How would you proposition someone at a casino

  • Would you go it alone ?

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Very recently my gambler buddy and I went to the casino . My friend is much more frequent and basically lives ate the casino. I was bored so I decided to tag along . He's doing his table dance winning and losing going from game to game . I'm just noticing how there are more women there and in large groups. We end up sitting at the black jack table populated by divorce party participants. Everyone gets introduced and liquorEd up. The two ladies I spoke to were recently divorced and the coordinators of the event. Bonnie and Sandy explained their respective situations and thought I was a great listener. Keep in mind my friend and four ladies were engaged in 21 while the other two ladies and I took on a more profitable venture. It was all a blurr but somehow I ended upstairs in their sweet . Later both ladies took turns trying to deep throat me . They said they had to make sure their skills were still sharp. Who am I to disturb practice? They both seemed to give their best effort however they both enjoyed the challenge. Before we were missed , Bonnie decided to orally juggle my balls while Sandy prepared for her tribute. After the spray they both shared with one another . They made sure nothing was wasted. We cleaned up and joined everyone else . Can you say royal flush ?


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