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Is she Cuckolding me?

Been with her for 4 years and last year, she cuckold me for the first time. It was incredible purely because she's the hottest girl I've had and it was the first time I watched. That story is amazing and I'll tell it another time, but my question is, is she doing it behind my back now?!

We had the chat about her being open and honest but it seems she isn't being.

For years we've fucked with her screaming and cumming at the thought of a black man fucking her. She'd ride me while looking at me and saying she wants to fuck other men. And it's hot. But lately, she doesnt want sex. I'd say the last time I fucked her was 7 months ago. (I've eaten her a few times).

The strange part is, she buys new underwear all the time. And shes constantly going out with her friends at the weekend. She even shaves her pussy, like every 2 days, its always BALD... And when I try to touch it she pushes me off and giggles / makes excuses. But if she had a fuck buddy wouldnt she just tell me?


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She may enjoy it more without you around. Some men are real PITA's trying to control, direct what the wife and the other man are doing. If she enjoys sex but not seeking it with you, the release is coming from somewhere.
Agreed Beth... I gotta chime in on the "director" stuff we see in cuck videos. I ask "WHY"? Why narrate or direct? She's got this well in hand or at least the lover does for sure. You know if people can't stand when someone looks over their shoulder all the time or are always offering their unneed comments...it rings of a total turn off so I feel for those ladies. Now if she likes it... hell, pour it on it mr. director...