I'm a young black male, who loves bbws and cougars. Will travel if need be

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  1. ShortandThick27

    ShortandThick27 New Member

    Young black male from Tennessee. 175 lbs, 5'9 with an athletic build.Love sexy cougars and bbws. Sit that thick wet pussy on my face and let me fuck you with my thick dick. Will travel wherever to give you a good time;) very respectful and kind. Not looking for drama or disrespect. Just pure adult fun wit beautiful, sexy women. Wanna know more? Shoot me a message:) hope to hear from you soon. Have a wonderful day.

    Me after a workout image.jpg
    My thick dick:) image.jpg
    Good morning image.jpg
    Cougar friend loving that dick image.jpg
    After her blowjob image.jpg
    Filling that pussy up image.jpg
    Just me I know I look young, but i'll be 27 in August image.jpg
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