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Jill has agreed to let me tell you about her little adventure last week in Las Vegas. Throughout our years in the lifestyle we have typically always included one bull in our activities. Last week while on vacation we met with two of her former lovers on different occasions for some hot BBC sex. Each time was wonderful as Jill was taken several times and rocked to orgasm over and over again while I watched proudly.

With one night left I asked Jill if she had had enough or if she was going to call one of her bulls for a final fling, and then jokingly I suggested she call both of them and take them both on. I thought she would laugh that off but was surprised when she quietly asked, "would you mind?"

I admit I was taken aback a little but the thought of her fucking two black studs at once while I watched was very excited. Naturally I assured her that it was her choice but that I was fine with it. She made the calls and explained to both men what she had in mind. Not surprisingly they both agreed.

We all met at a lounge in the Wynn and after a drink we went back to our luxurious room for the action to begin. I was vibrating with excitement and I knew Jill was as well. They started with kissing and touching but Jill became hot every quickly and soon the clothes came off. Within minutes all three were totally naked on our huge king bed. Jill's white body looked so sexy between those of her black lovers. Both men were slender, lightly muscled and dark skinned. The contrast between their bodies and Jill's was amazing. Their cocks were huge and semi-erect. I was excited by the way they swung as they moved into position to begin their love making with my wife.

One pushed Jill's legs apart and began licking her pussy while the other sucked her breasts and brought her nipples to a fully erect state. Jill reached down and took their cocks in her hands and began rubbing them, turning them into rock-hard shafts of black steel. I sat back in the easy chair and brought my own cock out which was like a piece of granite. I was afraid to begin stroking for fear of cumming before Jill even had the first cock inside her.

Jill looked so sexy as she began sucking one of the huge cocks waiting to rock her. She was clearly in a high state of erotic excitement as the other stud licked and sucked her clit. I knew she was very close to her first orgasm which then occurred with a loud groan. Afraid the noise would cause suspicions I tried to muffle the sound by placing pillows from the sofa against the hotel room door.

The two bulls changed places and the second one took advantage of Jill's wet pussy by slipping his big cock deep inside her and started fucking her with powerful thrusts. Jill sucked the other while taking her lover's big cock deep inside her cunt. I loved the sounds of their love making and the strong scent of sex filled the room. Soon the two men changed again and the second bull fucked her strongly. Jill was loving every minute of it, moaning and yelling, "Oh fuck, oh fuck," with each penetrating thrust.

The heat of the activity finally caught up to the bull who was fucking Jill and with a loud groan he emptied his huge black balls into my beautiful wife. After he recovered from his orgasm, he pulled out and lay beside Jill. The second stud took his place and began fucking Jill with even more vigor. Jill cried out in a combination of pain and pleasure as he fucked her harder and harder. She needed a break from the pounding she was receiving and began coaxing him to cum and fill her pussy with his load. Her sexy pillow talk worked on both of us and as her second stud buried himself inside her and spilled his load, my own juices sprayed out and covered my stomach as I jacked my rigid dick.

The room was quiet for a minute and then everyone began laughing a little as if to break the tension of the experience that had just unfolded. Jill looked over at me and asked if I was okay. I laughed and said I was fine and that she was the one we should be worried about. She assured me that she was more than fine. Her two bulls got up from the bed and it was then I realized what Jill had just experienced. Both of their cocks hung half way down to their knees and were slick with her juices. I began to get hard again at the sight of these huge cocks my wife had just tamed.

After everyone had had a drink and Jill had gone to the bathroom to refresh it was time to decide whether to call it a night or decide if Jill wanted to go again. As it turned out Jill said she couldn't take any more and soon the two men kissed her and left.

Jill asked me if I wanted to fuck her and I quickly replied that I did. I don't think she ever seemed so desirable as she did at that moment and we made love for a long time. Naturally, I couldn't help but feel somewhat inadequate after having watched Jill just fuck two black studs, but soon she reached yet another orgasm which helped to allay my fear. I don't know if we'll ever do this kind of thing again. Time will tell and, as always, it will be her call. I've included a picture, that is obviously not Jill (she doesn't allow to post real pics of her), but it will give you an image of what went on that night. It was hot!