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Investigating Your Wife's Coochie


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Picture this:

A cuck hubby sitting at home reading the day’s newspaper or maybe watching a game on TV. It’s late in the day. The kids are in bed asleep, but the wife isn’t home with him. Where could she be? At her black lover’s place getting some ‘Black Cock Training’ exercises from him. Her husband sits there in the living room pretending to be engrossed in what he’s doing . . . but seriously, he’s thinking about his wife and whatever she’s doing right there and then with her lover. He’s picturing how badly her black lover/Master is fucking her. If whether he’s fucking her alone or if he invited some friends over to join in the fun. Just the thought of that is enough to get any cuck hubby hard. Picturing the copious amount of cum that’s going to be fed to the wife. He knows his wife is sagaciously on the Pill, so there won’t be a chance of her getting pregnant . . . but the thought of that too would be like a sweetener to the action she’s getting.

The hubby resumes what he’s doing, but every now and then as he stops to check what the time is, he keeps imagining the wife getting tossed back and forth on her lover’s bed. He looks at his phone and keeps wishing that he’d get a text message from her. Anything to let him know just how much fun she’s enjoying. It hurts the hubby’s mind to know that he’s not there to watch it happen – someone had to stay at home to mind the kids – it would have been a better pay-off to be there to watch it all happen. He runs his tongue over his lips as he imagines the amount of cum she’ll be bringing home to him. He prays she doesn’t clean herself up before returning home like she’d done previous times. Always the hubby cares not for how much time she spends at her lover/Black Master’s place. All he cares is that she return home to him bringing along his essence for him to taste.

The hubby continues to sit and wait.

Time moves into the next hour and the hubby doesn’t realize he’d fallen into a doze when he’s woken by the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. He shoots to his feet and hurries over to the window that looks out into the driveway. His heart leaps in his chest as he sees it’s his wife’s car and she’s just getting out of it. He stands beside the window, not wanting her to notice him, though somehow he feels its too late. Of course she knows he’d be up waiting for her return – this isn’t the first time they’re doing this, and it definitely won’t be the last. The hubby feels his erection pushing against his shorts. He licks his lips even more rapidly as he watches his wife saunter toward the front door.

He is there ahead of time to welcome her. He holds the door open for her and she smiles at him as she enters. They communicate without speaking. The hubby takes his wife’s hand and leads her back into the den. She drops her handbag before sitting down. Her cuck hubby kneels before her and frees his cock from its prison in his pants. His wife enquires about the kids; he responds that they’re well asleep. The wife sees the impatient look in her husband’s eyes. She knows what her hubby wants so much and she wasn’t going to deny it to him . . . but she was going to enjoy teasing him about it first.

She raises each foot at him and her hubby unbuckles her foot from her shoe and kisses her foot as well. She purrs and asks him if he’s ready to enjoy some ice cream. The hubby is stroking his cock with his hand and gasping. He knows this is how his wife loves to torment him. It excites him but simultaneously wants to get past it. He wants to be done with her teasing so he can enjoy what she’s brought home for him. She hikes up her skirt and lets him pull at her panties. He rubs her panties with his thumb and first finger and feels the wetness behind it. A burst of happiness goes off in his mind as he realizes that yes, she had actually brought him his favorite ice cream snack; he could even perceive the sour smell of semen perfectly well.

The hubby pushes the wife’s panties to the side and sees the copious load of cum sticking to her crotch and pussy. The wife leads his face down on her crotch and she moans as his tongue connects with her pussy. She caresses his head as he continues to feed on her cum-filled pussy. Her hubby loves the taste and smell of cum on his wife. He continues jerking his cock and in no time he shoots his load in his hand. He licks his cum off his hand then resumes eating his wife’s pussy . . .