1. Local Wife Sweet Cum

    Local Wife Sweet Cum

    I love to taste pussy from the back.
  2. M

    Looking for BBC after Divorce

    Looking for BBC who can rorovide some fun and show me some new experiences!
  3. H

    My latina ex wife

    Recently divorced but the ex wife knew i had the biggest cuck fantasy but would only play with her bbc dildos until the other night at the club she left with two black men on her arm i saw it and got instantly hard because she has expressed she’s in too race play im curious as to what happened...
  4. L

    Seperated, but living together with hotwife

    Currently I share apartment with my wife. We separated on very good terms a month ago. We both still love each other as best friends and have a beautiful 4 year old baby together. We are both 32 years old. I am a computer nerd and she is 10/10 trophy wife (recently got boobs and nose done to...
  5. 3 hours after receiving divorce papers

    3 hours after receiving divorce papers

  6. Thrillmonger3X

    From HotWife To Divorced

    So who here is on the brink of divorce? Who here got into “the lifestyle” in an attempt to “save” their marriage? Who has seen their marriage crumble in the wake of their experimentation? Any details on how it went down?
  7. C

    Divorce celebration. Thoughts? Comment now..

  8. G


    Very recently my gambler buddy and I went to the casino . My friend is much more frequent and basically lives ate the casino. I was bored so I decided to tag along . He's doing his table dance winning and losing going from game to game . I'm just noticing how there are more women there and in...