bedroom just in time to see my wife come out of the bathroom. As she crossed to the dresser, Alice was still holding her towel against her naked front which was unusual. Despite her normal reserve in public and with the kids, when we were together we never worried about being naked around each other so this coyness was noticeable. I pretended not to watch but kept half an eye on her as she gathered her toiletries together two bottles fell and her towel dropped to the floor.
Her hands flew to her groin then, as if realizing it was futile, she turned to face me, fully naked. Her eyes met mine, her expression first horrified, then embarrassed, then challenging.I stared at her open mouthed for the second time that evening.
In the formerly familiar crease at the top of my lovely wife's long, slender legs was a newly exposed, totally hairless vulva.""Alice... Wow!"
"I" She began "I had it done when they... um... did my legs... I've always wondered what it would be like and..."
"I'm delighted but... Well, amazed too! I never thought you'd..."
"Haven't I already done a lot of things you never thought I'd do?" She asked, moving closer and closer to me, her body still hot from her bath.

"And aren't you hoping I'll do more tonight, Cucky Boy?" She asked, her face merely inches from mine. She kissed me suddenly on the end of my nose.
After showering and dressing myself, I helped Alice prepare for the evening, bringing first underwear -- after a few changes of mind she eventually chose white stockings, panties, bra and suspender belt - then dresses from the closet for her to select from, then change her mind, then change it back again before finally settling on a tight fitting short red dress that looked simply stunning as I laid it on the bed.

We were barely five minutes late at the restaurant. I parked the car in the car park, we crossed the terrace and entered the main building, joining Steve and Carmen who were already at our table.

Steve as usual looked film-star handsome in a powerful, rugged way in black trousers and shirt. Carmen looked the minx she was, also in black but with bright purple tights and matching necklace and scarf.

I can't quite believe that we all behaved so normally for the entire meal, as if none of us had remembered what the plan for the evening actually was. I had shaken hands with Steve and kissed Carmen on the cheek and Alice had kissed both of them as she would have done a year ago before 'all this' happened.
The air of unreality lasted the whole evening. The food was, as usual superb, as was the wine with both Alice and Carmen getting slightly tipsy. There was more than the usual flirting between Steve and Alice, their fingers touching over the table slightly more than usual and he was fondling her surreptitiously under it, but discreetly. The conversation was mostly normal too, talking about our kids, holidays, jobs and local issues so much that it wasn't until we had finished our coffees, had paid the bill and were leaving the restaurant that Carmen whispered.

"Let's let them go together in our car to get more in the mood. You can drive me, Mister Cuckold!"
Alice smiled almost innocently at me as Steve opened the door of his sports car and she slipped demurely into the front passenger seat, trying unsuccessfully to prevent her short dress riding up and exposing a few tantalizing inches of bare flesh of her thigh above her stocking top.
I held the door open for Carmen whose smile was everything but innocent. She cupped my groin with her right hand as she lowered herself into the front seat of my MPV.
"Remember the last time I sat in this seat?" She asked as I followed Steve's car out of the car park and onto the main road.

Carmen reached across, cupped my groin once again and whispered.

"No mirrors for you tonight, Mister Cuckold. You get to see it all first hand -- if you behave yourself! Excited?" She squeezed my hardening cock again.

"Yes, I can see you are..."We followed Steve's car to our house. Traffic was light so for most of the time we were directly behind them and could see their heads in silhouette through their back window. From their eager, energetic movements it was clear that they were enjoying each other's company, laughing and joking and occasionally kissing on the lips, their heads with mouths touching clearly visible through the window in the evening light. I could see Steve's arm reaching over towards my wife's lower body as he drove one-handed.
"They do get on well, don't they?" Carmen observed in her usual meaningful tone, reaching over and squeezing my groin again. "He's more touched by Alice than by any of his other conquests..."

She appeared lost in thought for a moment, still massaging the erection growing in my pants. "...Maybe it's because he's the only other man she's ever had... Perhaps the only real man she ever will have, Mister Cuckold!"
I ignored the obvious taunt but deep down wondered if perhaps it might be true -- or whether my lovely wife would eventually need more than just Steve and me. It was an unnerving thought, but exciting at the same time.
"She's probably hitched up her dress and slipped her knickers down to her knees for him." She paused. "His finger is probably sliding up and down her slit right now, Mister Cuckold..."

I looked straight ahead at the car in front.Steve' arm was certainly still extended, his hand still in the area of my wife's upper thighs."She's probably soaking wet by now... Probably can't wait to have him inside her... again... fucking her... Mister... Cuckold!"
She squeezed my erection again, hard. Carmen's cruelty was perfectly judged and perfectly timed, her last words falling on my tormented ears just as Steve pulled his car up outside our house. I swung my MPV around his sports car and into the driveway as he opened his door and climbed out, running round to the passenger side to open the door for Alice. I watched as she wriggled herself out of the low --riding vehicle then as she surreptitiously adjusted both her knickers and the hem of her dress before crossing the pavement towards our house, her hand in Steve's.
Certainly my wife was looking a little disarranged below the waist. If so, how had Steve reacted when he found her newly waxed vulva instead of the silky sparse pubic hair he now knew so well? My mind raced as I helped Carmen out of her side of the MPV and opened the front door, holding it open as the three of them giggling entered.

We moved through to the lounge where all the action had taken place the last time Steve had seduced my. The candles still burned, the soft lights glowed and the air was slightly perfumed with Alice's favorite scent.

Something must indeed have happened in the car because Alice stood very close by Steve's side, their fingertips entwined like two teenagersas I poured four tall glasses of champagne and handed them round. Their bodies kept accidentally touching as we clinked our glasses then sipped the bright bubbly liquid and chatted.

On top of the wine we had drunk during the meal, both girls were quite noticeably tipsy and by the time the first glass had slipped smoothly down, Carmen at least was a little unsteady as we moved over to the sofa and soft chairs. The two lovers were still holding hands in a romantic way that made my chest ache - even Carmen seemed a little fazed by their obvious closeness.

Alice and Steve automatically sat close together on the sofa while Carmen and I chose comfy armchairs. I opened the box of chocolates that stood on the low coffee table and Carmen passed them round while I refilled the glasses and opened another bottle.

As we talked a little longer, Steve's hand leave Alice's and rest on her thigh. Her first reaction was to look embarrassed and put her hand on his to prevent it, but then she seemed to consciously force herself to let it happen.A few minutes later his fingers had lifted her dress higher so that the bare skin between her stocking-tops and panties was visible and he was stroking her skin. This time my wife did put her hand on his.

Carmen looked at me and nodded. "Shall we make some coffee?" She asked, her eyes bright and meaningful, offering me her hand.
I took the hint, took her hand and let her lead me into the kitchen where she filled the kettle noisily and plugged it in, leaving the two love-birds alone in the lounge.
"She's feeling awkward in front of you..." Carmen said in a low voice, her hot sexy body close to mine.

"She's not sure how to start things off so let's leave them alone for a bit."
"Oh don't worry, Mister Cuckold, you'll be 'in at the kill'. They just need a little private time to get warmed up."
Then she took me by surprise by kissing me lingeringly on the lips, her dark eyes aflame; her hand on my groin.
"I love this part..." She said.

"The chase! Like watching a tiger stalking its prey. I love it when he makes a conquest -- best of all when I watch him turn a reluctant, faithful wife into a sex-crazy slut..." She squeezed my groin hard.

She took my hand and placed my palm on her pubic bone, my fingers pointing down between her thighs. I could feel the heat of her body through the material of her clothes. She pressed my fingers into her body, forcing both my middle finger and her thin dress and panties into her slit before laughing out loud.

She smiled, moving a little back and releasing my hand. "It's coffee not cunt we're in here for!" The crudeness of her words took me by surprise but her unsteadiness as she began to make the coffee -- fumbling for the spoon made me realize just how tipsy she was.

When the drinks were ready I quietly took the tray from her and moved towards the door.
"Do you think they've had long enough on their own?" I asked, pausing in the doorway.

"He's a smooth operator and she's a pushover! I'd say they should be well on the way by now!" and led me through the kitchen door, across the hall and back into the lounge.
Steve had made huge progress with my wife to the extent that, when we entered, they were laying down on the sofa in full passionate embrace. They barely noticed us, still less noticed the tray of drinks I placed on the low table next to them. Carmen returned silently in her armchair while I dimmed the low lights yet further before pulling my chair close to Carmen's and watching the action taking place before us.
Steve was still fully dressed, though he had kicked off his shoes. In contrast, my wife's dress had been raised until it was bunched around her waist. Her long, slim stocking-clad legs were crudely parted as Steve plunged his hand deep inside her tiny panties and his mouth latched firmly on her long smooth neck. She moaned aloud, her eyes closed as he kissed and nibbled her soft skin eagerly, submitting herself totally to the large dark hickey that would unquestionably be left behind, marking as the fallen woman she now was.
His hand was lithe and active in her panties and from the bucking of her body against his palm, at least one of his fingers was buried deep inside her vagina. The top of her dress had been unfastened and lowered to her waist. Her bra had simply been flipped up until her breasts were fully exposed and he began to give her mouth, globes and hardening nipples equal attention with his teeth and tongue as his fingers worked her vulva below, as my wife's fingers stroked his hair and back.
Suddenly Steve's strong forearm flexed and he drove his fingers even more firmly into Alice's vagina, lifting her slightly from the cushion, as if he was seeking something within her wet passage.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
My lovely wife let out a series of surprised short, sharp exclamations in time with the bunching of Steve's arm muscles,until her head rose, her eyes flew open wide, her tummy contracted in spasm and she had a loud, sudden climax.
Alice's arms flew up around his neck and her legs flopped sideways as if to give his strong hands easier access to her private places as her orgasm rolled over her.

I looked to my right and saw Carmen staring at me with a knowing grin on her face. She raised a single finger and made a 'tick' gesture as if to mark 'orgasm number one' on a chalkboard.Steve gently removed his fingers from Alice's vagina and kissed her full on the lips for a long time. Alice's arms surrounded him, her hands stroking her lover's back and running through his hair in gestures of both love and lust.
"Blow job next!" Whispered Carmen.
Steve was rising from Alice's prone body. He deftly unfastened his belt with one hand, then flicked open the clasp and lowered his zipper. Alice immediately reached up and grabbed his waistband, pulling both his trousers and shorts down to his thighs. His erection burst out of his lowered underwear, thick and strong and merely inches from her face,making her recoil in surprise.Steve stood back and kicked off his clothes, leaving himself naked from the waist down then quickly returned to the sofa and lifted his left leg over Alice's waist to straddle her upper body, leaning forward so that his huge cock was merely inches from her face.
Carmen had quietly raised her own dress to her waist and was in the process of wriggling her purple tights down her thighs, along with the black panties beneath. She looked me in the eye.

" Just look at it! Little Alice isn't going to know what hit her!"

I stared first at Carmen, then back at my wifewho was in the process of opening her mouth wide to receive the huge cock that loomed above her.
"Time to get naked, Mister Cuckold!" Carmen hissed, slipping her tights and panties right off before peeling her dress up and over her head. Seconds later her bra joined her dress on the floor and her rich, full breasts burst free, her large nipples dark in the soft light and hardening. I wriggled out of my trousers, shorts and socks and almost threw my shirt aside, my eyes flitting between my half naked wife who was now sucking hard on Steve's cock and Carmen's voluptuous body so close to mine.
"Strip her!" Carmen hissed.
"While she's sucking him, strip her!"
Unsure of myself and now entirely naked, I could only do what the she-devil commanded. Tentatively and on my knees, I crossed from my chair to the sofa where Steve now straddled my wife's chest, his cock deep in her mouth, thrusting slowly and gently in and out of her beautiful face.Her long legs were moving slightly behind his back as she licked and sucked the huge cock that would surely soon penetrate her.
I looked back at Carmenwho made hurried, impatient gestures at me. I nodded and, hoping desperately I was doing the right thing, grasped the sides of my wife's panties, slid them down her legs and over her ankles before tossing them towards where Carmen was now kneeling on the rug. Alice clearly felt something happening because at first she closed her knees to try and prevent me exposing her vulva but then almost immediately gave up all resistance and her panties were mine.
A little careful fumbling later and her heels, stockings and suspender belt joined her panties on the floor, leaving her entirely naked from the waist down. Her newly shaven vulva glistened with her secretions and smelt pungently of her recent climax.I breathed in deeply, my face merely inches from her vagina and felt my erect cock twitch.
Leaning closer, I planted a single slow kiss on her smooth, freshly waxed pubic mound, smelling and tasting the juices that covered it. I heard a muffled sound of surprise over the slurping noises coming from beyond Steve's body and her legs closed momentarily on my head before releasing me.
My tongue passed over my lips as I looked back to where Carmen was waiting, my wife's discarded panties in her hands.

