If wife gets pregnant by her lover , then what?


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I often have thought that if my wife were pregnant by her lover and he still wanted to be apart of both of their lives that I would not(or prolly could not) stop them from continuing to see each other or for him to have a part of his baby's life. however if this were to happen, how do you explain it to your older children or eventually to this baby in question without ruining anything between the parent /baby relationship? has anyone experienced this before? We are serious in our pursuit of finding her a lover and eventually her and him having a baby so this is something that would have to be addressed eventually. Any thoughts?

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Depends on the age of your children. If young then all you need to say is that mummy is gonna have a baby sister or brother, and introduce her lover as uncle. If older then then half-truth (e.g. mum drunk got pregnant, dad forgives her, etc).

Not all bulls who bred other men's wives will stick around. This can be a good thing sometimes (e.g. saves explaination, embarrassment). But if they do agree some rules about when they can visit, etc.

Good luck.


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I really don't know how you're going to avoid not putting the biological father on the birth certificate when the 2 of you are white and the baby will be half black. That's a big factor in future accountability & responsibility to the childx that's created. As the paternal father, you may agree on the responsibility of raising the childx,, but when it comes to the welfare of a childx, the courts don't look at it exactly the same way, particularly if you aren't around to provide for its welfare.
There are cases in courts right now where the childx, itself, has taken their sperm donor fathers to court, so you guys running around filling those white pussies with your black cum better keep in mind you could end up paying childx support of some kind whether you want to or not. ;)
I really don't know how you're going to avoid not putting the biological father on the birth certificate when the 2 of you are white and the baby will be half black. That's a big factor in future accountability & responsibility to the childx that's created. As the paternal father, you may agree on the responsibility of raising the childx,, but when it comes to the welfare of a childx, the courts don't look at it exactly the same way, particularly if you aren't around to provide for its welfare.
There are cases in courts right now where the childx, itself, has taken their sperm donor fathers to court, so you guys running around filling those white pussies with your black cum better keep in mind you could end up paying childx support of some kind whether you want to or not. ;)
But still, if a guy signs as the father and the both people act oblivious, I think that it will hold, especially if you don't know which black daddy knocked her up and the hubby is paying and caring for the baby(ies). And let's be honest, if you spend the whole pregnancy with your wife and watch the baby grow, you are not going to leave her and the baby. The courts can't do anything if the husband is taking responsibility and the biological father is unknown. That's why I always recommend the gangbreeding.

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In all honesty and seriousness, speaking as someone who has grown up not knowing her father, and will never know him, it plays real mind games with one's self-identity. It's not easy not knowing both sides of your genetic equation, especially if medical issues crop up.

And to add in the factor of a mixed baby born to a married, white couple... If I knew that my mother got knocked up by some unknown black guy (pretty obvious if I were mixed), and couldn't (or chose not to) provide me with details of where I got half my genes from, since they obviously wouldn't have come from the white guy she was married to, I would certainly not develop a healthy respect for my mother. Especially if I got teased mercilessly by the kids in the neighbourhood about my mom's sexual past. Kids can be very cruel.

