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Interracial video idea of the future

I have been searching for quite a while to find a reliable source to make a suggestion about some video ideas. So I was thinking a lot of people guys and girls kind of get turned off by the super humiliation cuckold videos but really wouldn't mind watching a white girl take a huge black and a super tiny white cock at the same time. But there wouldn't be any humiliation just the white girl paying a little more attention to the big black cock and keeps saying how awesome it is without saying anything about the white cock. Just so the viewer can be like "oh my god that black cock is so much bigger and better" in a subtle way of showing it. Also I think a lot of people like seeing big things so if a actress with big boobs could do it that would make the scene even more popular. For example a girl like Katie Kox or Gianna Micheals. Please respond I have been searching for such a long time and feel really good about the idea.