She leaned forward and hissed at me. "Lick her, Mister Cuckold!"
I pulled a puzzled face.
"Lick her cunt! Get her nice and wet for Steve's cock!"
I loved the idea and turned my head back to my wife's hairless crotch.Her hips were gyrating gently in time with Steve's slow thrusts into her mouth -- a moving target but an easy one. I lowered my face again to her beautiful vulva and began to lick.
As my tongue took its first long, slow lap from the base of her slit right up to her clitoris,Alice let out a low moan, Steve's cock in her mouth muffling her voice. I lapped again and was rewarded with another moan and Steve's voice whispering.
"That's it Ali! Let him make you cum for me again. I want you hot and wet!"

Hearing him use the pet name only he had for my wife sent a thrill of excitement through my body. I licked her again, this time a bolder, stronger stroke along the inside of her left labia before descending down the right side then thrusting my pointed tongue deep into her vagina.
I drove my tongue into her again and her hips writhed beneath my touch. Again and again I licked her lips and delved into her body, feeling her lubrication seeping into her vagina and my mouth, lost in arousal as her hips began to gyrate against my face.
Finally I gave her one last long lick from bottom to top before turning my attention to her clitoris, knowing how sensitive it was and how easily it made her cum. I ran the flat of my tongue firmly over her it. It felt unfamiliarly large and swollen, hard under my touch. Alice's gyrations stopped and her legs clamped hard on my head. I ran the tip of my tongue along its underside.

She gasped, almost choking on Steve's cock as I began a series of firm licks and jabs over, around and especially underneath her clit making her buck hard against my face. Her juices were flowing freely now and her hips ground against me, her newly waxed skin so much softer than her pubic hair used to be.
Her legs began to thrash, one of them now over my shoulder, the other hanging loosely on the floor. She clamped on my head again, grunting loudly against Steve's cock as a climax shook her body. I licked again and another bolt hit her, the taste of her vulva changing as she came.
"That's enough now..."

"It's time she was fucked now! She's ready!"
I slowly pulled my head back from my wife's groin, turned and saw that Carmen had quietly slid on her knees to join me and had been watching my performance closely. Her right hand was deep between her naked thighs and she had clearly been fingering herself.
I nodded obediently and shuffled awayas Steve dismounted my wife's chest. His cock, bold and erect was darker in color and glistened with Alice's saliva.
"You might want these!" Carmen said, taking my wife's discarded panties and wrapping them loosely around my own erection. My hand instinctively went to meet hers in my groin and I grasped the warm damp satin-covered shaft I found there.
Steve bent over Alice's upper body and, gently taking her by the hands, draw her carefully off the sofa onto the rug and onto her knees. Her arms rested on the seat cushion, her damp puffy vulva was pointing directly towards Carmen and me where we knelt.she allowed herself to be manipulated by her lover like a doll, her red dress still bunched around her waist, her bra still high above her breasts.
Steve quickly positioned himself behind her, spreading her knees wide with his legs, then with his right hand placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her vagina. He paused, her labia stretched around his dark, swollen head and I heard my wife's voice almost whimpering.
"Please... don't tease me... Steve.... please..."
"Please what, Ali?" He asked her in a low but commanding voice.

My wife paused slightly then in a choked voice growled back.
"Fuck me, Steve. Fuck me PLEASE!!!"
"That's my girl, Ali!" He said then turned towards me.

The room was filled with Alice's squeal as Steve drove himself roughly into her vagina from behind, her voice was loud, surprised, in pain, in pleasure but totally arousing. Steve's body collided with her smooth firm buttocks and drove her head along the sofa cushion as his cock was rammed its full length into her. He paused, buried deep within her body then placed his hands on her slim waist and pulled back.
And then he began to fuck her properly, mounting her from behind like a dog, the room full of wet slapping noises as his upper thighs collided repeatedly with her buttocks. She moaned, panted, squealed some more as he thrust in and out of her increasingly helpless body.
I began unconsciously to masturbate, my wife's panties wrapped around my extra-hard erection. Beside me, also on her knees, Carmen was fingering herself wildly too, her body bucking against her own hand, soft wet noises reaching my ears.
Then Steve reached forwards, his cock still buried deep in Alice's vagina, and pulled her arms back towards him, swiveling her around and lowering her until she was lying full length on the rug, still impaled on his shaft. He lowered his body onto hers, parted her unresisting legs and began to thrust into her vagina from a new, low angle. Alice immediately began to pant and choke with increasing arousal
Alice began to make the now familiar sounds of a building climax. The position was clearly awkward for Steve because he began to grunt and his thrusts were erratic but the effect on Alice was fast and thorough. Within a minute unfamiliar short, high pitched yelps were coming from her mouth and her head was thrashing first left, then right as he pounded her buttocks mercilessly, pressing her hips hard into the rug's rough surface.

"Oooooh! Oooooh!"
A minute later her voice turned into a strange, almost sing-song moan as the first mild wave of orgasm washed over her, making her body shake beneath his.
"Oh God! Oh God!" Alice's voice, drunk and distorted from the increasing power of her orgasm filled the room.
"Cum for me, Ali!" Steve whispered in her ear, bending low over her back as he his body hammered into hers.
"Yes...yes...yes... Ooooooh Godddddddd!" Alice's body was racked by a massive wave of pleasure, her head rising backwards, her arms and shoulders tight in spasm.

"Shall I cum in you now, Ali!" I heard him ask hoarsely, but Alice was beyond coherent reply. "I think it's time, don't you?"
His thrusts slowed and stopped and he knelt up between my wife's spread legs, pulling his cock from her vagina as he moved. It stood nobly erect still, wet and now an angry dark red in color. Then he somehow flipped her limp body over onto her back, took one of her legs in each hand and lifted them roughly towards her face so that her buttocks and vulva were totally and utterly exposed.
"Help me!" He hissed at me.
"Go on, quickly!" Carmen urged.

I shuffled forward, instinctively knowing what to do. Kneeling next to Steve, I took my wife's left leg in my hands and held it while he positioned his cock at her entrance. My face was no more than twelve inches away from her obscenely exposed vulva as his head parted her lips once again and prepared to penetrate her.
His erection in place, Steve placed his free hand back on Alice's leg,I released my gripand without ceremony he thrust himself violently into her.
She screamed. Loud. He pulled back and thrust again. She screamed again, her arms thrashing about.I grabbed her handand she gripped mine partly in pain, partly in fear but mostly uncontrollable pleasure.
And then Steve began to fuck her again, pressing her knees high up into her shoulders and face, her buttocks and vulva totally exposed and vulnerable as his body slammed into hers.Alice came again and again, her fingernails digging into my skin as her arousal reached new heights.

"Ok Ali..." Steve replied. "It's time for me to cum too..."
He began to quicken his pace, his thrusts becoming shorter and sharper. Alice began to whimper and climax again, but this time it seemed almost more painful than pleasurable.
"ooooooOOOOOOHHHHH Ali I'm cummmmingggg!" He croaked.
And then, he began to ejaculate inside my wife's spent body, his short erratic thrusts accompanied by low moans and grunts from his own mouth and desperate gasps from Alice as his semen finally began to spurt into her.

Her hand gripped mine more tightly than ever as her body, legs rocked right back by his weight, knees in her face, began helplessly to receive his seed as I heard the unmistakable sounds of Carmen bringing herself to another climax close by.

Panting deeply, beads of sweat of his back, Steve gently pulled his softening cock from Alice's loose, messy vagina and released her legs which she immediately lowered to the floor, her thighs grotesquely spread wide, her vagina gaping open, dark and damp.

Steve turned to me and smiled. "I think she needs you now..."
He shuffled back down the rug until he reached his wife Carmen, kissed her, stood up and looked down on his conquest.I turned to my wife. Alice's head was lolling back on the rug, her eyes were closed, her blonde hair fanned out like a halo, her arms lifeless on the floor, palms upwards. Her thighs were spread wide open but her heels were close together, knees bent, in almost a frog-like position.Her newly-shaven vulva glistened with her juices and Steve's copious semen.
It was a scene of devastation -- certainly one of Total Conquest. My wife's body had been completely and utterly taken by this man, right in front of me. His rich semen was even now swimming within her probably unprotected vagina and womb. The evidence was before my amazed eyes. I shuffled forwards. Alice half opened her eyes and smiled at me, then closed them again.
I moved closer still, unfastened her tangled bra and slid it off, then bent over and kissed her left nipple gently, then its right companion, then in the crease between her firm globes. I moved downwards towards her newly-bared vulva, feeling the strange smoothness where I was used to toying with her sparse pubic hair.
Tentatively, I put out my tongue and reached for the uppermost dampness on her soft, pale skin.
As my tongue touched the first small sticky patch, Alice gasped. I looked up into her dreamy face. Then I licked the stickiness away with one long stroke of my tongue.Alice gasped again and I felt a small wave of warm, sex-infused aroma fill my head. I found a second patch and licked that, the smell and taste of their sex filling my mouth. I found another, then another before finally taking the plunge and pressing my open mouth hard against my wife's swollen sticky, semen-encrusted vulva and plunged my tongue into her loose vagina.

What felt like a tidal wave, but could only have been a teaspoon of the heady blend of Steve's semen and Alice's secretions filled my mouth. My head, surrounded by her smooth, tanned thighs rising on either side and her wet, sticky vulva pressed hard against my face, reeling with sexual overload.
Without thinking, I slipped one hand under each soft smooth buttock and raised her flowing cup to my lips as I drove my tongue as deep as it would go into her body. I pressed my nose hard against her clitoris, parting the upper part of her slit with its tip and feeling the stickiness spreading across my face. I lapped firmly, first along her left labia, then her right, as if seeking out every last drop of the precious fluids. I felt something dripping down my chin as Alice's thighs closed on my head, as if trying to control my access but I just kept on licking at her puffy lips, plunging into her vagina and tickling her clitoris with the tip of my tongue until to my astonishment and utter delight she climaxed all around me for one final timeand my eager mouth was rewarded with a brand new wave of her juices, fresh from her vulva and powerfully scented. I heard her cry softly.
"No more... please... enough..."
And her thighs simply fell away from my head and her body fell back on the rug, limp and utterly spent.
I moved between her open thighs, erection in hand, ready to add my semen to the extraordinary mix within her but some reason, paused. After all they had just done and we had just done, forcing my body into hers suddenly seemed unnecessary. My cock stood firm, rigid, erect and ready to do its duty but this time I didn't feel the need to claim her as mine after all.

Was this the ultimate act of submission? Knowing that my wife's sweet body was full of another man's seed, unprotected, unsafe and with pregnancy a real possibility? And yet not feeling driven to try and force my own seed ahead of his? Willing to sit back and let nature take its course?

I was brought out of my reverie by a series of loud, fast banging noises from the bedroom above, accompanied by short, sharp squeals of ecstasy from Carmen as, no doubt, Steve was making at least as good a job of fucking her as her had just done to my wife. I shook my head to clear my mind of the absurd picture it had just presented and knelt alongside Alice. Her eyes were closed.
"Shall I take you to bed...?" I asked softly. She opened her eyes, smiled and nodded.
Feeling very grateful for the time I had spent in the gym, I slipped my arms under her limp body and, lifting her gently, carried her upstairs to our bedroom.
"We'll clean you up in the morning." I whispered.

Before climbing into bed I reluctantly washed my face in the bathroom then joined Alice under the duvet and fell quickly and happily asleep, wondering what the morning would bring.

Journey Into Cuckoldry - Four Square


The morning after Alice's first 'official' Hotwife date dawned bright, sunny and cheerful, with bright sunlight streaming into the room and waking me - early as usual. For a while I lay awake on my back listening to the birds singing and my wife Alice's slow, deep breathing as she slept 'the sleep of the angels' as my Grandmother used to say, alongside me.
I smiled ironically when I thought just how far from angelic she had been the previous night when my beautiful and increasingly sexy wife had cuckolded me for a third time in our own lounge, in our own house right in front of me with her lover.

And I had helped and encouraged her to do so as his wife Carmen and I had watched and, for the first time, had actually taken a small part in Alice's willing and total submission.

