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Is it possible? A loving cuck relationship

For most of my life I've been attracted to white women who like big black men and have been more sexually and psychologically attracted to them than any other women. It's an attraction that almost by definition is more likely to be unidirectional than bidirectional but I still believe a loving, caring and exciting relationship can be attained between myself and a black loving partner.
This may sound counterintuitive but I still feel that a cuckold relationship can offer something extra. At the end of the day I've had enough experience to realise that once that lust is satiated a relationship requires other qualities to sustain it and maybe an empathic, open-minded and loving cuckold relationship can do just that.
Would love to communicate with black loving women to find out if we could attain that something extra.
The good news, a loving cuck relationship is not only possible, I would even argue necessary.
The bad news, there are many different ways of showing love and some of them might seem much more cruel then others. Even a woman who taunts and torments her boyfriend 24/7, refusing to so much as touch him as she gives it up for dozens of strangers, probably still loves him- you don't spend that much time and attention(good or bad) for someone you feel nothing for.

So don't give up hope....just be willing to accept that the love you receive might be different then the love you seek.


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Other than for financial reasons, why would a woman who desires sexual/social relationships only with black men, have even the tiniest bit of interest in developing a cuckold relationship with a white, submissive male?
You probably have a better chance of winning a lottery, actually. :rolleyes:
Believe humans are multi-faceted and many of us live with contradictions in our lives. Have communicated with many white women who have wanted cuckold relationships but most have been in USA.
Nearly all of the women who have been most serious about interracial cuckold relationships have been degree, or higher, educated and have looked for a male who can give long-term friendship, intimacy and security to back up and support those interracial frolics and fun.