I'm on a mission to help white women realize that breeding with black men is the way to go

I'm not talking about fantasy either... I'm talking about actual interracial breeding. MANY white women WANT to get black pregnant (that's where the instinct of sexual attraction comes from... remember??). They deny themselves this, in real life. There is no reason for this to be the case anymore. Things have changed. It wasn't that long ago that blacks weren't even allowed to use the same water fountains as whites so we've come a long way in a short time. Enlightenment is the future. White women no longer have to fantasize about a big black cock pumping their pussies full of cum... they can now do it. And they can give in to the ultimate reason why they instinctually want it, because at some level, conscious or subconscious, they want to be impregnated by black men.

Oh, and before I hear the idiotic self-righteous comments about "I'm ok with fantasy but _____ is going too far..." etc. save it. It serves no purpose and if you don't like it, don't get involved in the discussion. I think it's ironic that someone on a "deviant" website would be puritanical and self-righteous. Remember that many other people are angered and offended by even the reality of black men and white women having sex at all. And get over the fact that children are a result. Many people adopt children of another race... do you have a problem with that too?? If the children are treated well, it doesn't matter what sex act brought them into being. And again, if you don't like... don't do it!
Preaching to the choir honey. I too believe hot white wives/moms are built for the regular harvest & storage of black man seed. Not all women, just the ones who feel the calling. The ones who just seem to KNOW it's what they're meant for.


On a related note there are a lot of married women who have black babies that they give up for adoption to a loving family, of the same faith usually. So it's not like these kids are being produced from some unhealthy drug addict, or some crap, then the adoption agency tries to pretend the baby is fine, ugh. There's tons of unwanted children out there, made by people who don't want kids or are too stupid to take care of themselves during pregnancy. This is different.

Besides very few women actually do this for real, but there are a few, I've met some who are basically always pregnant from their last white kid to all the black babies they can produce until they hit about 40-45, then they have to stop.

But one in particular I know she takes great care to make sure they go to good Christian families, and she takes amazing care of her body. My god, that woman is 60 today, I swear her body looks 40 something if that. Restorative properties of all that sex and being an alpha baby producer? I wonder...

In fact I think married women deserve all this black man sperm more than the single ladies! They can hold more of it, and take their birth control much more seriously. And, for the love of God women who've had their tubes tied are the perfect black men's sperm banks. You can come inside those girls 6-7 days a week and they'll just thank you for it!!!!! Plus their husbands are their #1 greatest fan... porn is boring see your wife fucking a black guy in real life is fucking WILD!!!!!!

I support your lifestyle choice 100%.
I bet your husband has a huge smile on his face most of the time!