I stared upwards at the plain white ceiling, my mind filled once again with vivid images of my wife's Total Conquest by Steve. How he had expertly seduced her, first weakening her resistance over dinner before efficiently stripping her on the sofa while Carmen and I chatted in the kitchen to give him privacy to bring his extraordinary persuasive powers to bear.
As I ran over the events of the previous evening in my mind, I became aware of a stirring between my thighs and felt a growing erection lying on my belly. My right hand automatically rose to meet it and began to stroke as I recalled how at one point I myself had removed my own wife's underwear, preparing her unresisting and probably unprotected body for merciless penetration by another man.
I had even held her legs apart for Steve to get in a better position to take her – a new submission which had seemed natural at the time but which I now realised was simply a further manifestation of our Total Conquest.
And afterwards, when the mating was complete, my wife's final orgasm at his hands had subsided and her vagina was filled with his semen, I had given her a last, unexpected climax as I had lapped the sticky fluid from her pink, swollen vulva instead of fucking her myself as I had before.

Turning my head, I looked at my sweet wife as she lay on her side, her face towards me, her eyes closed, her body relaxed in deep sleep. Her lovely, familiar features were a picture of innocence in stark contrast to the cock-hungry slut she had become at Steve's hands only hours before.

Minutes later I was in our kitchen, the kettle filled and warming while I tidied up the house after the previous evening's activities. The dishwasher filled, the ovenware cleaned, I went from room to room on what was to become a familiar routine – the removal of any evidence of my wife's seduction and insemination before our kids or parents could see it.
I swiftly located her rumpled cast-off dress and bra, but it took several minutes to find her discarded panties. I turned them over in my fingers, feeling their delicate lightness, remembering the dark, damp patch at the base of their triangle before raising them to my nose. I inhaled slowly and deeply, the familiar and wonderful aroma of my wife in heat making my cock stir again despite my very recent ejaculation.

I slipped the panties into my pocket and took Alice's used clothes through to the laundry room before returning to the lounge for one last deep, wonderful inhalation of the sex-infused air.

Then with a sigh I opened the windows to let the fresh new day into the house.

It was a full two hours later when Alice finally came downstairs in her white fluffy robe. She had removed the last traces of her make-up and looked pretty, sweet, innocent – if still rather flushed - and impossible to imagine as the same woman I had watched beg her lover to impregnate her the previous evening.

I had just returned from a forty-minute run and was making tea, still hot and sweaty in my running vest and shorts when the kitchen door swung open.
"Oh Hi Darling!" I called cheerfully. "How are you feeling?" I asked, slightly breathlessly.
"Like I've been run over... again!" She smiled sweetly, crossing to the counter where I stood and giving me a peck on the cheek. "Thanks for... Well just thanks for being so... for being you!"
I kissed her back. "You enjoyed it then?" I asked disingenuously.

Alice pulled a mock frown. "You know very well that it was just wonderful! And you were wonderful too!"
I glowed with pleasure as she took the tea I offered her and sipped hesitantly. Evidently finding it too hot she placed the mug on the worktop and stood in front of me by the fridge where I was putting away the milk. She looked up into my face, her pupils dilated, and her eyes soft and loving.
"I do love you!" She said softly.
"You were amazing..." I began. "Unbelievable!"
She said nothing but rested her head against my chest.
"Was it... what you wanted?" I asked.

"It was perfect." She replied quietly.

"It was good for me too." I confessed.

"You're not so bad yourself!" She smiled. "Where did you learn to do that... down there?" She nodded towards her crotch, sounding a bit embarrassed.

"I mean you've always been good... down there, but it's never felt... quite that good before?" Her body seemed to tremble a little as the memories of her multiple orgasms washed over her. "After all these years you can still surprise me!" She said and I glowed again with pleasure at this praise.
" I think we're both finding new sides to ourselves, aren't we? I mean who would have thought a sweet pretty mother like you... Jeez, Alice! Look at your neck!"

Her bathrobe had fallen open revealing half a dozen blotchy patches of darkening skin the size of fifty-pence pieces on her chest and neck. I stepped back and opened the robe's collar a little wider. At first Alice resisted but then yielded and let me have a better look. A chain of large hickeys ran from half way down the left side of her neck and across her chest. Both her breasts showed clear evidence of teeth marks and bore more dark patches that stood out alarmingly clearly against the pale flesh of her globes.
"I know." She said softly, clearly embarrassed. "I saw them in the mirror. Are you angry?"
"Christ, No!" I exclaimed without thinking then shut my mouth sharply. "I mean, are you angry he marked you so much? Does it hurt?"
She blushed again. "Not really... ummm... I mean in a weird way it makes me feel really good that I turned him on so much he felt he wants to mark me as his..."
"What about... him? Do you love him too?" I had to know.

My wife's response took a minute to come but perhaps because of that, seemed more sincere and totally believable.

"I'm... I'm definitely in lust with him, if there is such a thing." She said in a matter-of-fact way. "The way he makes me feel when he fucks me goes way beyond anything you and I have reached but..." Her use of the 'f' word made my chest ache, but she carried on "... But apart from the kids of course, I only actually love one person. I only ever have."
And with that parting line she left the kitchen and I heard her bare feet on the stairs, leaving me stunned but glowing with happiness.


The rest of the day passed very pleasantly with few references to the previous evening. After our usual hour in the gym and a short run together in the nearby woods (my second run in one day – my life really had changed!), Alice and I drove to a major shopping centre in a city an hour's drive away and bought presents for our youngest, whose birthday was a few weeks away.

A week later, I picked up the kids from my parents at tea time. Mum and Dad had taken care of them for the weekend to allow Alice and me time to attend a friend's second wedding. The kids had, as usual, been spoiled rotten by their Grandparents and squabbled almost the entire journey home. I had to tell them off several times in the car so when we reached the house they stormed in and up to their bedrooms leaving me to bring in all their bags.

I dropped the kids' stuff in the hallway and looked around for Alice, I found her she was in the lounge, sitting on the sofa, a large wine glass already in her hand, talking to someone on the phone. She covered the mouthpiece as I entered, mouthing the word 'Carmen'.
Realising I had walked in on my wife and Steve's wife Carmen enjoying yet another post-mortem of Alice's last seduction, I felt that politeness required me to leave them in privacy although I really, really wanted to hear what they were saying.
I compromised by going into the kitchen which was close by, but leaving all the doors open – having first checked that the kids were well out of earshot.
"... I know... yes, it was the best KNOW that!" she whispered in a slightly embarrassed way.

"Ok, maybe the best EVER... You ARE lucky, Carmen... No, I didn't see you afterwards but I can imagine what you were like... Oh he's happy alright... Yes, I was surprised he did it too but he says he loved it..."

She giggled. "I certainly did!"

There was a pause as Carmen spoke and Alice listened before replying enthusiatically.
"No, like I said, it sounds really great... Yes of course, we'd love to come... He'll be fine, really... I'll ask him later... OK I'll ask him now... Yes, I'm really keen, it seems ages since Steve..." She looked around the room guiltily before finishing her sentence.

"Since Steve fucked me!"
Her voice was very low and I barely caught the last few sentences but within seconds my wife joined me in the kitchen and I had to appear busy in a hurry.

She looked sweet, sexy and yet still very much the Alice I loved, in tight leggings and a long T shirt that showed off her slender, athletic, slightly boyish curves. By now her hickeys and bite marks had faded to a tantalising shadow whose implication only I could understand but which might still have been visible to the guests at the previous day's wedding – a fact that gave me an extra thrill. Apart from this there was no outward sign to suggest that my lovely wife was, in certain circumstances, a cock-crazy slut.

Apart, that is, from the increasingly sexy but tasteful way she dressed these days, the time she spent exercising and improving her body, and of course the names she called me when she was 'in the mood', which she clearly was now.
"Hi CB!" She said, smiling and refilling her glass. I smiled back – CB stood for Cucky-Boy. She hadn't called me that for over a week. Carmen's call must have made her feel sexy again.
"The kids were a nightmare..." I complained, filling my own glass and giving her a peck on the lips. She raised an eyebrow as if asking me what they had done but I had moved on to a new agenda.
"What's got you in the Hotwife mood again?" I asked straight out.

She blushed. "Is it that obvious?"

I grinned and nodded. "To the trained eye - and ear!"
"Well, Cucky-Boy Smartypants..." She grinned, her eyes a picture of mischief.

"Carmen and Steve have invited us to spend a long weekend in their new apartment near Marbella next month. Isn't that nice? It sounds amazing." She told me, her voice animated and enthusiastic. I was surprised but pleased too.

"When did she suggest going?" I asked.
"She thought early in June but the kids are still here. I suggested we went that week when they are with Mum and Dad in Yorkshire." She paused.

"Carmen says she and Steve will be there all week but we could get cheap flights on the Wednesday and fly back on the Sunday. Mum and Dad wouldn't mind having the kids an extra day – in fact they'd all love it!"
She was right of course. We had heard a great deal about the new Spanish apartment over the last few months and had seen a lot of photographs. It looked fantastic - like something from the movies but because of the property crisis in Spain, Steve and Carmen had been able to buy a really impressive place for a mere song.

Alice and I loved Spain too and had thought of buying something ourselves but, unlike Steve and Carmen, we had two kids to think about and just didn't have the spare cash – at least not yet.

I thought for a minute. "We were going to go walking in the Dales... but I reckon this sounds quite a good idea too." My voice trailed off a bit as uncertainty filled my mind.
"What's worrying you?" my wife asked gently. "As if I couldn't guess." She smiled knowingly.


Gold Member
"Look, we'd only go if you were happy with the idea and I doubt he'll want to fuck me all the time..."
"But you do want him to fuck you, don't you? You want it quite a lot, I would guess." I asked, hoping I knew the answer.
"Yes of course I do. It will have been five weeks between dates by then..." She had a slightly dreamy look in her eyes as she squeezed my arm playfully. "but we'd only do it if you were happy with the idea." She grinned lasciviously.

"But I think I know my Cucky-Boy well enough... You'll be more than happy, right?"
I blushed but she was absolutely right. The idea of being relegated to second place in my wife's bed for several days in a row had a huge appeal to my twisted mind.
"Would Carmen be happy with the two of you together so much of the time?" I wondered. "You know how turned on she gets straight after one of their 'Conquests'"

Alice though for a second then nodded. "She said it was her idea. You know how she likes to make mischief – I suspect this is another of her little schemes in some way."
Alice had a point. I wondered what the she-devil might be up to this time. One thing was certain – it would involve me getting humiliated... again!
"We'd just have to set a few ground rules, I suppose, to make sure we're all happy." Alice continued.

"Just think what we could get up to! And what you could do too, Cucky-Boy!"
I was thinking just that. I cancelled the booking in the Dales hotel.***

The next week passed normally, apart from our lovemaking being a lot more exciting. Alice was clearly looking forward to spending time with Steve – well, spending time in bed with him – and this added quite a frisson to our sex which I really enjoyed.
She made me use a condom every time we had sex to 'make sure she was nice and clean for him'but I knew it was mostly to torment me - and I loved the torment!

Journey into Cuckoldry - High Five

Bright afternoon sun beat down on the hot tiles surrounding the deep blue swimming pool making it painful to walk without shoes as I carried our three glasses on a small tray back to the apartment for a refill. The water dripping from my wet swim shorts made slippery puddles around my feet and I stepped carefully the last few yards.

As I reached the apartment's door I turned and smiled at my wife Alice who was completing the last few confidant lengths of her daily exercise routine. She turned at the pool's end, her long blonde hair, pulled back into a pony tail and dark with wetness; fell down her slender back. The water made her skin shine as she nodded and returned my smile before continuing her exercise.

It was Thursday, our first full day in Steve and Carmen's new place in Spain and it was already wonderful. We had arrived late the previous evening to be met at the airport by Carmen and whisked away on a forty minute journey to the extraordinarily high class development in which they had bought a smart two-bedroom apartment.

Pausing only to drop off our bags and freshen up, she had taken us for dinner in a small, traditional restaurant nearby and the three of us had shared a light but delicious meal before returning to the apartment well after midnight for a well earned sleep.

The three of us! Not four!
It appeared that Steve had suffered one of the problems of running your own business in that his biggest customer had demanded his presence at the last minute requiring him to change his schedule. Steve was now due to join us on Friday night having booked another flight at the last minute. Carmen has given us the bad news when she met us at the airport when we arrived and offered us both his profuse apologies -- especially to Alice, of course.
I could see that my wife was badly disappointed and frankly so was I. The thought of Steve taking over my place in her bed for perhaps three whole days and nights had been really exciting for both of us. We had been silly and giggly with anticipation all the journey.