Please think about the ramifications on any baby you end up bringing in to this world.
Lady friend of mine was telling me about a white couple she'd spoken to whom had decided that wifey would look to get pregnant by a black lover. Now they told my friend that the black lover was going to be made aware in advance and made aware that they would not name him or seek him out in any future situation ( I have no idea if they intended to go for a blind arrangement or double blind - to purposely not enquire or expect to remember the mans name). Now my friend enquired what would they tell the c hild in future years considering the c hild would be bi-racial and as Mariposa points out above the curiosity of the c hild coupled with a forced awareness from other c hildren would leave a heap of questions demanding to be answered.
Their reply to my friend is that they intended to tell the c hild (they already had older kids as a couple) that the male / step father could not any longer produce viable sperm having become sterile or low mobility and because they wanted more c hildren as a couple had decided for the mother to use a sperm bank and not caring about the race of the donor / or that they had purposely decided on a bi-racial preference to show how 'progressive' they were / are and that the only thing that mattered was that they had made a beautiful c hild that they would love and cherish.
I cannot say how they intended to deal with further interrogation from the c hild / adult - and I wouldn't want to consider the hazards of the outcome.
This must be a very messy situation steeped with dangers and massive emotional fallout for both c hild and parents.
However putting aside the obvious turn-on and fantasy that emanates particularly for a cuckold from this situation - what if people have to face this following failed birth control - what then - taking into account the sharp emotions that exist on both pro- choice and pro - life debates and assuming one were not to abort. Faced with this from a purely accidental view point - how would people potentially cope and deal with? Would it be a series of lies to obscure the sex acts or would the truth be looked to and laid bare?
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Thank you for a very good dose of intelligence and wake up for these idiots wanting to play games with human lives. I still think the song "A Boy Named Sue" could be the result of this. Think of a baby going into the Marines or Navy Seals then police work all to learn how to track the man or men down that could be his father. Then when he finds them he castrates them. Names and photos other parties where these people play are common and quite small groups. This being so getting a list of 5 or 25 perps is no trouble for a insanely angry person. I know that when I got old enough my parents the white ones would never hear my voice again no be in my life at all. This pressure as they got older could cause them to give names. Parents get old and infirm and want company from there offspring regardless how they got in this world. I am guessing someone has names of the men that were in the Gang Bang or at least the town it happened in!!!!
You make me wonder....why are you a part if this particular community? I respect everyone's opinion, including yours. However, the way you address certain matters tells me you don't agree with the ideas and things that go on here. And not just on this thread, but many others. So again, why are you here?
You take a narrow minded approach to this. Every black person doesn't think this way and neither does every white one. We are a community of people of all races that feel however we feel. You try to cast entire races under one net. That is the definition of racism, no matter the color that's being profiled. So looking in on us is not a clear sample of the world view. We all agree, we think alike, we share this bond. With that said, enjoy yourself. But respect others opinions, no matter how they differ from your own.
if you enter this lifestyle then all plans have to be in place for any circumstance as it progresses there will be changers so be prepared to move with them or get out of it, its not a game or it shouldn't be. taylor


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This is a great topic and requires some careful consideration and thought in addressing responsibly. Lets be real, grown, mature adults here and talk about this seriously putting all fantasies and the lust of sex aside for the moment.

First off, I am a BIG proponent of Planned Parenting. That means that two people should plan to be parents and when they can both agree that they want to have a baby together to bring in this world they both make the conscious decision to take on the responsibility of raising that baby until it turns 21 wholeheartedly. I come from a 2 parent household and my parents are still married to this day over 40years. I am stronger because of my two parents and growing up in a stable 2 parent household. My ex wife happened to have a white-father and black mother and her father was never in her life. She talked to him maybe twice on the phone her whole 24yrs of life so far. It affected my ex-wife's self-esteem and she always made statements that she wish she knew him but she wished he was dead. She also was reckless in her dealings in life and would have been more careful had she had a Father who could maybe provided her more guidance from a father figure role.

A baby needs both parents and they should know that both parents love them to ensure the baby grows up with a healthy and positive self-esteem and identity. In deep conversations I have had with friends who happen to be social-psychologists, and social workers they mentioned that many of the children they deal with who have problems in which they turn to gang-life, social misfits, or juvenile delinquents roots from broken single parent homes where the baby had no proper guidance, and attention. There is alot more I can say on this subject but I'm trying to be brief as I can be.

With all that being said on how I see the situation and the importance of baby rearing by two responsible parents who have PLANNED for having a baby, here is what I recommend on this situation of Black Bulls breeding their white female lovers:

For the Black Bull - he must first establish Rules of Engagement going into the Relationship with the white lover and her hubby (if one exists) as follows:

Should condoms be used (YES | NO)
Can the Black Bull cum inside the wife (YES | NO)
Can the Bull cum on the stomach, or back of wife (YES | NO)
Can the Bull cum inside the mouth of the wife (YES | NO)
Is the wife on the pill (YES | NO)
Will she agree to take a day-after or plan-b pill (YES | NO)
Does she want to be breeded (YES | NO)

Now in the case where the last answer is YES, then the next set of Rules should be as follows:

The Black Bull should be fully committed to support his white lover/or the wife both financially and emotionally and the wife should now have a lover and her hubby who is supporting her (and gets the best of both worlds of two men to help her as it should be). A Black Bull should not go into the engagement of breeding without being fully committed to supporting his off-spring that was conceived all the way. He should remain in contact and make himself available for the baby whenever the baby requests in the future.

If the hubby (cuckold) is open to his wife being breeded, then he should agree to keep and raise the baby in his home with his wife along with accepting co-parenting from the Bull and grant the Bull a lifetime role of open visits and sleep overs.

