In the beging there was BBC

It all started with speed and IR porn and now im hooked i use to stay up all night while my wife slept getting high on speed and watching porn jacking off at first it was fairly normal i got off on the dp scenes and would imagine it was my gf geting dp'd then i got into some gangbang scenes whitch always also had dp scenes it was always white on white sex i use to think of myself as a self proclaimed racist i didnt like blacks too much and i was defintly aginst interacial relationships i had a thing called white pride you know so them things just werent right anyway to make a long story short one nite while high and watching porn one of the scenes was this hot petite skinny white girl masterbating then she gets on the phone and calls someone to hook her up with the bomb so im interested so far well the next scene is her in a spa and the two huge BBC are coming out of the water she grabs ahold of them both and starts sucking and jacking them off back and forth i couldnt believe what i saw they were so big it turned me on watching her handleing these BBC and she totaly was enjoying what she was doing so i spent yhe test of the nite watching this video i watched her take it doggy style while that BBC streatched her pussy out i watched her take it in the ass and then i watched her dp'd by BBC it was so amazingly hot &exotic & sexxxy that ive been hooked on IR porn since and it seems only when im high on speed do i have this obssesstion and fantasys but i am tired of just jacking off to porn i now want to share my wife with BBC i havent shared this with her yet i tried to slip in to some small bed room talk but she shut it down by saying she too dont believe in that and would never do it but i think she thought thats what id want to hear but i have turned her on to dp porn and she says she wants to try it also she is game for a gangbang and she has secretly been a size queen she is slowly revieling whitch like i said dosent bother me i dont blame her and id love to watch her with some wellendowed cocks exspecialy BBC i have a fantasy where i shoot her up with a big fat shot of speed then i tie her up stick a big butt plug up her ass and put a dildo in her pussy and stick some IR porn on before i leave to pick someone up i take off and i go pick up tyrone this black guy i met from the sacramento spicy adds he has got a big 14 inch cock with girth as big as a beer can his cock litterly looks like the size of a babys arm anyway we bullshit alittle on the way back to my house and i coach him alittle on how this is going to go down once back at my place we arrive at the house and i have him wait in the living room while i go check on my wife she is squrming around on the bed trying despertly to fuck herself she sees me and yells at me to fuck her the speed definitly worked like i wanted turned her into a nympho thats forsure so i pulled up cock out and stuck it in her mouth and told her to calm down i got a surprise for her after she sucked on my dick forawhile i took the buttplug and dildo out of her untied her and told her to get into her bath robe i then blind folded her and told her to lie down on the bed and relax i then went and got tyrone once we got back to the bed room we began to remove my wifes robe and both of us felt all over her body rubbing her tits and thighs her breathing became heavy and you could tell she was getting hot&wet from our fore play tyrone went down on her and her legs opened up easily to take his mouth i then stuck my cock in her mouth after about 20 minutes of this i grabed my wife hand and had her sit up i said now its time to have your real surprise tyrone by now was stripped naked and standing there with half a hardon i guided my wife over too him had her get on her knees and i put her hand on his cock she felt up and down on it and gasped with surprise she then started sucking him off the best she could do after a while i asked her if she wants to see that big cocks she's felt and had in her mouth she says ok and i take the blind fold off she is surprised and in shock at the same time but she is not mad that its a black man she just cant believe the size of his cock i have her measure it by placing it on her face it covers her whole head and i have her measure it by putting it on her arm and it reaches to her elbow and is almost as thick as her wrist were both amazed she then goes on sucking and jerking him off i kick back and record the whole thing ive been waiting for this day for along time think im going to miss out on filming the hot action hell no i even open the blinds to our room so any of our freaky neighbors want to watch they can. She sucks him off for another 10 minutes then he pulls his horse cock out of her mouth and says he is ready for the pussy she lays on her back with legs spread open he gets inbetween them and proceds to put the tip of his cock in my wife he then slowly pushes it all the way inside her she moans with pleasure then he starts fucking her faster and faster i get behind them where i can see his BBC penetrating her it looks so good her pussy streatched around his BBC her pussy lips wraped around it i record some close up before i cant take it anymore and start jacking off then he rolls her over and penetrates her doggy style i get in front of her and have her suck my dick while he fucks her we do this for about 15 minutes or so then he pulls out and rest for a minute i then ask her if she is ready to try dp but she says she dont think she could take that big cock in her ass i tell her thats ok ill be the one fucking her ass so i then get under her and stick the tip of my dick in her ass and slowly put it all the way in then i tell tyrone to get over here and lets dp my wife he slowly sticks his monstrous BBC in her pussy and starts fucking her i can feel his BBC going in and out of her and i start fucking her too she is screaming with uncontrolable pleasure she has multiple orgasms and we both squirt massive loads of cum in her ass and pussy and thats that was our first interacial sex exsperience but i can tell you it wont be the last cause she is hooked and now that she know its not taboo with me she is more confortable to open up to me sexualy our next exsperience is going to be just her and two BBC ill be recording and jacking off of course
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