Gazing thoughtfully through the window, I watched Alice as she stepped out of the pool, her exercise over for the morning. She looked simply gorgeous! As I broke fresh ice from the trays, my mind ran over the events of that morning two weeks ago when Alice had come into the bedroom with the used pregnancy test in her hand...

"Inconclusive?" I gasped as she entered the bedroom from the en-suite, waving the thin white pen-shaped device in her hand. "What does that mean? Are you pregnant or aren't you?"
"It's what the box says"She replied impatiently. "It means... I think... that I left it too long before checking..." She went on. "I thought it said 'pregnant' for a few seconds then it just went, well, strange."
"How late are you?" I asked, adding the word "Exactly" When I saw her starting to get cross.

She thought for a moment "Fifteen days, maybe more -- you know I'm not very regular."
Alice came over to me and we hugged for a long time.

"I do love you, Cucky Boy!" she said.

In the end neither of us had to suffer much longer because Alice's period began in spectacular form that very afternoon and we realised we had quite undeservedly been lucky for a third time -- she wasn't pregnant.

To my surprise, as soon as her bleeding was in full flow, Alice was a woman transformed. Her worries vanished, her demeanour returned to its normal sweet, happy contentedness and, apparently unconcerned by the near-miss we had just had, within 24 hours she was once again looking forward eagerly to our forthcoming long weekend with Carmen and Steve.

Now of course she was definitely 'on the pill' which on the positive side meant that she was no longer in danger of getting pregnant by Steve or anyone else. On balance, that was a relief and meant relative safety.

On the other hand there were now at least two other people who had a good idea that my innocent wife had started to stray from the path of fidelity. Our Doctor who prescribed her contraceptive pills knew all about my vasectomy and, although he made it clear he knew full well what she was doing, was constrained by laws of confidentiality. Less comforting was the knowledge that whichever pharmacist she went to when her contraceptive prescription needed filling might know us or know our friends. For this reason Alice had taken her first three months' prescription to a pharmacy forty miles away.


The sound of soft naked footsteps on the marble kitchen floor brought me gently out of my reverie.
"Doesn't she look amazing?" A voice sounded close by. It was Carmen, looking hot and a little sweaty but very attractive and womanly in her dark blue bikini. Her hips were rounded; her breasts full and firm in contrast to my wife's slender frame and tiny boobs. I turned to face the woman who had brought our new lifestyle about. She was smiling. I smiled back.
"Well I think she is," I replied, "but then I always did. And the best thing of all is she still doesn't realize what's happened to her."
Carmen smiled knowingly, "It's amazing what a really good fucking now and again can do for a girl," she said, her voice low and very suggestive.

"Be honest," she continued, "when did your sweet, innocent wife ever look THAT good when all she was getting in her pussy was this?" She reached over and squeezed the bulge in the front of my swimming trunks but there was no malice in her voice.

"Just look at her! All the other men are!"
I couldn't deny it.My wife had never looked so good in all the time I had known her. But to top it all there was a new, distinct sexual undercurrent about her that most certainly hadn't existed when she was she was my lovely, pretty but otherwise unremarkable, faithful wife and the mother of our children.

Now she was, well, simply hot! And as Carmen had said, it wasn't going unnoticed. What was most arousing to me was her apparent complete lack of awareness of the effect she was having on those around her. After all her adventures with Steve, could she really still think of herself as the same innocent girl as before?

Surely not! In the short time we had been at the apartment Alice had already acquired a number of admirers, mostly men my own age - the male halves of the other resident couples and families. But there were at least a handful of boys -- young men I should say -- who had noticed her swimming and sunbathing and were making sure they were 'around' whenever she put in an appearance by the large shared pool. One in particular, a boy of around twenty who was staying in the villa next to our block, had been paying her a great deal of attention.
I stared at my lovely, sexy wife and felt myself firming against Carmen's fingerswhich had remained on my bulge and were massaging my growing erection through my swim shorts. As I watched and hardened, I saw Alice roll slowly over on her sunbed and stretch out, face down, her chin on a folded hand towel. A few seconds later, her hands reached behind her back and unfastened the strap of her bikini top. The strings fell to the sides leaving an unbroken expanse of smooth skin exposed to the warm rays.
"And let's face it, Mister Cuckold," Carmen continued, her hand now deep inside my swimming shorts, firmly grasping the hard shaft within, " You've never been so fit or so trim yourself since you had a bit of competition in the bedroom, have you?"
It was strange to hear praise from her lips and I looked straight into her eyes, seeking evidence of mischief. To my surprise I saw none so supposed she was sincere and, maybe, right again. I certainly went to the gym much more often than I used to and ran at least twice a week and was indeed a great deal fitter than I had been in years.
"I could almost fancy you myself," she continued, her hand now pumping my cock slowly but firmly. "but then I'm a bit spoilt by Steve, aren't I? Still...?" She left the wording hanging in the air. I felt a distinct danger of approaching ejaculation if Carmen's manipulation of my cock continued.
"She'll be looking forward to him arriving tomorrow then," she said. "Poor thing! More than a whole month without a proper cock... in her cunt..."
I stared at my wife through the window as Carmen's fingers toyed with my shaft and the tight sack at its base, cupping, stroking then releasing it before returning to their main task along its lower ridge. Alice's legs parted slightly as I watched, as if her body was reading my mind, and I could see her bikini riding up slightly into the crack between her buttocks, exposing a tantalising sliver of pale buttock to the sun's rays and of course to her unknown audience.
"She'll be thinking about him now, probably," Carmen teased, stroking me more firmly, "imagining herself naked... on her back... spreading those long, slim thighs... just for him... feeling that big... strong... cock... stretching... her tight... wet... cunt..."
It was almost unbearable, hearing those words, my heads full of vivid images of exactly the scenario Carmen painted! I'm so close to climax...

But it was not to be!

Sensing my imminent orgasm, the cruel temptress contemptuously squeezed my now painfully erect cock one last time before releasing it and pulling her hand away, leaving my erection sticking stupidly upwards through the elastic of my shorts, my body almost painfully unsatisfied as she silently picked up the tall glasses and carried them out to the poolside.
"I could swear I knew you were born for this lifestyle!" I blushed. "Or am I just missing Steve...?"

With those parting words, she left me alone in the kitchen and I watched her lightly swaying, rounded feminine hips crossing the patio, her tight bikini barely adequate to cover her full breasts and buttocks. As she bent to place the drinks on the low table between her sun bed and Alice's, I noticed a large, distinct damp patch on the crotch of Carmen's dark blue bikini bottoms. The She-Devil had actually turned herself on by playing with me!"So I'm not the only one with a weakness!" I said aloud before taking my own cloudy glass back out into the sunshine.


We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool and on the long terrace, sunbathing despite the health risks. The terrace had been cleverly designed with a wide open front which opened onto the shared pool, but with a lovely, private bougainvillea-shaded section nearest to the large glass windows of the apartment's lounge. It was sunny but secluded, invisible from the pool and most other areas apart from the balcony of the villa next door where apparently our persistent observer was staying.
My role was joyfully subservient, bringing drinks to both the girls and of coursed helping to rub in sun cream in strategic places at strategic times. I was loving it, especially when I saw the looks both Alice and to a lesser extent, Carmen were getting from the other residents -- envy from the women, blatant admiration from the men.

Several of the younger boys began to play in the water close to where Alice was lying. They were obviously showing off and tired of the game quickly when they realized Alice wasn't going to react to their rather juvenile performances. I found this endearing, but then noticed that two young men, probably in their very late teens or early twenties, had started to swim, sunbathe and pose more discreetly where they believed the girls could see them.
One of them was the boy from next door and I was shocked to see just how well built he was for a young man. Clearly spending a lot longer in the gym than me or even Alice, his body was simply ripped with powerful shoulders and arms above something very close to a six pack. His swim shorts were tight and barely concealed the huge bulge within.
"That's Mitch," Carmen said softly as I poured yet more drinks, "he's a Junior Olympic swimmer. His parents own the villa next door but they're splitting up and it's been sold."
"That's too bad." I replied.
"He's here with his Mum for the last time. She's got a new boyfriend so he gets left on his own a lot. He's a bit awkward with the girls... pity!"

I watched as she went back outside and talked briefly with Alice. The two of them giggled; Carmen was clearly trying to persuade my wife do something. This made me immediately suspicious but at the end of their chat they both drew their sun beds along the terrace until they were in the secluded sun trap near the large glass doors and slightly out of my field of view.
"Mister Cuckold...?"
I heard Carmen's cheeky sing-song voice calling me and felt a tingle in my tummy. What mischief were they up to? I went through to the lounge and out onto the terrace through the large doors to find the two girls lying full length on their backs on the sun beds.
They were both topless!
I stood stunned. Not since our first pre-kids holidays had I seen my wife go topless in public.
"Alice!" I said in horrified astonishment. She burst out laughing then Carmen did too.
"Honestly! Come ON!" she gasped when her giggling had subsided.

"You're happy to watch me being fucked by Steve but you're shocked when I show a bit of bare boob?"
I saw her point and blushed which made them giggle again.
"We're on the private terrace anyway," Carmen joined in, "there's no-one who can see us and it feels so good to lose the top and get brown boobs once in a while."
I smiled, suitably chastised. "So did you call me just to show me your breasts?"
Carmen grinned mischievously. "It was me that called you. Your sexy wife needs sun cream on her front and I thought you might like to rub it on!"
"Carmen!" Alice exclaimed in amused astonishment.
"Give the boy a treat," she insisted, "after all, he's brought you all the way here for... well, you know what for!"
"Well, OK..."

Alice blushed and smiled then lay back on her lounger, her eyes closed in the hot sun, her arms behind her head. Amused, I picked up the bottle of sun cream and knelt next to her, squeezed a goodly portion onto my hands and began to rub it into my wife's smooth skin.
Working in slow, smooth circles and with many pauses for more cream, my hands travelled from her bikini line, over her belly button and along her sides. I paused below her breasts and rubbed cream into her arms before returning to her wonderful chest.
"What are you waiting for, Mister C?" Carmen asked softly.

I squirted more cream into my hands and began to massage my wife's wonderful breasts. Alice gasped at my first touch, then moaned a little as my fingers first cupped, then kneaded her globes, working from their pale, tender underside to the darker nipples which immediately hardened. I squeezed them gently, then more firmly, my hands slippery on her smooth pale skin.

"Is that enough?" I asked after a good few minutes more massaging than was strictly necessary.
"Mmmm," she, sighed, "why didn't I think of this yesterday? Thank you CB."
"My pleasure!" I replied, loving her open use of my Cuckold nickname. I rose to my feet and started to walk back to the apartment.
"Just a minute, Mister C!" Carmen's voice stopped me as my hand touched the sliding door. I turned round, "Do you want me to burn? You're not finished here yet."
Alice, who was grinning like a Cheshire cat, just grinned wider at my embarrassment and shrugged then lay back on the sun bed with her sunglasses over her eyes. I noticed her nipples were still erect as I knelt next to Carmen's sun bed and lubricated my hands with cream once again.

Carmen's womanly body was equally wonderful but so different from my wife's. As I worked the cream into her tummy, my fingers sank a little into the softness that formed her sensual curves, and as I worked my way upwards to her arms and shoulders, I was very much aware of the extraordinary sexuality she effortlessly exuded.

Where Alice's body was firm and toned, Carmen's was soft and pliable. Where Alice was bony, fit and almost boyish, Carmen was full figured, almost voluptuous without being at all overweight. The contrast was so marked that by the time I was finally ready to massage her breasts my cock was in full, obvious, undeniable erection and as my palms made first contact with her substantial globes, its head began to peek uncomfortably out of the leg of my swim shorts.
"My, my Alice. It looks like your Cucky Boy needs a bit of release," Carmen said archly, May I...?"

Alice laughed then quickly looked around to see if we were being observed. "Be my guest!"
Carmen reached across with both hands and eased my swim shorts down over my constrained erection and down my thighs to my knees. My erect cock broke free instantly and slapped stupidly against my lower belly.
"That's better," she said, lying back on the sun bed, "now where were we?"
I quickly looked around I case there was anyone to see my naked erection but Carmen had been right. I was safe so, kneeling mostly naked but completely erect, I began to massage the sun cream into Carmen's breasts.

I barely noticed Carmen's hand casually stroking my erection as I rubbed her naked breasts, but when her fingers dived between my thighs and grasped my tightening scrotum, I suddenly realised how incredibly aroused I had become and, almost too late, what was surely about to happen.
"Excuse me..." I stammered, abandoning the sun cream and leaping to my feet in preparation for making a dash into the bathroom and finish myself off messily across the mirror.

