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Is My Girlfriend Cheating On My Loser Self?

Is My Girlfriend Going Elsewhere For Sex?

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Hello all! This is my first time posting here for advice or opinions, so I am excited to hear from ya'll!

I have been with my girlfriend for about 2 years now and I just dawned on me that she may be going elsewhere for the dick. Not only does she never seem turned on or interested in having sex with me, but when WE DO have sex, she seems really bored and I can swear that her vagina is very loose. I have an average size penis and when I stick it inside her, I barely feel like I am inside her, so I'm sure that she probably feels nothing as well. I had started dating her shortly after she had broken up with her boyfriend of several years, so either he was really hung and stretched her out, or I am just being played a fool and she is getting fucked by another man who is much bigger than me. She tends to giggle and laugh at me when I try to seduce her with foreplay and such, which makes me feel even more small than I really am. Also, once she cums (or at least claims that she cums), she automatically wants me to finish as well, forcing me to jerk myself off, regardless of whether or not I have reached my climax.

I am also practically the "housewife" who does the dishes, cleans, folds laundry and such. She helps a tiny bit but if it weren't for me keeping things up, our house would be a mess all the time. Her new thing now is that she makes me pick a perfume for her to wear every morning before she leaves for work. I finally have come to realization that she is most likely cheating on me and fucking someone with a big dick because she gets no pleasure from mine and seems very bored with me sexually.

What are your opinions of my issue? I will post pics of her once I get some feedback!