In the early years of the baby's life the Black Bull should be introduced to the baby as their GodFather. GodFather's are usually close to the family and take over as a Father in the event if anything usually happens to the real father (God Forbid). As the baby reaches puberty, becomes more aware of the world, self-conscious, and learns about the birds and bees (sex) and can understand where babies come from then shortly after maybe at 14, or 15 the baby should be told who the real father is (the Black Bull) and that the baby was conceived in LOVE by both the GodFather (Bull) and the mother(white wife).

The white hubby (cuckold) should be there and supportive and explain to the baby that he also loves the baby as one of their own and that the baby came from a woman that he loves, their mother and therefore they love them no different. Once this revelation is provided, the hubby (cuckold) should remain in the role as the step-father so long as he remains married to the wife.

I think so long as the Black Bull, white lover/wife, and hubby all remain mature adults and continue to show love, loyalty, and family-bond to the baby, it would reinforce a supportive positive social system for the baby to develop a healthy self-love, self-identity, and self-esteem. And the baby should be told and shown the benefits of having both the blood of the mother and father as they are now stronger having two classes of the human family in them but especially the Black blood as that is the first blood, dominant, and the strongest hence they are darker than the mother and Godfather.

A lot of careful thought, and parent planning needs to be done in advance before any such breeding take place. A review of finances should be done to ensure the Black Bull, lover/wife, hubby have all the financial resources necessary to raise, rear, and support the baby. The last thing that is needed is to bring another baby into the world that wasn’t planned and becomes a hardship on the one parent to raise without cooperation from the other partner whom she conceived with. There are plenty of children who grow up with chips on their shoulder and become a burden on society (Welfare-children never given a fair chance in life) and turn to a life of crime because they feel no one ever loved them nor cared and face financial hardships especially where their parents are concerned.

In closing, let me take the time out right now and here to talk about how precious and special the miracle of life is and the sacredness of a woman’s womb. A birth of a baby is nothing to take lightly and should be looked at as an honorable life mission that was bestowed upon you by the Heavens and what ever the name is you give to the source of all life in the universe. Having a baby is a HUGE responsibility and neither parent involved should shun that JOB as a parent.

With all that being said, if I was to plant my seed and breed, I would live up to every word that I wrote 100% and as the wise proverb goes "My Word is Bond and Bond is life and I should give my life before my word shall fail me." Any of my seeds are special treasures and just like a Gardner in the garden you must take care of your seeds to water them, give them nutrients, and sunshine so they grow up healthy, tall, and strong flowers who produce more beautiful seeds and flowers. Its No different with seeds you implant into the white cum-slut/lover and any man who plants seeds and doesn't take care of them is not really a man and should suffer severely a universal punishment (law of karma, etc.)

Hopefully this helps some people and I welcome more discussion, feedback and chats about this.

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Speaking from the perspective of a white cuckold wannabe male I have a great desire to help and enable a white female to have a black baby in a caring and loving environment and I firmly believe that the black father should play a continuing part in the baby's life.
Don't understand the desire but it's real and looking for a partner who complements my own desires.
When we were trying to get pregnant with our first baby, I got off the pill. My husband and my bull both had unprotected sex with me and after about 4 months I got pregnant. It was my husbands baby. We had discussed my bull getting me pregnant and would have loved it if it had worked out that way, but it did not. It was not from the lack of trying. We thought a interracial baby would have been wonderful and we both would have loved him/her. I support anyone trying as long as everyone agrees.


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This is an interesting thread. It's nice to hear what other people think about having an interracial baby.
My wife desperately wants to get pregnant by her black lover and I also find the idea very attractive.
I think we will end up as parents of an interracial baby. It's a natural progression in our interracial cuckold relationship.
There is a lot of good threads dealing with this subject.
I have spoken with quite a few couples who regret that the wife didn't give birth to a black baby.
And to be ensure that my wife doesn't get pregnant by my she has decided that I always have to wear a condom when she drops the pill. C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_married with baby by black.jpg


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Neither my wife nor her lover would like to do that. My wife says that she can't live without me and the bull does only want to have sex with my wife. And he can get all the sex he wants.

The bull is very fascinated by the idea of knocking a white husband's wife up with a black baby. He finds that it must be extremely humiliating for me to take care of a baby that he has produced and that's a huge turn on for him.

As a cuckold I have come to a point where it's very arousing to be humiliated.