When I returned to the terrace a few minutes later having cleaned the tell-tale semen smears off, I was somewhat shame faced but at least now had a decidedly flaccid and better behaved penis. Carmen and Alice were still stretched out on their backs, breasts fully exposed to the sun.
"Better now?" Carmen asked.
I turned and grunted in reply, still pink-faced, but as she grinned at me and lay back on her bed, I couldn't help noticing the large dark moist patch on her bikini panties between her thighs. It most certainly had not been there before I had massaged her.

After refilling their glasses, I joined them on the terrace on my own separate sun bed. As I lay back on the damp towel, I noticed that the balcony next door was no longer empty and that a tall, well-built young man was doing some rather showy exercises there on his own.It was Mitch, the Junior Olympian. He didn't seem able to keep his eyes off the two bare-breasted girls next to me -- though they were both almost old enough to be his mother .
To my surprise, his gaze seemed especially drawn to my wife's breasts, the nipples of which were, I noticed, still erect even now. I wondered if she had noticed she had an audience but through her sunglasses it was impossible to see where, if anywhere, she was looking.
Had I been a more 'normal' husband I might have become angry and remonstrated with the Peeping Tom despite his youth and muscles. Instead, as a Cuckold I felt proud -- and more than a little aroused - that a young good-looking lad should find my wife so very sexy.

I looked across at Alice who lay motionless, her breasts darkening almost as I watched, and noticed a small but definitely fast-growing damp patch in the crotch of her red bikini panties too. Like Carmen, she most certainly had not been damp there even after I had massaged her breasts.
She was getting aroused before my eyes. Hmmm.
We swam, sunbathed and read books and magazines for the rest of the day, all three of us tanning noticeably in the warm sun. Both the girls replaced their bikini tops before going to the pool which was a relief because it seemed that whenever they went for a swim, so did Mitch, our secret observer from next door. When they returned to their topless sunbathing, he appeared either on the balcony, or on one occasion 'going for a run' across the end of our terrace.
I had to admit, he did look very fit and strong in his tight fitting running kit. I can't imagine the girls failed to notice it too.

As the day cooled a little, we went into the apartment, showered and changed then, glass in hand, watched the sun go down over the mountains before having dinner together in a small rough-and-ready bar on the beach, a few miles from the apartment.

I have to admit I felt great, walking barefoot along the sand hand in hand with two gorgeous women. Alice had dressed in a loose white cotton dress which showed off her light healthy tan to perfection and beneath which I could tell she wore no underwear at all -- something she was increasingly doing at home too.

Carmen wore the equally short but tight black cocktail dress that I had seen her in before. Apart from matching her dark hair and gypsy eyes, it accentuated her curves to perfection. They were both stunning in their different ways and I told them so.

Spanish restaurant hours are late so it was well gone midnight by the time we returned to our bedroom and Alice and I kissed Carmen goodnight. It had been a lovely evening but, as she donned her sleep shorts and loose top, I could tell my wife was preoccupied.
"Are you very disappointed?" I asked as we pulled the light sheet over ourselves and turned off the light.

She breathed out heavily. "I suppose I am, yes. I hadn't realised just how much I was looking forward to... you know... to being fucked by him again. It's feels like it's been such a long time."
I loved the emphasis she had unconsciously put on the word 'fucked'. It made me tingle inside.
"I'm disappointed too," I told her truthfully, "though I wouldn't want everyone to know I'm disappointed that I can't watch my wife cheating on me with another man."
She laughed. "That's what your Best Friend Carmen has done to us!"
We lay side my side for a few moments before a thought crossed my mind.
"If you're feeling horny I could fuck you now," I offered, "with a condom of course, I know you want to stay clean for him and..."
"Thanks," she interrupted, "but I'd rather save myself for Steve when he comes. I love you very much but it's just not the same with you as when he fucks me."
There! She had used the 'f' word again. Wonderful!

"I'd rather wait another day than risk being..."
I filled in the word for her.

She nodded. "Sorry, but it's the truth. It will make the fucking better for all three of us -- maybe all four -- if I'm really, really ready."
Another 'f' word! She must be very frustrated indeed!
A moment later she breathed out one long sigh and rolled onto her side.To my surprise, I felt a small delicate hand lowering the front of my shorts and light fingers began to stroke my tummy.
"If you need a little help though..." she said.

My cock automatically rose to meet her fingers and for a few moments she stroked the sensitive ridge beneath my shaft, then took my erection fully in her fingers and began to pump me in slow, gentle strokes.
"Alice, you don't have tooooo!" I began.

"Shhh! It won't be long..." she whispered

"Ooooh! That's nice!" I sighed. Her hand rose from the very base of my shaft where my scrotum was tightening quickly to my smooth rounded head which was already swelling. And then my own cock erupted in a cascade of sticky, slimy fluid which spurted over my lower belly and chest, my cock pulsing, throbbing in Alice's increasingly messy hand as she kept on pumping me right through my ejaculation, gripping me hard as if milking every last drop of the precious semen from my body, holding my softening cock tightly in her hand long after my ejaculations had ceased before finally releasing its flaccid shaft to the warm night air.
"Feeling better?" She asked as she wiped her hands on a tissue from the box by the bed.
"Much better," I admitted, "You're amazing too."
"Two hand jobs in one day," she smiled, "perhaps you're not such a useless lover after all..."
I frowned.
"Yes, I did see what Carmen was doing to you," she added.

There was no malice in her voice and I smiled at the tease.
"Are you sure I can' something for you?" I asked again, still panting a little.
"Let's save it for tomorrow and let Steve give me a proper fucking. You'll enjoy it more too."
Another 'f' word. The poor thing must be desperate.
"Ok," I replied, "and thank you, Hotwife Alice."
"Goodnight Cucky-Boy!" she said, kissing me on the forehead and rolling onto her other side.
7th Heaven

It was quite early on Saturday morning when I woke to find the bed next to me empty. My head ached from the previous night's drinking and dancing so I was somewhat dopey as I entered the kitchen in my boxer shorts and drank two long cool glasses of water.

The sun was gleaming on the surface of the pool and as I stared at its bright reflection, I noticed two familiar shapes low in the water; my lovely wife Alice and our young neighbor Mitch were doing their first hundred lengths of the day.
As I watched, they finished whatever count they were doing, stopped at the pool's shallow end and stood with their backs to the side, chatting enthusiastically. Alice's face was bright and beaming as her young athletic friend kept her amused and impressed.
"They're getting on well," Carmen said coming up silently behind me, a habit she seemed to have developed deliberately to unsettle me, "but not as well as last night if I recall correctly."
"When shall we tell her?" I asked, coming out of my reverie and referring to the bad news Carmen had told me the previous afternoon that Steve, her husband and my wife's lover had been so delayed in his business that he would now only arrive in the resort after Alice and I had returned home.
"We'll tell her over breakfast," Carmen insisted, '"let's not spoil her fun now."
She nodded at the pool where a race was clearly in progress. Alice was half way through a length, swimming quickly with a great deal of splashingas Mitch launched himself after her. There was no contest, even with half a length's lead and with a few powerful strokes Mitch caught up with her and grabbed her legs under the water.

Alice squealed in delight, Mitch grabbed her around the waist, Alice turned towards him, her arms and legs flailing, Mitch pulled her towards him,her legs wrapped themselves around his waist so her bikini bottoms were resting on his swim shorts...

For a moment they froze, staring into each other's eyes, adjusting their positions, Mitch's midriff pressed hard against my wife's bikini clad vulva.
And then Carmen called across the terrace that she and I were starving and that was quite enough exercise for one morning.
Mitch held my wife in his strong arms while she unwrapped her legs from around his thighs and lowered herself into the water. For a moment they both straightened their swim clothes awkwardly, Mitch's impressive erection impossible to hide under the skin tight material, then climbed the steps out of the pool and crossed to the terrace.
"Will I see you later?" the young man asked as he turned to go into his mother's villa.
"I hope so," I heard my wife reply, smiling sweetly as she joined Carmen and me at the table.


Later that morning, the three of us walked slowly through the smart marina a short drive away, staring open mouthed at the lines of sleek, expensive yachts that ostentatiously lined its walkways and their even more ostentatious owners and hangers-on. I loved boats, especially large ocean going yachts and occasionally dreamed of owning one.
Normally I would be transfixed but my attention was fixed on my lovely wife who had taken the news of her lover's non-arrival in almost total silence -- she had exchanged very few words with either me or Carmen since.
Despite this, she had automatically dressed sexily for the day's excursion -- one that was originally intended to end with the collection of Steve from the airport!
My sweet wife and the mother of our two kids was wearing a pair of shorts cut off so high in the leg that, had she possessed any, her pubic hair would have been clearly visible at the crotch - certainly there was no possibility that she was wearing panties underneath. Added to that were a tight vest top cut just under her breasts which showcased her nipples alarmingly and revealed what was now very nearly a six-pack tummy to match Mitch's.


We returned to the apartment, changed and went back onto the terrace for a last afternoon of sunbathing. Mitch had clearly been waiting for our arrival because within a few minutes of the girls stripping off and lying topless on their sun beds, he joined us dripping water and full of smiles. Unsurprisingly the girls both welcomed him warmly despite his apparent inability to look at anything other than their naked breasts.
For the next few hours his contagious boyish enthusiasm and obvious admiration for her improved the atmosphere still further and the pair of them were soon chatting, giggling and every so often breaking off for sessions in the pool, many of which involved horse-play and a fair amount of shrieking and splashing.
"Kids could always cheer her up," I said cheerily to Carmen as she lay beside me in the sunshine, but she wasn't really listening. Instead she just sipped her gin & tonic and watched the two frolickers in the pool with a strange smile on her face.


We had planned a special 'farewell' meal for that evening in a Michelin-Starred restaurant about half an hour's drive away and had booked a table well in advance.

Of course, now Steve wasn't going to be present but the lure of this restaurant was simply too great for us to cancel the table so Carmen asked Mitch if he would take his place.
She assured him that dinner would be 'on us' (meaning on me) and he accepted the invitation with delight. The table had been booked for eight o'clock - very early by Spanish standards but it was the only slot available. For such an event, it was of course necessary for both the girls to spend ages preparing themselves.
Alice seemed a little subdued but could not bear to go out looking anything but her sexy best.
"You know I'm happy to help if you need... well, a bit of release. There's still time," I offered, placing a refilled glass on the dressing table as she sat in a fluffy white towel and prepared to dry her hair.

She smiled indulgently. "I know you are. Maybe I'll take you up on the offer later. Have the condoms ready just in case!" the humor in her voice was very sexy.
"Mitch is coming too, now. He seems to make you smile easily enough," I hazarded. To my surprise, Alice went a little quiet and blushed.

"He's funny and he's good company, but he's just a boy."
"He doesn't look like one or swim like one,"
I challenged, "he's got an incredible physique... and he's very keen on you."
"He's just being polite. I'm old enough to be his mother."


It was well past eight o'clock when I paid off the taxi outside the restaurant as the girls chatted happily with Mitch, straightening their dresses and hair before passing through tall wrought iron gates and into the large, white-walled lobby. Alice's good mood had returned and Carmen was positively glowing with energy.
Mitch who had dressed simply in chinos and a tight polo shirt that seemed designed to show off his muscular build.

If this was his intention then it had certainly worked. I couldn't come close to the body Mitch was displaying and which was attracting the attention of both Alice and Carmen and indeed most of the women in the restaurant. I felt a little out-classed.

The night was warm but not oppressive and we were ushered through to the restaurant's courtyard and sat alongside a shallow pool with a soft fountain. The table was rectangular rather than square or round and eventually Carmen and I sat next to each other on one side of the table while Alice and Mitch sat side by side facing us. No Englishman would expect to sit next to his wife at table; I sat opposite Alice which wasn't quite 'de rigeur' but I couldn't have asked for a more attractive vista.

Fortunately by the dinner arrived we were all feeling mellow and the fabulous gin and tonics and equally wonderful wines helped cushion the shock when the check eventually arrived - at my place.

Carmen, became extraordinarily flirty, directing her attentions a little towards Mitch but to my surprise mostly in my direction. Before the starters had been served, her chair was so close to mine that our thighs were touching and at many times during the meal I felt her hand on my thigh or even higher, squeezing gently -- or not so gently -- as the mood took her.

Across the table, Mitch was quiet, as if rather over-awed by his surroundings and his older but stunning female companions. Through the glass table top I saw her rub her bare thigh against his leg andhis hand slipped silently downwards onto her knee.
She didn't move it away.

