Is it just me or do real photos turn you on more

cuckolded wimp

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I get turned on more by real photos than the pictures of pornstars is that strange? Lol id love to see some fa real deal photos
Most cucks prefer the genuine amateur photos of interracial sex, (well I do). I think that it is the facial expressions and the imperfections of both the quality of the picture and the people in the photos, that tends to make it more personal and pleasing that professional photos just cannot replicate.
Porn Stars are usually girls down on their luck or on drugs. They are at the least doing it for money. It is a job. I like seeing real girls who are overcome with lust for black cock. The more innocent and naturally sexy the better. The best are sex wives you would never expect to do something so nasty. I love seeing real sluts.

One Small Dick

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I'm with you all the way on that. Give me some real deal, at home amateurs that are really into it for the sexual experience over the paid porn stars any day.
Another favorite of mine would be the amateur white girls first time blacked.
Yea..that seemed to be the original intent of BtW...we do get folks who post Professional Porn pics..they
just aren't that interesting...with the amateur, it's a vicarious thrill, you can imagine that you could be
that couple or with that woman whose pic is posted...way more interesting and in some cases way more
attractive then the porn girls with their fake looks into the keep those amateur pics coming..