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Your man loves you enough to know when sex is just sex, and submissive enough to get off on the idea of someone having sex with you. When you catch him watching porn, he isn't pretending he's the guy, he's pretending you're the girl.

This is your chance to have your cake and eat it too. While your husband is at work, have your fun with those friends, colleagues, tradesmen, trainers, acquaintances and in-laws you've been fantasizing about.

Then when he gets home have your sore pussy soothed by your man's tender tongue (and more than that if you're still horny).

Or better yet bring him along to join in. Most men willing to fuck another man's wife will also be willing to spank that man, dress him up and pick an end for a sissy spitroast.

And if you really want to humiliate him be sure to include lovers, family members, or both!

There are literally thousands of ways you can have fun dominating your man in public, so let your imagination run wild and remember that the worse you treat him when you're out, the harder he'll lick your pussy when you get home!

Awwww I hear you say, what a sweet one to end on! But remember that as the wife/girlfriend of a beta male he is convinced you are too good for him and is terrified you will leave him. At the same time, the thought of you leaving for another, better man turns him on immensely. It is this internal contradiction that is the reason that he's such a sub. Well, that and his raging bisexual and masochistic tendencies of course!
You can use this to your advantage - use him for all your most depraved sexual fantasies, go shopping with his credit cards and have a threesome with his hunky boss and your handsome tennis coach, knowing that you can return home to a clean house for dinner and a pussy licking provided by your loving husband.

So play your cards right and pretty soon you could be stroking your 8-inch strapon while you watch your well-spanked hubby in lipstick, stockings and heels getting toyed with (and more) by two leather-clad Gays.