By the time coffee was served and a third bottle of wine finished, Mitch had begun to stroke my wife's thigh and that far from removing his hand, she had perhaps unconsciously allowed her knees to part slightly giving him better access.
Our taxi arrived a little late so after paying the alarmingly large bill, I joined Mitch and the girls for a brief walk around the garden in the cooling night air. Carmen immediately slipped her arm through mine and steered me firmly along the pathway towards the fountain, leaving Alice and Mitch to follow, slightly awkwardly.
"If you're going to be my date, you might look as if you're enjoying it," Carmen whispered, her words slurred.
"I am enjoying it," I insisted, "but I think you're up to no good!"
"Then just go with the flow, Mister C," she replied!

She slipped her arm around my waist and we strolled for a few minutes then, reaching the end of the path, turned to re-trace our steps. As we turned, there was a sudden movement in front of us and I noticed Mitch rapidly removing his arm from around my wife's shoulders then pretending to be pointing at something in the sky.
I smiled inwardly as I escorted Carmen to the waiting taxi.

It was a tight squeeze for Mitch and the two girls in the back seat but interestingly, none of them complained as the taxi drove along the coast road back to the apartment. From my position in the front I could direct the driver to the right block, but was amused to see my wife's slightly tipsy head resting on Mitch's shoulder, her eyes closing. I was also surprised to see his hand on her bare thigh, stroking it up and down. The boy was getting bolder.
When we arrived at the apartment block, I paid off the taxi while Mitch and the girls unfolded themselves from the back seat and straightened their clothes once again.
"Well, goodnight and thanks for a really great evening..."

"You can't just leave us now," Carmen insisted. "It's only eleven thirty. I'm not nearly ready for my own bed yet!"

I'm not sure whether Mitch caught or understood her use of the word 'own' but he smiled.
"Are you sure it's ok? I don't want to overstay my welcome... "
"Certain!" Alice insisted, "We can't let our last night fizzle out this early!"
My wife's good mood was evident, even if a little alcohol-assistance had been needed. I opened a bottle of Spanish brandy and passed round the bowl-shaped goblets, Carmen slid the glass terrace doors wide open, letting the refreshing night air into the room.
"Cheers!" she smiled, raising her glass to mine.

The four of us clinked our goblets together and sipped the strong coarse liquor. Surprised by its burning, Alice began to cough, her eyes wide and laughing as she bent over. In response, Mitch came instantly to the rescue, patting her unconvincingly on the back then putting his arm around her waist to steady her as she gradually stopped choking and giggling.
"Water!" Carmen commanded, waving me away to the kitchen, "and we'd better get the coffee on too," she added, following me so closely that she almost pushed me out of the room."Don't worry about that," she said as I began filling a glass at the kitchen tap, "let's get the coffee on."

I reached for the tin of ground beans but before I could touch it, Carmen's hand was on mine.

"There's no hurry, Mister Cuckold," she said, looking me straight in the eyes, "let's give them a little bit of privacy."
"Carmen!" I gasped in amazement, "You're trying to get Alice and Mitch to..." but I couldn't finish the sentence.
Carmen said nothing but her dark brown eyes sparkled and gleamed in the low kitchen light.
"But he's almost young enough to be..."
"To be by far the best bet she's seen in a month!" she cut right across me, "he's young, fit, gorgeous, quite experienced and, in case you haven't noticed, the two of them are completely smitten with each other!"
Suddenly the idea wasn't crazy. I picked up my brandy and sipped it deep in thought while Carmen slowly began to make coffee. When she had assembled four small cups and the coffee pot on a tray, she turned to me and whispered.
"You can carry this through to the lounge but go quietly. If things are going well, I don't want to put him off. He's still young and might not have the confidence to make love to an older woman. He doesn't know what a pushover your sweet wife actually is."
She opened the door and we crossed the hallway in near silence, our feet padding softly on the marble floor. I could see the two potential lovers framed against the large glass windows. They were talking animatedly, facing each other, their bodies close. My wife's face was raised towards Mitch's, her eyes bright and gleaming with attraction and interest and she kept touching his strong forearm as they chatted.
"Come on, Mister Cuckold!"
She led me into the lounge, still carrying the tray which I placed on the low table. Alice and Mitch paused in their conversation as we arrived and accepted a cup of coffee each from Carmen and a refill of their brandy from me. Mitch looked a little unhappy at the interruptionand that they were careful not to move any further apart but their hands were no longer actually touching."I think that brandy has gone to my head a little," Carmen suddenly announced, taking my arm as if for support, "will you bring my coffee out on the terrace?" she asked me, "I need a bit of fresh air."
Carmen was obviously inventing this but I felt compelled to go along with her plan, whatever it was.

"Of course," I smiled.

And with that, I led the slightly unstable Carmen through the large glass windows and onto the terrace, leaving my wife and the boy together in the lounge. As we reached the open end of the terrace, Carmen casually directed me to one side as if following the path to the pool but once out of sight, she turned back on her tracks and drew me to a spot hidden from the secluded end of the terrace by the large, aromatic bougainvillea hedge.
"Look!" she hissed, pointing through the hedge.

I looked and realized that the whole of the secluded terrace were clearly visible to us but that we ourselves were completely hidden from them.
"He's awkward," Carmen whispered, "she's telegraphing that she's available but he hasn't got the message yet," she grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, "Come on, Mister Cuckold!"
I followed her obediently back onto the terrace, puzzled. As she steered me carefully into a pool of light where Alice and Mitch had to see us then turned to face me and pressed her body full on against mine. "Kiss me!"
"Wha...?" I stammered.
"For fuck's sake, Kiss me!" she hissed, pulling my head down to meet her rising lips, "He's watching!"
In an instant Carmen's lips were on mine, her mouth open, her tongue forcing my teeth apart and plunging into my mouth seeking mine and within a few seconds I had thrown myself into the embrace.

"That's better, Mister Cuckold!" She whispered, releasing my tongue and sliding her cheek alongside mine. "Now show me you're not as useless a date as I thought you were. Give me a good groping!"
My hands dropped from her lower back to her buttocks and I obediently began to knead them through her tight black dress, feeling their smooth softness. I inhaled deeply, feeling increasingly aroused by this extraordinary woman who had wreaked such pleasurable havoc in our lives.
As we kissed, Carmen guiding me gently but firmly, her body pressed hard against mine as we slowly turned on the terrace's edge. My cock was suddenly very hard indeed and pressed into her shapely belly where she deliberately moved from side to side against it. She felt hot, soft and incredibly sexy.
"Careful!" she whispered into my ear, resting her head on my shoulder, "We don't want any accidents down there, do we?" Her timing was indeed good; I was certainly becoming very aroused. "Let's see if he's taken the hint."
She-Devil had simply been manoeuvring me so she could watch Alice and Mitch over my shoulder as we kissed. I mentally kicked myself for my stupidity but then to my surprise found her lips back on mine and her tongue in my mouth once again.


She carefully turned me round until my face was towards the window. Her lips were still on mine but over her shoulder I could see the action now beginning to take place. Mitch had put down his drink and taken Alice's fingers in his. He was leaning towards her and, gradually, she was leaning towards him... closer... closer... Alice raised her head suddenly, her eyes open, her face anxious too.
"Now watch!" she whispered in my ear

Mitch and Alice were now finally in full embrace, her slim body wrapped in his powerful arms, her small hands between his shoulder blades, her mouth wide open as his tongue delved deeply. She was rubbing herself gently against his groin.

Carmen chuckled, drawing me back onto the terrace and into Mitch's line of sight again. She paused by the table and turned, placing us in the low light where Mitch couldn't possibly miss us then pulled me to her and, arms around my neck once again, kissed me full on the lips.

"Get your hands on my butt, quickly," she whispered.

"Lift my dress!" She suddenly hissed in my ear.
My hands quickly worked their way down to the hem of Carmen's tight dress and insinuated themselves underneath. A wriggle or two more and suddenly her dress was around her waist, her paper thin panties under my fingertips.
"He's seen us!" she whispered, "Now get your hands in my knickers," she commanded.

I kissed her more lightly now. Obediently I slipped my palms down over her soft buttocks and under the elastic of her panties to cup her bare cheeks. She breathed softly in my ear.
"Mmm that's nice. I think he's getting the idea... Now do you really need me to tell you what to do from here?" she chuckled.

"I can't see..." I protested.

"Mmm that's nice, Mister Cuckold... mmm... he's doing ok... they're still kissing... he's slipping her straps off her shoulders... her top's falling away... mmm that's really nice... he's bared her boobs now.... Christ! She's got tiny tits... my God those nipples are hard... mmm don't stop Mister C... he's got his hand on her left tit... Oh Hell, you might as well see for yourself!"She turned me slowly round, my hands still deep inside her panties, until I could see into the window once again. There stood my sweet blonde wife, her red dress hanging loosely round her waist, her breasts totally naked and exposed. Mitch's fingers were toying with her dark pointed nipples, her chest was rising and falling and her mouth, firmly pressed to his, opening wider as she became more and more aroused.

As my long middle finger brushed against the base of Carmen's slit, I saw Mitch's hands drop to my wife's bottom where they gripped her buttocks firmly for a moment making her rise on her tiptoes in pleasure. Mitch began to raise the back of Alice's dress, until it had almost reached her waist, revealing her firm, bare buttocks and the red thong panties she was wearing beneath.

"Come on, Cucky Boy! Strip!"

With a deftness I had forgotten I possessed, I flicked my wrists backwards and Carmen's panties slid down the backs of my hands to rest in the crease at the top of her thighs. Her pubic hair was now uncovered but still pressed to my waist.

She turned me round so my back was towards the couple, her own bare buttocks now exposed to the night air.
"He's got the message... he's let her go... kneeling in front of her... he's kissing her tummy... now her boobs... Oh wow! She likes that... his hands are on her bottom... God! He's sucking her tits... Jesus she likes that too!"

The commentary was incredibly arousing and unbelievably frustrating at the same time. I couldn't bear not seeing any longer and roughly spun the pair of us round until I could see the performance for myself. I stared open mouthed, my fingers slipping away from Carmen's damp slit. For a second, she seemed to object then I felt her take me by the hand and lead me back across the terrace to our hiding place behind the bougainvillea where she stood directly in front of me, her dress raised around her waist, her bare buttocks pressed against my midriff. Automatically my arms slipped round her waist until my hands were in her groin, my fingertips were placed on her damp slit again, and I began to stroke.
Mitch's strong arms guide her trembling body to the edge of the couch, laying her back against its cushion. He swiftly slipped her red thong over her heels and away, then placed a hand on each of her slender knees and parted her unresisting legs.For a moment, my lovely wife lay grotesquely displayed, her legs wide apart, her hairless vulva almost obscenely offered, its puffy outer lips parted, the red slit at it its core wide open.

Mitch unfastened his belt and lower his zipper, his trousers fall to his ankles, revealing his long, athletic legs then his hands went to his waist and he wriggled his shorts down over the huge bulge between his legs, which sprang forcefully free.
"Jesus!" Carmen gasped and I concurred. The boy was simply huge!He dropped to his knees between my wife's thighs. Alice stared at his groin, her eyes wide, her mouth half open while he fumbled his way into positiont, then she reached down between her thighs as if guiding him. A second later her head flopped back on the cushion, her eyes closed and a strange half drunk look came over her.And then Mitch's buttocks tightened suddenly, his body thrust powerfully forwardand Alice's eyes burst open wide, the boy drove his huge erect penis hard into my wife's eagerly waiting vagina.
"Yes!" Carmen hissed triumphantly by my side, her voice hard and clearly aroused.
Mitch had penetrated her! His young, almost teenage cock was now deep in my wife's body. Mitch's tight, naked buttocks rise slowly back before being driven forcefully forward, thrusting his young cock deep into my wife's vagina again.
Alice's head rose sharply as the shock of the penetration hit her. Alice was used to Steve's monster cock by now but this, only the second adulterous cock to fill her vagina seemed to have taken her by surprise. Once again his buttocks rose then slammed forwards. This time my wife yelped loud enough to be heard through the almost-closed window.
"That's some cock he's got," Carmen whispered in awe, "I've seen it through his trunks but now... Jesus! She'll remember this fucking for a long time!"
Alice's head turned sharply from side to side in time with his thrusts as he fucked her, her hands first on his shoulders, then on his waist, then reaching for his buttocks as if to pull him still deeper into her body.
"Look at her! She wants him so badly, the little Slut!"
"Aaah! Aaah!" we could hear Alice panting through the glass, along with the knocking sound of the couch being thrust inch by inch across the marble floor.

The pace of thrusting grew faster and harder, Mitch's tight buttocks clenching with every stroke, his thighs muscles bunching as he drove himself into my wife's body. Alice's legs were flailing as his muscular hips hammered into her bare mound, forcing her thighs wide apart.
"Oooooooohhhhhh!" Alice's voice rose in pitch and volume as a small orgasm washed over her.
"Aaaaaahhhhhhhyyyyeeesssssss!" Alice's moaning grew louder as a second, more intense climax overtook the first. Her hands were clenching and unclenching now, grasping the air as Mitch pummelled her vulva in rapid but deep thrusts.

Mitch's cock must have been something very special -- its effect on Alice was profound and as a fourth wave of orgasm surged through her, her eyes lose focus and her head roll as if she was about to pass out.
Mitch appeared to have noticed this too because he slowed his thrusts to a halt, then paused, his cock still buried right to the hilt. Mitch's drew himself out of Alice's vagina then turned her easily round so that she was on her knees, her upper body resting on the couch and her vulva, already red and puffy, presented towards the window where we sat.

Alice's body was like a rag doll in his strong hands as Mitch slid around behind her, forcing her knees apart and positioning himself between her legs. His bottom obscured our view a little but we were very soon treated to the sight of a huge contraction in his athletic buttocks as he rammed his cock deep into my wife's vagina from behind.
Alice gasped and her hands shot forwards in shock at the violent penetration, then flew back as if to try and push Mitch away; as if he had taken her too roughly or too deeply.
Mitch simply swept her arms aside and continued to thrust powerfully into her from behindand after a few seconds of half-protest, her arms relax and her fingers sink deeply into the sofa's cushion again as his body slammed into hers.
Mitch had now drawn my wife's arms back and was holding one hand in each of his, pulling her into an arch, lifting her head from the cushion and forcing her bodily even harder onto his thrusting cock.
Alice's head was thrown back too, her mouth wide open in an orgasm so noisy and powerful we could hear it echo off the apartment block opposite; a wail of agony, or ecstasy, or both! Now his hips were almost a blur, the slapping sounds of his waist against her battered buttocks clearly audible above her moans; the pained, wide-eyed expression on my wife's usually sweet face showing just how hard he was making her cum.
"It looks like... you're married... to a real Slut now." Carmen growled at me as her own passion rose, "I reckon... your sweet Alice... will take... any cock on offer... from now on."
I stared at the mating couple open mouthed, my cock now rock hard but no match for Mitch's youthful monster as my wife's devastating multiple orgasms made abundantly clear. Her head was sagging from her repeated climaxes, her legs trembling as Mitch's thrusts grew faster and faster.
" her... cumming," Carmen growled, the fingers of her right hand between her thighs, her left hand suddenly gripping my groin, "How does that... make you feel... Mister Cuckold?"I couldn't respond because at that point Mitch's thrusts became wild and random as almost without warning, his own orgasm began; his body barely under control as he climaxed inside her.Dropping Alice's hands, he grasped her roughly by the waist, his fingers digging deep into her skinny flesh, and hammered himself repeatedly into her body, driving her head hard against the sofa cushion, her hair a disorganised blonde fan over her sweaty back and face as his very obvious ejaculation began.
"She's taking his load! And begging for it. Listen!"
Alice's cries were clear and loud as she came massively, one final time. I stared wide eyed at the fornicating couple; the boy continuing to inseminate my wife; his body still in spasm; his buttocks tightly clenched and twitching.
Carmen's grip on my erection became so tight I had to stifle a cry of pain.
"Jesus! He's... he's filling her," she gasped in admiration, "your sweet wife's cunt's taking a real hammering this time, Mister Cuckold!"
Mitch pumped his semen into my wife's unresisting, entirely compliant body.

After a longer ejaculation than I had imagined possible, Mitch's thrusts finally ceased and he knelt panting, trying to catch his breath, his cock still embedded in my wife's vagina, his hands still gripping her hips. Alice's head lay flat on the couch's cushion, her face bright pink with the intensity of her orgasms, her arms hanging limp, her back heaving with laboured breaths.

Mitch's fingers began to gently stroke the skin of her back then he drew her limp body towards him. Alice was like a rag doll, completely pliable in his hands as he slid her from the couch until she sat back on his strong thighs, her back leaning against his chest. I saw his softening cock slip silently from her spent body and a wet trickle of fluid followed it onto the marble floor, pooling beneath her swollen vulva.

Alice stirred in her stupor and automatically turned her head until his lips could reach hers. They kissed lovingly and deeply for a long time, his hands stroking her slender arms and thighs in gestures of adoration.
Then Mitch rose to his feet rather clumsily and quickly and kicked off his trousers, pants and shoes before dropping to his knees and slipping his arms underneath my helpless wife's limp body. He lifted her effortlessly and carried her across the lounge to the door behind which lay the hallway and bedrooms.

He opened it, carried her carefully through and I watched it close slowly behind them.

Chapter Eight...
"Jesus!" I sighed gazing into the empty lounge open mouthed. "That was awesome!"
"And I don't think he's finished with her yet..." Carmen added, "Come on, Mister Cuckold, time for bed!"

Straightening up and releasing my groin, she quickly led me round the outside of the apartment and back into her and Steve's bedroom through the open French windows.
"He's taken her to your bedroom next door," she hissed as we entered, "keep quiet and listen!"
The bedroom was in darkness as she led me across to the bed where we sat side by side, listening. After a short while, noises soon began to filter through the thin internal wall.

First there was giggling then the low tones of Mitch's masculine voice followed by the familiar higher notes of Alice's. Her words were indecipherable but she sounded happy and excited. There were more words from them both, then a long period of silence.
"They must have fallen asleep." I eventually whispered, but Carmen shushed me.
"Wait," she said, "it won't be long now."
She was right. After less than two more minutes of silence, we heard it; the slow, quiet knock, knock, knocking of the bed head striking the wall as in the next room, Mitch began to fuck my sweet wife for a second time.
"Christ! That was quick!" I hissed, amazed at his speed of recovery.
"The blessings of having a young lover!" Carmen grinned and squeezed my hand to her lower belly. I could feel her softness, heat and considerable dampness clearly. "Lie by me," she said softly.

I did as I was told and for a long time we lay in silence, listening to the sound of the bed head knocking against the wall; an impressive testament to Mitch's stamina -- or perhaps because he had ejaculated so recently. But then as the knocking gradually grew faster, the sound of creaking springs broke through followed quickly by a woman's voice moaning loudly.
"She's going to cum again!" Carmen hissed excitedly.

"Already! He's amazing!" she said and I felt my fingers being forced down into her groin, her panties now soaking wet with arousal.

As if on cue, the knocking on the wall grew faster and faster and my wife's cries louder and more frantic until her words were clearly audible. Instinctively I began to finger Carmen's slit again, this time from the front and with much better access. She began to moan along with Alice's cries filtering through the wall.
"Oh God! Oh Christ! Oh fuck me, Mitch, fuck meeeeeee!"

The voice was Alice's but the words were those of a Slut as a loud but low-pitched grunting joined my wife's orgasmic wailing and the knocking grew even faster.
"Ohhh yes!!!"

I was dimly aware of Carmen's thighs parting and my fingers being rammed hard against her vulva as if she was masturbating using my hand. I felt the unmistakable shape of a large, firm and very swollen clitoris under my fingertips. She moaned louder as I slipped my middle finger along her slit and fingered her nub directly.
"Nnnnnnnnn! Ohhhhhh Goddddddd!"
Alice's voice, wild and crazed came loudly through the thin wall now. She was clearly out of control as Mitch brought her to yet another intense, noisy orgasm next door.

The muffled voice was hardly recognizable as belonging to the woman I had married. My mind filled with images of Mitch's face inches above my hers, his sweat dripping onto her face, his own body in spasm as he ejaculated in her for a second time, fresh new seed cascading into her to join the pool already swimming eagerly, trying to impregnate her as Steve's seed had done only a few weeks ago.
My own finger was now merely a blur on Carmen's huge, engorged clitoris and she bucked against my hand, her voice now little but grunts and groans.

Then suddenly through the wall, a loud male voice uttered a half-animal cry and after half a dozen loud bangs, all the noises faded to silence.

My fingers, still between Carmen's thighs and now wet and sticky, slowed and stopped.
"Carmen, what have you done to us...?" I asked, turning to look at her face.

I froze, my anxious eyes meeting her deep brown, wide-open pupils. There was a look of desperation on her face and I realized that for the first time, the She-Devil had been caught up in her own scheming. She looked wild, her chest heaving, her large breasts rising and falling, her body trembling.
I realized to my amazement that cool, calculating Carmen was on the brink of a massive orgasm!
"Please... Please finish me..." she gasped. "Don't... don't leave me... like this!"
"But Steve..." I began.
"Fuck Steve!" she yelled, "I've got to cum nowwww!"
Without a word, I knelt alongside her legs and pulled her soaking wet panties quickly down and over her feet, throwing them away quickly. Her legs fell open instantly revealing for the first time her own vulva nestling at the top of her soft full thighs. The dark triangle of tightly knotted pubic hair glistened with the wetness of her arousal and her large, engorged clitoris protruded almost grotesquely from her puffy outer lips.
"Quickly!" she hissed. "Don't fuck me... but make me cum... Please...!"
The idea of actually putting my little cock inside a vagina so used to Steve's massive member would have terrified me if I had thought of it. Instead I shuffled between her thighs and in an instant her legs were parted, her ankles on my back and my face was buried in her pubic hair as I lapped her slit with long strokes of my tongue.
"Jesus!" she exclaimed and I felt her thighs close tightly on the sides of my head, gripping me painfully between her cool, smooth thighs. I lapped again, from her puckered anus, across the entrance to her vagina and up to the large protruding clit above. I lapped again, and again, and again and heard the characteristic moans of a woman about to orgasm coming from above me.
"That's it... yessss!" she gasped.

Raising my mouth very slightly I abandoned her weeping vagina and carefully, gently, sucked her engorged clitoris between my lips, drawing it out of its hood until it protruded into my mouth.
I held it between my lips, running my tongue over its tip, feeling Carmen's body trembling with anticipation. The effect was immediate! Carmen's legs closed hard on my head, almost making me choke, her breathing all but stopped, her body convulsing. Her strong hands pulled me violently into her vulva, then pushed me away, then pulled me back while my mouth, head and lungs filled with the potent aroma of a full bodied immensely sexy woman in helpless orgasm.


I don't know how long we lay there in silence afterwards, side by side, my face and neck sticky with her juices but she held me close while her trembling slowed to a halt and her breathing became silent once again. I had actually made Carmen cum! After all she had done to Alice and to me, I had actually given her a real orgasm in return! I hadn't needed to try and fuck her, risking having my performance compared unfavourably with Steve's. No, I had stuck to what I did best -- and it had worked.

We slept side by side in her bed, a simple sheet pulled over our two bodies. I was woken twice more in the night by the sound of the bed head next door thumping against the wall as Mitch fucked the life out of my poor Slut wife for a third and then an incredible fourth time.
During their third mating I could hear the exhaustion in her voice but she certainly reached orgasm again, albeit slowly and for a short time. When the knocking started for the fourth and last time, I heard only the bed head and, at the very end, Mitch's climactic grunts.


It was pitch dark when I finally heard footsteps in the corridor outside and the apartment's front door closing softly.
"What time is it?" The dreamy voice came from behind me as I struggled to orientate myself.
"Half past four!"

I turned round quickly to see a rather dishevelled Carmen in bed alongside me. Her long dark hair was tousled, her make-up smudged. She was naked, as was I, both of us covered in a thin white sheet.
"Is that any way to greet your new lover, Mister Cuckold?" she said archly, clearly amused by my confusion.
"I'm sorry..." I mumbled, "I'm a bit... you know..."

"Not as much 'You Know' as your Slutwife next door, I'll bet!" She replied, smiling broadly.

"I thought Steve had stamina," she laughed, "but that boy's unstoppable."

"You'd better go and see her," Carmen advised, "if it's anything like the last time she'll be in a state and need you now."

I gulped with a mixture of nerves and excited anticipation.
"Mister Cuckold," she said knowingly, "go and see if your wife has a little present for you between her legs."
My cock immediately sprang to life at the thought. I rose to my feet, still naked, and crossed to the bedroom door.
I left the room and padded silently to the next bedroom, behind whose door my freshly fucked wife lay. The room was hot and reeked of sex. Alice lay alone on her side in the bed. She was naked, one leg straightened, the other bent at the knee providing a tiny glimpse of what I could already see was a very well-used vulva. I stared for a moment in admiration; her body looked slim and athletic, half tanned and very, very attractive. I looked much closer that I saw the real evidence of my wife's total submission to her newest lover.

Her puffy vulva was mostly hidden from my sight and touch, so my eyes were drawn to the line of her slim, toned tummy and upwards towards her tiny firm breasts. I bent closer; her left nipple looked sore and there were bite marks on the darkening globe but as yet, no hickeys on her breast or neck.
Taking care not to disturb her, I lowered myself onto the rumpled sheet and lay alongside her for a moment in the bed where she had just been fucked. I could feel the heat from her body so close to mine and to my delight found the mattress beneath me still warm from where Mitch's body had lain.
Alice stirred slightly in her sleep, then rolled silently onto her back where she lay awkwardly as if in missionary position, her legs grotesquely spread apart, knees bent, her vulva fully exposed, for all the world as if she had been overcome by sleep the moment his cock had left her body.
I stared at the familiar crotch so brazenly displayed. Not in all our years of marriage had I ever seen her vulva so well used, so red, so puffy or so obviously sore. Her outer lips were swollen, their puffiness making them part and in the long opening between was the angry purple-red gash of her abused slit. It looked dark and painful, her inner lips and clitoris protruding way beyond the usual safety of her outer labia.

Jesus! She had been well fucked, her hairless mound and lower belly were encrusted with dried semen - which had been churned to frothy foam by the energy of Mitch's thrusts. Indeed a thin layer of stickiness seemed to cover her entire vulva, her upper thighs and was streaked over the sheet beneath her buttocks.
I ran my index finger very gently along her gaping slit.
"Please Mitch... No more... Please...I can't..."
Alice's voice was sleepy and very distant. I watched her chest rising and falling as her slow, regular breathing returned.
I was in Cuckold heaven once again! Moving as carefully as I could, I slid down the bed until my knees were on the floor rug between her spread legs. I leaned lightly over the edge of the bed, my shoulders between her open thighs and bent forward.
My face was now barely an inch away from her abused vulva. The smell of sex and sweat was awesome! I put out my tongue and tentatively licked the sticky crease at the top of her thigh.Alice's breathing didn't change, though her legs moved slightly.
I lowered my face to her gaping slit and boldly drawing my tongue, its surface wide and flat, in a single long stroke from her gaping vagina to her protruding clitoris, scooping up a generous portion of white foamy semen and lubrication into my mouth.
Mitch's semen tasted different from both Steve's and my own, and there was the taste of my wife's orgasmic juices, churned over and over by Mitch's relentless cock.
"Mmmmm!" she moaned as my tongue took a second, long lick of her slit, her voice muffled and dopey through lack of sleep and post-orgasmic disorientation.
I took a third, then a fourth and fifth mouthful of juices directly from her slit, my tongue diving deep into her loose, red vagina.I wanted to jump on the bed between her spread legs, to mount her violently, to fuck her hard as I had done after she had been fucked by Steve in a futile Cuckold's attempt to reclaim that which was already so obviously lost.
"I need you... please..." Her voice was low and dreamy, almost drunk but she was looking straight at me in the low light and smiling.
"Are you sure? You look pretty sore already?" I whispered, taking her stroking fingers in mine.

"I need you make love to me... just be gentle..."
Without another word, I climbed onto the bed and knelt between her still-spread legs, my cock fully erect. I leaned over her, my weight on my left arm while my right hand steered my cock towards the scene of devastation at the top of my wife's thighs. I found the entrance to her vagina then pressed gently forwards. Her inner lips parted astonishingly easily and in a single slow stroke I slid smoothly my full length into my wife's vagina, halting only when my curly pubic hair ground against her newly hairless pubic mound.

There was a soft squelching sound from below. I looked down to see that my incoming shaft had forced some of Mitch's copious semen out of her body where it had formed a pale sticky ring around the base of my shaft. She then closed her eyes and I saw her fists grasp the sheet at if bracing herself.

I slipped easily in, her vagina practically gaping, the flood of her juices and Mitch's semen the best possible lubrication.
I had never felt her body this loose around my shaft - even after the kids had been born her vagina had been tighter and drier around me.

Again there was a wet slapping sound as I thrust into her and another spray of semen spattered across my upper thighs and belly
- add to that the taste of their coupling in my mouth, the smell of recent sex in my nostrils, the sight of teeth marks on her tiny breasts and my head could do nothing but spin.
I began to thrust harder, passion rising within me, my cock churning the juices within her into a foam around its base. Faster and faster I thrust, feeling her hands on my chest, then my sides, then my back.
"Please... no more..." she begged and I felt her clamp down on my cock as hard as her exhausted, stretched vagina would allow as if desperately trying to bring me to a climax quickly.

I knew I had to end it soon -- but that was a foregone conclusion anyway. I lowered my mouth to her pretty face and kissed her hard on the lips, thrusting my tongue between her teeth; seeing her eyes widen at the unfamiliar taste of her own copulation passing from my mouth to hers.
It was enough. I began to ejaculate in my wife's wet, slimy, gaping vagina, adding my own contribution to the pool of semen that was still inside her vagina and by now had probably seeped into her womb too where I silently prayed this time no egg would be waiting.
I withdrew, kneeling between her limp thighs, above which an angry red gash now throbbed and glowed. I kissed her once on the tummy, then once on each battered breast, then on her forehead before rolling onto the sticky, semen-encrusted sheet alongside her and enfolding her in my arms.
Alice's eyes were closed.

"Thank you..." she began but her voice trailed away.

I hugged her tightly, feeling her fit, athletic body lying limply against mine, her legs against my legs, her tummy against my flaccid, sticky cock.
"I love you, Hotwife Alice," I whispered into her blonde hair.

Then I fell asleep.


There was very little traffic on the road that morning as Carmen drove us back to the airport. Alice dozed in the back seat, her pretty head leaning against the window, her eyes closed. I had washed, dressed and packed as quickly and quietly as I could so as to let my exhausted wife sleep as long as possible. There had simply been no time for most-mortem discussions about the incredible fucking Mitch had given her but no doubt she would be more forthcoming when we had returned home and both her mind and her body had recovered a little.
When I had finally woken her with a cup of tea, Alice had been tired and dreamy but had greeted me with a pained smile.
"Thank you," she said, taking the hot mug from me.
"How do you feel?" I asked lamely.
"I'm not sure yet," she said blinking, "very, very tired and very, very stiff."
I took her hands and helped her sit up in bed then swivel until she was perched on the edge of the mattress with her feet on the floor. She yelped under her breath as the rough edge of the divan rasped against her sore vulva.
"Jesus!" she exclaimed, holding her bottom away from the sheet with her hands "just how many times did I get fucked last night?"She was grinning and I suspected the question was rhetorical but answered it anyway.
"At least four times to my knowledge -- five including me."

"Oh my God!" she flushed with embarrassment, "And Carmen...?"
"She's in the kitchen making us a bit of breakfast, but we don't have a lot of time to catch the plane. I've packed most of our stuff but..."

Alice took my hand and rose unsteadily to her feet.
"I'll be as quick as I can," she said then to my surprise kissed me directly on the lips, "I think we just moved into a new phase of our life, don't you?"
"If it's as exciting as the last phase then I'm all for it!" I said only half jokingly.

I watched her stumble across to the en suite bathroom. As she took off the remnants of her red dress - which now surely would have to go in the bin - I could clearly see the marks on her sweet body of the comprehensive fucking that she had enjoyed.

There were dark rings around her pretty eyes and several dark hickeys were beginning to develop on her neck and breasts as well as on and around her badly bruised vulva, from which her inner lips and clitoris still protruded obscenely. Both were an angry red color and I noticed her wince when she dried herself down there after her shower.

During our brief breakfast, Alice had said little and eaten less, still completely exhausted. Despite being so very tired and achy, she had still automatically dressed sexily in a short sun dress and heels.

Unsurprisingly, Carmen mentioned nothing at all about her and my encounter in her bedroom and the climax I had given her. I couldn't tell but only half an hour late, we drew out of the apartment's gateway and headed off towards the airport.

As the hard, dry landscape flashed past us I saw her looked at my wife in the rear view mirror as if checking she was asleep. I smiled at Alice's innocent-looking face.
"It's really good of you to take us to the airport," I said, "we could easily have caught a taxi."
"With Slutwife Alice in this state?" she asked, "I need to see you both safely to your plane."
Carmen smiled, her eyes as bright and full of mischief as I had ever seen them.

"Your lovely wife seemed happy enough last night."

"Ready to be more than just my favourite Hotwife," she continued, checking once again that my wife was still asleep behind us.

"I mean that up to now she's just been an unfaithful wife with a Cuckold for a husband and a boyfriend with a huge cock," Carmen continued.

This was certainly true but I hadn't understood there to be a distinction. As far as I was concerned, I was a Cuckold married to a Hotwife -- and loving every minute of it.
"I wanted to see if I could make her a Real Slut; I wanted to know if I could get her to fuck a stranger just for the pleasure of it."
"How did you know it would work?" I asked, aghast at how we had been fooled yet again.

"Your sweet, innocent wife has really changed, you know? More than you think or she realises. She thinks she's 'in lust' with Steve to use her words, but in reality she's addicted to fucking now."
After what I had witnessed the previous night it was hard to deny any of what Carmen was saying.

"How does it feel to be married to a Real Slut, Mister Cuckold?" Although her words were harsh there was a twinkle in her eye and I understood it was her way of teasing me. I couldn't lie to her.
"Even better than I imagined," I replied, meaning it. "Well you've certainly had your fun with the two of us this weekend, haven't you?"
"Not by a long way, from what I saw. I suspect you'll be having a lot more fun very soon - and not just with us!"
I nodded again. "I do love her, you know."

"I know you do, it's obvious. And she loves you too, but once she's got over the guilty feelings about last night, she's not going to be satisfied. She's going to want more cocks and bigger cocks and you'll have to help her find them." she smiled wickedly. "I'll help as well of course!"
"I'm sure she..." I began.

"She didn't even think about using a condom last night, did she?" Carmen cut in, making me shiver, "And neither did you Mister Cuckold! If she's going to be a Slut -- and believe me she IS going to be one - there's a lot more to worry about than just getting knocked up!"
I stared at her. I sat in contemplation for a while feeling the rumbling of the tyres on the motorway.

As we turned off the motorway and onto the airport slip road, Carmen looked into the mirror again as if checking Alice really was asleep before glancing briefly towards me.

"You really are very good with your tongue, you know?" she said quietly. I glowed with pleasure at this unexpected compliment.

"I'll have to remember that when the four of us next get together, but for the moment let's keep it as our little secret, ok?"
I nodded. That was all she had to say on the matter, but it was more than enough for me.


We kissed Carmen our Goodbyes. It had been a great break after all.
"Thank you for... for everything," Alice said in a slightly dopey voice but one that meant every word as she kissed her best friend on the cheek, "will you be at the gym next weekend?"
"Of course," Carmen replied, "I want to hear all about last night, straight from the horse's mouth!"
Alice blushed and smiled.


Alice had slept through most of the flight home, her pretty blonde head resting on my shoulder, my right hand on her long, bare thigh. The flight wasn't busy and we had managed to find a row of three seats to ourselves.

She had looked so sweet and innocent as she slept it had been hard to believe that the past twenty four hours had happened and that even now, traces of another man's sperm were probably still inside her womb.

I put my arm around her shoulders and she raised her lips to mine. We kissed briefly, aware of the audience but it was a good, light-hearted kiss.
"So," I asked once we had settled back in our seats, "was the holiday all you wanted it to be? In the end?"
She thought for a minute before replying and when she did reply, her words were carefully chosen.

"It was better than I imagined possible."

"You enjoyed it?" I asked, pleased.
"I think... for me at least... I feel as if I've gone through a kind of barrier... started something now..." her eyes were a little dreamy and I'm sure it wasn't just tiredness, "are you sure you're happy with the way things worked out? I'm only happy if you're happy too," she asked.

It was my turn to think carefully.

"It wasn't... what I thought would happen but to be honest, it was even more... exciting than I had imagined possible too... in the end."


It was raining when we landed back in the UK -- no surprise there -- and I watched my sexy, unfaithful Slutwife as she weaved her unconsciously sexy way through the queues in passport control and on to collect our bags.

Her short dress showed off her long, slim, newly tanned legs to perfection, attracting the close attention of almost every man she passed.

I silently followed, wondering whether any of them could guess the cause of her slightly stiff walk or the dark patches of skin just visible around the neckline.

Deep down I hoped they could.

What on earth had we both become?